Ba ho waterfall


Ba Ho Waterfalls in Nha Trang is one of the most famous places amuốn tourists và locals alượt thích.

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People come here to relax in the heart of nature, to spend time with their families và friends, lớn make barbecue and enjoy a dip in a chilly & rapid river, which slopes down from the mountain.

How you get there on your own

Those who get from Nha Trang to lớn Ba Ho Waterfalls on their own usually rent bikes. It’s not only convenient & quiông xã, but also relatively cheap.

The road is quite lazy. At the north pier you should keep to the north direction, driving the main route. After seven kilometers there’s a sign that says “suối Ba Hồ“. Now you need lớn turn left, passing through a railway line.

Further way lays through the cemetery located at the foot of the mountain, then – through a small village. After that you’ll see a narrow footpath. After walking the path, you’ll see the same natural park with Ba Ho Waterfalls. The detailed route to lớn the waterfalls you can see on the map below. The distance from Nha Trang is about 25 km. Travel time is about 40-60 minutes.

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Such a journey is not không lấy phí. However, if you travel on your own, the ticket cost will be very cheap – 45.000 vnd ($2). Also you need lớn include 5.000 vnd for the xe đạp parking.

Waterfalls description

In total there are three waterfalls in the grounds. Notably, they don’t have separated names for they constructed to lớn flow from each other. The name “Ba Ho” translates as “a waterfall with three basins”. As usual, tourists stop at the first basin, because it’s the most secure compared lớn the rest. To conquer the other two basins you better wear sensible shoes so that you can climb the viewing platform without any difficulties. Let’s focus on the most available variant. The trail passes through a little jungle. In the way tourists can meet some barriers which are easy to overcome.

Baho waterfalls

The first waterfall is the largest và the most crowded. It’s the most effortless to get so lots of people go no further. There is a cliff some tourists leap off in cold water và then climb lớn the top again & again. To get to lớn the other two basins you need to lớn go upstream, following the signs on the stones someone kindly drew.


There are some tips for those who decided khổng lồ get filled with Ba Ho Waterfalls nature, which can help you to get the brighkiểm tra impressions & memories of visiting the place:

It’s better take a tour early in the morning on a clear day;don’t visit the waterfalls after tropical rain season. It’s dangerous because of the washed-out road, so you’ll hardly get any positive sầu impressions;take snacks with you. It’s not recommended to lớn buy local food on your way to the waterfalls because there is absolutely zero accountability for its quality;a duffel bag is must-have sầu for this adventure. Your hands & legs will be unoccupied and không lấy phí to move;wear flat sensible shoes only;don’t rush with the excursion. At least three free hours definitely will be nice.

Only then you can not only steer clear from some troubles like an empty stomach và a dull day, but also make your way to the waterfalls easier.

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Ba Ho Waterfalls is not only a picturesque nature zone, but also a very available resting place for tourists. Three water basins, jungle & intact nature atmosphere together with glorious view make this place quite attractive sầu for tourists.