Hang Pygmy Exploration


A trek established by Jungle boss khủng in early 2018, the Hang Pygmy Exploration has been done by very few people. In fact, less people have been through these 2 caves than have stood on Everest. Being a freshly establish trail this route is an extremely authentic jungle trek to the “not so little” sister cave of Hang Son Doong, Hang Pygmy.This trek is perfect for adventures looking for an exciting challenge with an incredible reward. You will walk and scramble to lớn explore the 3.5km of Hang Over, and prussiking into the massive cavern of Hang Pygmy, the 4th largest cave in the world. You’ll trek, swim, và camp in the untouched Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

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Tour departs daily at 8 am

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What khổng lồ Expect

This journey into the depths of the jungle requires porters, safety advisers và guides. You’ll explore the entire length of Hang Over and Pygmy Cave – a sister of hang Son Doong. Hang Pygmy is considered the fourth largest cave in the world with a tropical jungle inside. The caves are masterpieces of what nature can create, with otherworldly landscapes. Make your way through tropical Jungle inside Pygmy cave before setting up camp underground. Marvel at enormous stalagmites và statuesque stalactites rising from the ground & hanging from the ceiling like an alien species.


Day 1: Phong Nha – Road 20 Victory – Hang Over cave – hang Pygmy. Distance: 11km

8:00 Starting picking up in Phong Nha area khổng lồ transfer khổng lồ the Jungle quái thú headquarters for safety briefing

9:00 After the briefing, we will make the 45min-1 hour ride in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park khổng lồ the trailhead.

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10:00 Arrive at the start point of the train and we will exit the road and begin the jungle hike. While walking through the jungle on a small trail with challenging terrains, our guide will teach you about some local plant life, maybe feed you some tasty treats the jungle has lớn offer and show you some pieces of the minority people’s (the Ruc Ca Roong) culture -the Jungle people who survive off of the jungle resources. 

12:00 Reach the top of Wind peak where you can get breezing fresh air. Lunch will be at this peak. 

12:30 Keep walking mainly down hill toward Eel fish Slope “Dốc Lươn” which ia quite steep and slippery. 

14:00 Arrive at Dốc Lươn for a short break before passing this slope lớn head to lớn hang Over cave

14:30 Arrive at the entrance of hang Over cave. Gear up to start exploring this 3,2m-long cave. Hang Over begins with a long narrow shaft with various cave formations, growing in size and beauty with each step. Eventually, the team will reach a massive grotto names Massive Attack, filled with amazing stalagmites and stalactites, speleothems (decorations), và beautiful pools. Here in the grotto the guide will choose an appropriate location for lunch. After eating some cucumber salad & other snacks next to lớn some amazing cave features you will proceed to lớn the exit of Hang Over 

16:00 Exit hang Over cave to reach the doline between hang Over và hang Pygmy. Hang Over and Hang Pygmy was once one large cave that experienced a ceiling collapse, creating 2 caves và a healthy quality jungle inside the cave system! After making the short jungle climb through the doline (the collapse) you will come lớn the massive chamber of Hang Pygmy. Here our guide và porter team will equip you with appropriate abseiling safety gear, brief you on safety procedures, and rig your harness with a fail safe system. Taking turns, one by one everyone in the company will descend into the bottom of the cavern, an 80 meter descent, with 10 meters done via abseiling. Once everyone is safely on the floor of the chamber the group will make a short walk, & turn the corner to the MASSIVE cathedral lượt thích entrance of Hang Pygmy.

17:00 Arrive at the main entrance of Pygmy cave, the fourth largest cave in the world where you will mix up the campsite at the mouth of the cave. While you are exploring this massive cave, our team of porters will prepare a hardy Vietnamese meal with rice, veggies, soup, và meat. Oh, & customary of Vietnamese culture, rice wine will be included, Cheers!; “Mot Hi ba Zo!”

18:30 – 21:30 Dinner at the campsite, chill và share story

21:30 Bed time

8:00 Breakfast at hang Pygmy then wrap up!

9:00 Some last photo shoots of hang Pygmy and team 

9:30 Say goodbye lớn Pygmy for the jungle trek.

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Start trekking out of hang Pygmy entrance khổng lồ reach different valleys and mountains

This will be a long trek out of the jungle with difficult terrain

10:30 Arrive a “Doc Co” known as grass slope which is quite slippery and steep hill. This hill will kill a lot of energy.

If it rains, you may have chance lớn see some water falls on the way

12:00 Some snack lunch will be provided during the trek

14:00 Arrive at the road khổng lồ enjoy cold drink before the van arrive & transfer you back to Jungle quái thú headquarter.