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Massage ConsultantTham MưuMassage Consultant
Where to lớn massage in Ho đưa ra Minh cityMassage is a popular service in HCMC. Massage services in the central area will be a little bit more expensive. However, when coming here, visitors will be impressed with the good equipments and beautiful girls with considerate caring services; service packages are also more diversified.Massage services at sài gòn are mostly divided into two types of services, commonly referred khổng lồ as HJ mát xa (hand job) và BJ mas sa (blow job)With the HJ type, mas sa services are usually equipped with good equipments & beautiful & pretty girlsOne of the famous service is dẻo Nam Spa (103 Yersin, District 1), because the clean equipments và beautiful young technicians with hot body. Fee is divided into two prices: 270,000vnd for normal rooms and 750.000vnd for vip rooms.Another well known institution is Minh Minh Tam Massage (709 Le Hong Phong, ward 12, district 10). Coming here, you will experience the feeling of relaxing mát xa with the beautiful technicians. The entrance fee is 240.000vnd for normal room and 600.000vnd for vip rooms.The BJ type is more popular with varied packages: normal rooms, vip rooms, supvip rooms, vip rooms with Japanese style, vip rooms with vương quốc nụ cười style. Particularly, most mát xa parlors where foreigners go are located in District 3, district 5 & district 10. They are pricier but you will probably feel more relaxed in such places.If you are in District 3, Boss Palace Massage (306-308 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, Ward 3, District 3) will be an ideal place khổng lồ visit with nice and clean equipments with very pretty girls. The fee is 200.000vnd for normal room; 500.000vnd for vip room và 1.000.000vnd for super vip room (if you can gọi 2 technicians, you will pay double fee compare to vip room và two tips).In district 10, there are a lot of massage services in style BJ. The most famous one among foreigners is P.A Relax or Phuong Anh Relax (383 Su Van khô nóng Street, Ward 12, District 10) because the girls are relatively clean and full skilled. There are many packages of mát xa services for you lớn choose: vip room (300.000vnd), vip room with japanese style (400.000vnd), vip room with đất nước thái lan style (500.000vnd).Another famous place is Minh Long Massage (337 Nguyen Thuong Hien Street, Ward 11, District 10). The entrance fee is 200.000vnd for vip room và 350.000vnd for vip room with vương quốc của nụ cười style.If you are walking near dẻo The Gioi water park, you can go to lớn Thai Binh 3 mas sa (22 Ngo Quyen, Ward 6, District 5), which also offers similar services: 400.000 vnd for vip room và 500.000vnd for vip with vương quốc của nụ cười style.If you are located far from the city center, you can also find mas sa services with similar services: Anh Duong Go Vap Massage (330 Duong quang Ham, ward 5, Go Vap district) with many kinds of massage services such as: vip room (150.000vnd), vip room with Japanese style (250.000vnd), vip room with vương quốc nụ cười style (350.000vnd).

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Tipping for mát xa in sài gòn cityMany people ask how they should tip their mas sa technicians. This is an interesting topic as some people know that tipping is pretty standard in the mát xa industry, whereas others vì chưng not understand why và how khổng lồ tip their girlsTip for common mát xa services will be at least equal lớn the fee. If you are satisfied with the service attitude of technicians, you can send more tip as a small gift for the girls, and you can try to get a phone number from a girl & meet her later.If you choose Normal / Vip Room Service, the tip will be the ticket price plus 50,000vnd - 100.000vnd / or more depending on your satisfaction level.If you choose other services such as vip room with Japanese style - vip room with vương quốc của nụ cười style, tip will vary from entrance fee to lớn bonus. This bonus depends on the unique of service & the level of satisfaction. Tip will be at least equal lớn the fee.Above are some general information about mas sa services & tip in HCMC. For more information, please visit www.yellowcabpizza.vn