Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. It has charmed many tourists who come for its elegant beauty twisted in the classic French colonial style and rhyme. Attractions in Hanoi are bountiful, ranging from the thousand-year-old Temple of Literature to the world heritage site Thang Long Ancient Citadel to the bustling Hanoi Old Quarter. With so many places to see and things to do, accommodation facilities in Hanoi have grown exponentially to meet the demand. There are five star hotels of international standard such as Sheraton Hotel and Sofitel Metropole Hanoi, the four stars and mid range one to meet the needs of family and group of friends, and of course myriad budget hotel options for less than $30 per night. Most hotels concentrate the Old Quarter, though more and more suites and luxury types are growing around West Lake, the expat area of Hanoi. The business district where many convention halls gather also has hotels of all star listings. Whichever you prefer, you know you will not be disappointed.

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Traveling On A Budget? Hanoi's 10 Best Hostels

If luxury accommodation exceeds your budget, then Hanoi is chock-full of fine hostels suitable to every kind of traveler.


16 Best Boutique Hotels In Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter offers many great choices when it comes to boutique hotels and accommodation. Find out the very best.

9 Best Luxury Hotels In Hanoi

One of the most fascinating capitals in Asia, Hanoi is in no shortage of luxury accommodation. Find out what are the best 5 star hotel option for your holiday in Hanoi.

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17 Best Hanoi Hotels For Family

Family travel always carries with it a different dynamic from when you travel by yourself or with your partner. Picking the right hotel can be a great component for a perfect trip.


8 Best Cheap Hotels in Hanoi (Under $35)

Apart from luxurious hotels with world class service, Hanoi also hosts an incredible number of mid-range and budget options.

9 Best Business Hotels In Hanoi

There are many hotels located in the various business districts of Hanoi where business travelers could not only enjoy spectacular street view but also accommodate their office and easily reach to the convention centers nearby.

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10 Best Hotels Near Hanoi West Lake

The following list of 10 Best Hotels near West Lake will give you some best suggestions for your upcoming trip to Hanoi with a complete experience with Ho Tay.