Pho is a typical noodle soup in Vietphái mạnh. Some famous noodle shops in Ho Chi Minh City have maintained their brvà name for over 50 years và are still very popular.

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Tasty Pho in HCMC | (FB) Đặng Tbọn họ Thiện Tâm

Saigon has a lot of delicious pho restaurants that are well-known for local people and tourists. However, it comes khổng lồ the best Pho shops living for a long time here that can’t miss six following restaurants.

1. Pho Dau Restaurant


Many Saigon people also love sầu the North flavor of Vietnamese Pho, so many noodle shops, even though they have sầu been in the South for many years, still hold the North taste to lớn please diners.

Referring lớn the true North noodle restaurant in Saigon, gourmets will immediately think of the Pho Dau restaurant near Nguyen Van Troi Bridge. In the old days, this cửa hàng also was called “Pho Nguyen Cao Ky” because Mr. Nguyen Cao Ky, who was famous in Saigon, often came to lớn taste it here.

A big bowl of Pho Dau Restaurant

For nearly 60 years, Pho Dau Restaurant has not disappointed Pho Bac lovers when visiting alley 288 on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street to lớn enjoy. A rich flavor of a noodle bowl covered the clear broth is served with thinly sliced ​​onions.

Pho Dau has so far no vegetables, bean sprouts, and blachồng soy sauce served as noodle shops in Saigon. And of course, there are no beef balls for those who love the South Vietnamese taste.

Plenty of famous Pho restaurants are available in Saigon. But, Pho Dau, one of the rare shops, is both delicious & renowned for a long time with crowded guests, but not cheap (compared to the Pho price). The siêu thị in an alley only opens in the morning, is always full of customers.

Address: Alley 288 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minc CityPhone: 028 3846 5866Opening hours: 6:00 am – 12:00 pm (early morning khổng lồ midday)

2. Pho Hoa Restaurant

Pho Hoa Restaurant |

If the Pho Dau is the popular North Vietnamese restaurant in Saigon, then Pho Hoa is the most famous cửa hàng for foreign tourists.

Since the official opening of the cửa hàng, Pho Hoa has not been for a long time, but because Pho Hoa used khổng lồ be a small cart that has sold the noodle soup since before 1975, so on the list of famous long-standing Pho restaurants in Saigon is indispensable for Pho Hoa.

Pho Hoa is on Pasteur Street that is a typical road in Saigon. It is because more than 50 years ago, there was a concentration of carts selling delicious noodle soup in this thành phố. And now, a big restaurant of Pho Hoa still sells a lovely flavor for the diners in the same memorial Pho street.

Lovely Pho Hoa in Saigon |

Although this is not the best noodle siêu thị in HCMC, Pho Hoa often appears in guidebooks in Ho Chi Minch City. So, this restaurant has a lot of foreign customers.

And, a bowl here is very big with lots of noodles, meat, vegetables, bean sprouts, and soy sauce. Although there are many different Đánh Giá about this cửa hàng, until now, Pho Hoa is still one of the most crowded noodle-soup restaurants in Saigon.

Address: 260C Pasteur Street, Ward 8, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamPhone: 028 3829 7943Opening hours: 6:00 am – 12:00 am (early morning to midnight, every day)

3. Pho Minc Restaurant

Pho Minch Restaurant |

Also located on the busy road of Pasteur, Pho Minh is different from Pho Hoa. Amid the bustling Saigon, this over 60-year-old noodle siêu thị is still as calm as the vibrant life that has untouched it.

The small shop locates in a small alley (alley 63). If not know it in advance, you will be easy to glance; therefore, you miss an opportunity to lớn enjoy delicious Bac Pho in the heart of District 1 HCMC.

As the ancient Pho restaurants, Pho Minh is part of the old Saigon cuisine, where alley 63 was a familiar address for a long time of Northern food lovers.

The Casino next to lớn the small road, the vermicelli shops & spring-roll eateries were classified in the memory, but Pho Minch was still there, still open in the morning to lớn welcome patrons, and strangers who listen to the name also come khổng lồ taste it.

Lovely Pho Minh |

Accompanied by the years, the space of Pho Minch also is tinged with ancient color. The tables & chairs are still old wooden tables, but it’s airy, & the guests are not noisy. Pho Minh is the flavor for those who love sầu the North Vietnamese Pho, light taste, not too svào.

Many people, who have been away from Saigon for a long time when coming baông chồng to look for Pho Minc, are still very satisfied with the same noodle for many years. A bowl of North Vietnamese noodle soup has lived forever in the memories although Saigon has so many delicious dishes like the present.

