Notable Spa Experiences In Ho Chi Minh City


Beenwandering around the cityall day long and need a refreshing ending lớn your sweaty day? Treat yourself khổng lồ a massage and you’ll be fully charged with energy again. But question: at which spas in Saigon will you get the best massage?


Massages in Vietnam

Thousands of years ago, people had already resorted khổng lồ using their hands to lớn help reduce pain by pressing, rubbing, kneading, etc. on parts of the toàn thân. Over time, skills developed, people have created a technique based on using the cleverness of hands & the therapy of acupuncture, which wasn’t called “massage” until recently. It is said that Vietnamese mát xa takes after the Chinese; however, we can always find the differences between these styles: focus on kneading, working out the knots in your muscles.

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There are mainly two kinds of mas sa in Vietnam: Vietnamese traditional và the Tnhị style since the dem& for Tnhị mas sa is quite high. The below recommendations in Saigon include both of these options. But before revealing these trade secrets, there is an “old-fashioned” fact about mas sa in Vietphái mạnh that I think you should be aware of first.

Can a Massage Mean Something Else?

When it came to massage parlors, people used khổng lồ think of a place only for men. Those mát xa parlors were thought to be where men came for adultery. And as a matter of fact, there used to lớn be thoughts that if a guy was seen going in/out a mas sa parlor, he would be considered a playboy. But things look better today. More và more people seek the best massages on a regular basis, including women. Locals now realize that a massage is a great way khổng lồ relax after a day of hustling and bustling in this big đô thị. So, don’t worry, just keep calm và enjoy your massage in Ho Chi Minh City, because you are going lớn be introduced to the best spas in Saigon.

A glance at best spas in Saigon

1. Sa Spa

Different from the others on this các mục, the experience at Sa Spage authority is enhanced thanks khổng lồ the extra effort put into their thiết kế. The space is modeled khổng lồ resemble that of an old Vietnamese countryside trang chủ, giving you a rush of peace as you walk in through the gate. A stonepath through a lush garden leads you lớn the house, where you will be welcomed by the staff with a cold tea, và their menu.

Sả Spa offers not only massage services but also beauty treatments for your skin, hair, & nails, along with additional services such as saumãng cầu, steam,and herbal baths. They even offer pregnancy massages for expecting mothers.

For any option you choose, you can also choose a time frame – either 45, 60, or 90 minutes. If you have the time, stay as long as you can. After a long, hard day, this will be the perfect ending & you will leave sầu feeling relaxed, both physically và mentally. Cheông chồng out theirmenu!

The setting matters.

Cheông chồng theirWebsite,E-mail, andFacebook Page.Address:Sả Spage authority – 40B Psay đắm Ngoc Thach, District 3, HCMCTelephone:028 352 106 70Price range:350,000 – 1,550,000 Vietnamese DongOperating hours:9 AM – 9 PM

2. Cat Moc Spa

The green exterior instantly exudes peace.

This place is one of the top spas in Saigon. Located on Tran Dinh Xu, a non-busy street in District 1, 500 meters from Pham mê Ngu Lao backpacker area, it is very easy khổng lồ find. The area is well-decorated with calming lights, natural melodies, & delicate aromatic scents that blkết thúc through the air flowing through the Vietnamese architecture, which brings you peace from the very first moment you step in. This spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp will pay for your transportation to get there (one way). All you need to lớn vị is tell the receptionist the amount of money that you paid for your xe taxi (or Uber), they will refund you right after.

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The average price is around 10 USD for a 30-minute treatment and they provide you many choices ranging from Swedish massage, Traditional Tnhị massage, Hot Stone massage, Vietnamese herbal relaxing mas sa, facial/body skincare, và other beauty services. For a recommended package? The 75-minute long hot stone therapy is ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá when you need total relaxation. Otherwise, the 30-minute long foot care after a whole day of walking & exploring the city should be great. And just a small note, you should make a reservation if you’re going with a group of more than two people.

Visit theirwebsite.Addresses:61-63 Tran Dinc Xu, District 1, HCMCPrice range:1đôi mươi,000 – 1,600,000 VNDOperating hours:9 AM – 10 PM

3. Miumiu Spa

Pick a location nearest you.

Miumiu has five sầu spas in Saigon, all located in District 1, but the one on Ngo Duc Ke street is the most central one due to its golden location: right in front of the Tập Đoàn Bitexco Financial Tower & just 800 meters from Ben Tkhô cứng Market. The modern Asian-style architecture of Miumiu Spage authority combined with the subtle decorative sầu furniture & the tranquil ambiance of melodious music will melt your tension.

Wood accents and green touches.

Besides the Vietnamese & Thai mas sa, Miumiu also introduces the Shiatsu massage from Japan which focuses on using one’s fingertips only instead of combining the elbow, knee, & clenched fingers during the massage. This treatment is believed to lớn relieve sầu bít tất tay, lessen baông xã pain, minimize digestive discomfort & headaches, & so much more such as helping with fertility và reproductive sầu issues.

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There are only two 30-minute services for you to lớn choose: the quiông chồng foot or quick body massage. The rest of your options are above 60-minute long which won’t let you down. The fresh ginger essence mas sa is my favorite. Do not worry about tipping as the service fees includea tip for the staff. They will also provide hand-made antioxidant juice before services begin và a cup of Vietnamese tea after. And one last thing, credit cards are accepted và you need to lớn book 24 hours ahead of time. This spa làm đẹp is quite busy, especially on the weekends.