Best Day Trips from Hanoi as private guided tours are the first priority of safety và affordable cost for for everyone, so you’ll travel on your own vehicles without strangers khổng lồ avoid crowded and big group tour with air-conditioned transfers & an English-speaking guide. This is one of the most convenient ways lớn get around Hanoi. Moreover a tour is also a surefire way to lớn gain a deeper, more complete look at Vietnam’s nature, history và culture.

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If you’re concerned about over-tourism on Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long cất cánh is a nice alternative. It has the same limestone karst landscape as its more-famous cousin, but because far fewer boats are permitted lớn sail here, it’s a lot quieter & less polluted.

Bai Tu Long cất cánh is located just north of Halong Bay. Cruises depart from the same jetty, roughly a 4-hour drive from Hanoi.

Sleeping on a junk và waking up amongst the karsts is a terrific experience, which is why I usually recommend spending at least one night on the bay. However, it’s still possible to see Vietnam’s most famous UNESCO landscape in a day from Hanoi.

This full day trip starts with pick up at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter at 8am. You’ll then be transferred to lớn the port by private car. You get a full 6 hours on the water, which is pretty generous for a day trip. This includes a tour of a floating village, a cave experience (with kayak hire or row boat charter included in the tour price), a short cooking class & a traditional Vietnamese lunch on board. đánh giá of Halong bay Private Day Trip on Tripadvisor

Detailed Itinerary: 1-Day Halong bay Trip from Hanoi

AM: Pickup by private car & transfer lớn Halong đô thị (3.5 hours). En route lớn stop in the middle road for a break of coffee and toilet.

Noon: Get on a private boat, cruising onto Halong bay for about 4 hours.. Lunch will be served on the boat junket.

PM: Main spots of Halong bay touring: floating village, Cave exploring, Kayaking, Sun desk viewing.

Back to Hanoi at your hotel about 7:30 PM (3.5 hours)

2. Ninh Binh (Tam Coc và Trang An)


The Perfume Pagoda or Huong Pagoda is a sacred pilgrimage site 60km west from Hanoi. Depending on traffic, it can take under 2 hours to lớn get there from the capital.

This part of Northern Vietnam is very lush. A trip khổng lồ the Perfume Pagoda is a nice way khổng lồ get some fresh air & find some respite from Hanoi. What’s really special about this place is the way you get there.

The main pagoda is built into the limestone Huong Tich mountains and can only be accessed via a long waterway. A never-ending stream of sampan boats ferries pilgrims up the Yen stream, through blankets of lotus flowers and between misty, atmosphere karsts & mountains. At the end, a series of uphill paths connect the different shrines and grottoes.

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This private tour to the Perfume Pagoda from Hanoi will teach you a lot about Vietnamese culture và religion. After visiting the main cave, you have the option of trekking or taking a cable oto back lớn the pier. Lunch is served at the foot of the mountain và included in the tour price. Transfers to and from the Old Quarter are done by air conditioned car, và you’ll be back in the đô thị by approximately 6pm.

Top tip: Because the Perfume Pagoda is a popular pilgrimage site, it gets extremely busy around certain religious holidays. It’s recommended khổng lồ avoid visiting in the lead-up lớn Tet – it’s simply too crowded.

Detailed Itinerary: 1- Day Perfume Pagoda from Hanoi

AM: Pick up at your hotel by private oto to Yen River ( Huong Tich River) (2hours)

Getting a boat ride through the endless beauty of Yen River, silent of ritual Buddhist for 1.5 hours

Hiking 30 minutes from bottom mountain up stair to lớn get a cable oto to vị trí cao nhất of Huong Tich Cave. The main spot of Perfume to visit, along the way up and down with many different temples to lớn see.

Lunch on the site of Temple complex

PM: A visit to lớn different giant lớn Pagoda in the complex, walking back to lớn pier to lớn row back the dock.

Back to lớn Hanoi in the late afternoon.

4. Mai Chau


Among Vietnam’s many national parks, Cuc Phuong holds a special spot, being the first established in the country in 1962. As Cuc Phuong National Park is also one of Vietnam’s largest parks and trang chủ to incredible biodiversity, it’s little wonder that it’s one of the best side trips from Hanoi.

While it’s a great place to lớn experience Vietnam’s nature, don’t be surprised if the hundreds of species of wildlife often prove elusive among the forest, mountains and lakes of the national park. On the western side of the national park you’ll find people from the Muong ethnic minority living in villages there.

6. Bat Trang Village

If you’re in the mood for just a very short trip from Hanoi, look no further than Bat Trang Village. Sitting by the banks of the Red River downstream from Hanoi, Bat Trang is known for its centuries-old ceramics trade. Since the 14th century, this village has been producing finely-made porcelain & pottery.

At the Bat Trang Ceramics Village you can see workshops, markets, and stores full of various ceramic items, a great option if you’re after some souvenirs. It’s also possible to lớn craft your own ceramics in special pottery-making workshops khổng lồ give that souvenir a personal touch.

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7. Tam Dao

When the heat in Hanoi starts getting too much for you, one place you can go lớn cool off is the mountain town of Tam Dao. Once a French hill resort, the town lies within the expansive Tam Dao National Park. Start a visit there with the Tam Dao Stone Church, an iconic attraction built in 1906 which is symbolic of the town’s French connection.

From the church’s courtyard you can enjoy some nice views across the rest of the town as well. Not far away you’ll come across the silver waterfalls known as Thác Bạc. Other sights found up in the mountains around the town are the ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple and the viewpoint at the Tam Dao TV Tower.

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