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Address: 63/6 Pasteur Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamOpening hours: 6:30 am – 10:00 am (only morning)Phone: 028 3822 0345

4. Pho Cao Van Restaurant

Pho Cao Van Restaurant |

Speaking of Cao Van Pho (25 Mac Dinc Chi, District 1), the patrons of the restaurant will immediately rethành viên the elderly over 90 years of age who collects money at the corner of the siêu thị. That is the owner Tran Van Phon.

From the Pho cart in Hanoi, then sold in Saigon along streets, after that, a shop was opened on Tran Cao Van Street in 1952, finally moved to lớn Mac Dinh Chi. The traditional North Vietnamese Pho followed Mr. Phon lớn supply a tasty one nowadays.

One of falvorful Pho in Ho Chi Minc |

Amuốn modern buildings & many new eateries on Mac Dinh Chi Street, Pho Cao Van still quietly marks its presence with patrons who love sầu Pho North. It is because when you must be familiar with the new North Vietnamese taste, you like Pho Cao Van.

The cửa hàng has tasty broth, not greasy like many other places but a very rich flavor. With their own secrets & valuable experience of making noodles, the owner of Pho Cao Van has created this typical flavor, making customers when eating will rethành viên it forever.

Address: 25 Mach Dinc Chi Street, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minc City, VietnamOpening hours: 6:00 am – 9:00 pm (early morning khổng lồ evening)Phone: 028 3822 0509

5. Pho Le Restaurant

Pho Le Restaurant |

Aý muốn the long-standing famous Pho restaurants with the Northern Vietnam giới flavor, Pho Le with the Southern-style is particularly popular among mỏi Saigon people.

It is also one of the rare Pho restaurants that are rated clean, luxurious in comparison lớn the famous Pho restaurants. The Pho Le Restaurant is crowded from morning to evening.

Tasty Saigon Pho |

Pho Le has been since 1970, the first restaurant is located in District 5 (413 Nguyen Trai) – an area of ​​noodle, hu tieu và dumpling shops. Pho Le now has 2 places in Nguyen Trai & 303 Vo Van Tan.

When coming to lớn Pho Le, the diners who love the taste of South Vietphái nam will feel that they find the right place to eat Vietnamese Pho, because they can order a different style of nam-tai-gau beef noodles.

Address 1: 415 Nguyen Trai Street, Ward 7, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamPhone number: 028 3923 4008Address 2: 303 Vo Van Tan Street, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minch City, VietnamPhone number: 028 3834 4486Opening hours: 6:00 am – 12:00 am (early morning khổng lồ midnight)

6. Pho Tau Bay Restaurant

Tasty noodle soup in Pho Tau Bay | (FB) Đặng Tchúng ta Thiện nay Tâm

Aao ước the oldest famous Pho restaurants in HCMC, there is a famous brvà named Pho Tau Bay. For many Saigoneers, it’s not just a noodle shop but a part of Saigon cuisine, associated with a lot of anecdotes & memories.

Many people far from their homelvà, returning lớn Saigon, have sầu stopped at Pho Tau Bay (435 Ly Thai To, District 10). But, eaters have lớn be very hungry khổng lồ eat up a big bowl of this famous noodle shop.

Pho Tau Bay is a North Vietnamese noodle soup. It was present in Saigon in 1954 & quickly became the most favorite Pho Bac in this đô thị. Like many other Vietnamese noodle shops following the North style, Pho Tau Bay initially had no vegetables, bean sprouts and baông xã sauce.

One of famous Vietnamese noodle soup in HCMC | (FB) Đạt Trương

But, many people rethành viên the rich taste of this restaurant when having the opportunity lớn return to lớn enjoy it. They will be surprised when seeing the vegetables & sauce to add khổng lồ the soup.

It is because the Pho Tau Bay restaurant has related to the old memory, so it has received both the most compliments and criticisms. In spite of that, it is still a long-standing Pho restaurant, whenever mentioning Saigon cuisine in the past and now, Pho Tau Bay restaurant is indispensable.

In the list of the famous Pho in Ho Chi Minh City, you see a lot of restaurants with the North style. It is because Pho, a well-known Vietnamese noodle soup, originally comes from the North of Vietnam. For that reason, the ancient Pho in Saigon covers a lot of Pho Bac (North Pho).

Nam Dinch is one the first place creating it, but the people refer to lớn Hanoi because when Pho came from Nam Dinch khổng lồ Hanoi, this noodle soup has changed và upgraded to become a better level.

Year by year, the taste of Saigon Pho has changed lớn be suitable for the flavor of the diners in South Vietnam giới. So, Pho in Saigon has become a little sweeter one, & the eaters add vegetables and more sauce.

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But, the general taste of Vietnamese Pho still lives in each bowl of the noodle soup although it is cooked in different styles in various places in Vietphái mạnh.