An lâm ninh vân bay villas

High-over villas fuse with mesmerizing nature Breathtaking sunmix views privately on a catamaran Fabulous snorkeling và watersports for adventure seekers Ultimate seclusion in the luxurious resort, tucked down lush foothills


Forget the hustle và bustle of Nha Trang city hotels - Am Lam Retreats will expose you khổng lồ a totally different world. The resort is characterized by secluded và rustic wooden accommodation floating on the surface of Ninc Van Bay's turquoise water. Needless lớn say, An Lam would make a perfect retreat for anyone seeking tranquility in modern life.

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An Lam Retreat is mix within Ninch Van Bay, a beautiful spot famous for its tender sand strip, mixing with colossal & majestic rock & primitive sầu forest to create a serene atmosphere. As the place lies on Hon Neo peninsula, guests have sầu to take the resort canoe in 15 minutes lớn transfer here. The journey is nice and short, but you have to prepare - the best is with a camera - for the great ocean và islands view on the way. The retreat also provides airport pick-up, which is approximately 50 minutes khổng lồ travel from the airport to lớn the port, lớn lessen the headache of finding transportation.

Service & facilities

On the first step of checking in, you are served with a welcoming drink inside the blooming lotus shaped restaurant. And continue from then on, visitors will be befriended with top quality service & facilities such as Jungle spa làm đẹp, a fitness center, và a floating restaurant. Everything is at your doorstep.

The Jungle Spa is the highlight of all facilities.

Located in the heart of those tropical trees và next to the waterfalls' calmful sound, the spa provides traditional & natural Vietnamese treatments, combined with modern programs to lớn boost the rejuvenate effect to lớn its limit. Finding deep relaxation time in the outdoor yoga classes, where every single breath is the absorbent of nature quintessence.

1 swimming pool Free WiFi Airport shuttle (free) Bar Beachfront Private beach area BBQ facilities (Additional charge) Terrace Garden Billiards Fishing On-site coffee house Bar Restaurant Yoga classes Spa and wellness centre (Additional charge) Fitness centre Sauna Ironing service (Additional charge) Dry cleaning (Additional charge) Laundry (Additional charge)

Room và Amenities

The retreat has 37 luxury villas amidst old green trees, boasting a spacious balcony, verandomain authority, và a private jacuzzi. The decorations are modern but still mixing with the rustic & natural feeling of wooden materials. Row & row of light wooden strips cleanly wrap together; without the existence of a leaf roof, the whole area is still elegant while sticking cthất bại khổng lồ nature.

Jungle Roông chồng Villa: from the name, visitors can easily guess the location of this greenery abode. It nestled inside the primitive sầu jungle with full top-notch amenities, from a working desk, coffee machine, and an outdoor bathtub. You can relax your soul in this wooden furniture & local brocade decoration while viewing the mountains & sea of rocks surrounded.

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Bay View Pool Villa: aloof up on the second floor of the two-story condo, this villa houses a magnificent view of Ninc Lan Van bay by an open bathroom, an outdoor pool, & a resting area under the tree shadow.

Ocean View Pool Villa: booking this villa means you can get a panoramic view of the ocean while soaking in a wooden bathtub or the outdoor pool. The accommodation is equipped with a coffee machine, TV & không lấy phí toiletries.

Treetop Pool Villa: flying above sầu the ground 12m hillside, this villa has transparent glass walls and various poles surrounding the house to enhance the natural feeling. This will be an igiảm giá stay for a fitness addict as you can only open the door after climbing 101 steps of the staircase.

Beachfront Pool Villa: staying next lớn the rocky beach, with just a few steps, guests can dip their foot in the cool ocean water. If you are too lazy to lớn straighten up your toàn thân, a small pool on the terrace overlooking the clear ocean can be your water playing choice. The villa is covered in greens so suit yourself with any kind of swimming. Plus, the villa has two separate lounge rooms, in which one provides an outdoor area for leisure tea và coffee time.

Room TypeMaximumSize
Jungle Roông chồng Villa2 adults, 1 Children3 adults / 2 adults, 1 children95 sqm
Bay View Pool Villa3 adults / 2 adults, 1 children85 sqm
Ocean View Pool Villa3 adults / 2 adults, 1 children95 sqm
Treetop Pool Villa3 adults / 2 adults, 1 children95 sqm
Beachfront Pool Villa3 adults / 2 adults, 1 children105 sqm
Two-Bedroom Beachfront Pool Villa6 adults / 4 adults, 2 Children577 sqm
Three-Bedroom Beachfront Pool Villa9 adults / 6 adults, 3 Children577 sqm


This overlooking ocean retreat is an adults-only accommodation. It is an ideal place for couples on honeymoon, friends on vacation with a variety of lãng mạn & bonding activities. Guests can book for water sports such as kayaking và fishing, a private time next lớn the Love pond, a trekking tour along An Lam river, a floating trip on a two-person boat to lớn chase after the sun, or a diving journey under the water khổng lồ take a glimpse of the marine ecosystem. Better yet, in the morning, floating breakfast is offered by a personal butler for lazy lovebirds who vày not want khổng lồ fly out of their nest.

Food và Drinks

Sen (Lotus) Restaurant, an elegant architect on the shore edge, offers guests fresh seafood, local tastes, & international dishes. A la carte & shoreside BBQ is available anytime you order. The restaurant also has indoor & outdoor areas to lớn pamper visitors' preferences. Enjoy a golden sunset inside or feeling the ocean breeze touch your face on the outside, whichever you may fancy, Sen has places khổng lồ serve sầu.

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Climbing to Sen restaurant's top is the Sen Dechồng, the place khổng lồ ease your thirst with exotic cocktails và delicious Cicchetti. You can also come to lớn this roofless lounge in the evening lớn find a relaxing tea break after a couple of rounds of swimming.