Not until recently being listed as one of the World’s 50 best trắng sandy beaches worldwide by US News và World Report, had Nha Trang been widely seen as an everlasting icon for beach lovers.

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Needless to say, this Central Vietnamese precious gem brings you everything you may ask for in a finely-gifted pristine coastal town with both high-end services and local-known attractions.

One of the most sought-after things to vì in Nha Trang is a day trip throughout the city’s four best islands. However, what are they, how can I combine all four in a day, or should I self-plan it or jump in a tour? These are all very valid concerns!

Easy as it seems, enjoying the islands to lớn the fullest as a foreigner is sometimes not a piece of cake, as it is hard for some of you to lớn navigate which services khổng lồ use or where to lớn eat.

For instance, tourist traps are everywhere, even for Vietnamese like us. When I talk about traps, I mean things like hidden fees that are not included in what you pay at the beginning.

Even worse, the guides don’t bother to lớn introduce all four islands as stated at the beginning. Rather than that, they’re supposed khổng lồ take you khổng lồ only three of them without much useful information explained.

This is when the second option comes in: signing up for a tour online. To lớn not fall into scams, I luckily got advice from a friend khổng lồ book a high-quality four island tour in Nha Trang operated by expert tour guides via Inspitrip.

Their itinerary combines all four of the biggest Nha Trang islands with a really good deal including everything you need in this trip, from snorkeling, boating, food and so on.

All you need need as extra items are your own swimsuit và sunscreen!

A deep insight into the four islands

The four islands we’re talking about are known as Mun Island – Mot Island – Tam Island và Mieu Island. They are home to some of the best features that cannot be found elsewhere. Let’s take a look!

Mun Island – Hon Mun

Mun means “Ebony” in Vietnamese. So why Ebony? Dating back khổng lồ the initial structural geology of the island, its Southeastern side has been filled with multiple imposing limestones, creating a wide range of darkened grottos và caves.

This gives out a stunning ebony look underneath which differentiates Mun Island from the rest in the same area.

Because of this, Mun Island is known as the most romantic island in Nha Trang.

The pristine beauty of Mun Island (Photo by Trang Chi)When is the best time lớn visit Mun Island?

The best time lớn visit coincides with the best climate, usually falling between July and September each year. August in particular, which brings in temperate weather, like a sunny clear sky without harsh rainfalls. Feel không tính phí to pick this time if you aim to look for fun outdoor activities to lớn join!

How khổng lồ visit Mun Island?

Without saying, first off, you need lớn arrive in Nha Trang. This can be done either by plane, train or sleeping bus depending on your personal budget.

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Mun Island is roughly one kilometer away from Cau domain authority Harbor in Nha Trang, & to reach the harbor, you can rent a scooter for VND 100.000 (~ $4.31 USD)/day. In case you’re traveling with family or a large group of friends, then a taxi or Grab car/taxi will be a better choice.

After arrival, you can choose either a wooden boat or canoe, which costs around VND 300.000 (~ $12.94 USD)/one way for 45 minutes, while a wooden boat is much cheaper at VND 250.000 (~ $10.78 USD)/one way và of course, the trip lasts way longer!

What to vị in Mun Island?

Scuba diving featuring coral reef watching

Blessed with such an exceptional terrain and climate features, Mun Island is home to a mind-blowing number of lively & colorful coral reefs, especially at the elevation at around 10 meters under the sea.

It’s recorded khổng lồ be up to lớn 2000 types of coral và 1500 marine faunas. Guess what? Scuba diving is my all-time favorite thing to vì whenever I visit Nha Trang.

Diverse marine ecosystem (Photo by Malingering)

Kissing the breeze at a beachside bar

Sipping a cocktail at a beachside bar while in the Mun Island, in my opinion, can be ranked as one of the vị trí cao nhất things to bởi in Nha Trang. Enjoying an icy drink while chatting with your loved ones in such a pristine coastal city like Nha Trang is already a reward, & this takes it lớn a whole new level at Mun Island.

This is where you will hold a glass of cocktail while floating on the surface of the sea, as the bars come in a phối of mooring buoys. So don’t forget this going with the flow in the middle of the sea is what you’ve been searching for!

Sailing around on a glass-bottom boat

For those who are fed up with wallowing in the waters, then why not jump in a glass-bottom boat và sail around as another cool option?

This way helps you stay away from getting wet while still giving you a closer look at the enormous coral reefs underneath.

Coracle riding (Photo by Duong hai Cot)

Mot Island – Hon Mot

Next up, I had Mot Island as the next gem in my Nha Trang four island tour.

The site is found nine kilometers away from Nha Trang thành phố center towards the Southeast. The total coverage of Mot Island is just under a square kilometer, and that makes it the smallest island across the whole Nha Trang Bay.

I saw a small tranquil fishing village when I was there. Apart from their daily fishing activity, fresh and shady orchards are other things they take care of each day. Cashew, mango & coconut trees are the most popular crops on the island.

How to lớn visit Mot Island?

We all depart at Cau domain authority Harbor, and of course, once again, you can opt for a wooden boat or a canoe! Asking for a whole private canoe for your own group of friends or family is the best choice.

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What to vì chưng in Mot Island?

Filled with stunning coral reefs even though the water there is a little more shallow, so I highly recommend scuba diving on this site if you consider yourself not a pro-swimmer!

Otherwise, you can choose lớn have fun with glass-bottom boating, coracle sailing, jet-skiing, and fishing.