In the best Mekong Delta tours you go by boat over large rivers and small side channels, visit floating markets and fruit orchards và learn more about the local culture in villages.

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The Mekong Delta is a special area with its web of rivers, houseboats và floating markets. Life here mainly takes place on the water & from a boat you can see villages, rice fields and the daily life of local families pass you by. A visit to lớn the Mekong Delta is therefore the absolute highlight of a trip through South Vietnam.

If you have little time in Vietnam và you have to lớn make choices, a one-day tour can be a great option. The Mekong Delta is not far from Ho chi Minh City, so you can get a good impression in a one day tour. If you want to lớn visit the floating markets và more the local villages where day-trip travelers vì chưng not come, we recommend that you go for two days.

The Mekong Delta is gigantic, so before you consider how to lớn travel here, it is important to lớn consider where you want khổng lồ travel to. There are daily buses to lớn Can Tho, Cai Be, Ben Tre, My Tho và Chau Doc, among others. Many travelers choose khổng lồ take a Mekong Delta tour, so that you vì not have khổng lồ arrange transport to lớn the delta yourself, but also between the sights.

1. Boat trip

The best way lớn see a gigantic river delta is by boat tour. Sail the big rivers with a motor boat and row a sampan through the small canals.

2. Floating markets

The Mekong has a quality life on the water. You can also visit floating markets here where hundreds of boats come together.

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3. Cycling

The flat delta, with little traffic, is perfect for exploring by bicycle. Cycle the small roads from village to lớn village.

5. Stay in a homestay

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7. Picking fruit

Most of the fruit in Vietnam comes from the Mekong Delta. Visit fruit orchards and pick your own fruit khổng lồ eat immediately.

8. Climb Sam Mountain

More a hill than a mountain, you can visit this religious site for a nice view and visit the temples.

9. Bang Lang stork garden

Another beautiful nature reserve that is trang chủ to many different birds, but especially storks can be found here.

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10. Vinh Trang Pagoda

The largest pagoda in the Mekong is built with a combination of different cultures.