5 best places for pho in hanoi old quarter


Known for their centuries-old architecture and deeply influenced through its multicultural way of life, Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is where we begin our next food journey. “Ha Noi” in Vietnamese means ‘river’ ‘inner’, as the thành phố is located between the Red & Song Nhue Rivers. Because Hanoi is so cthảm bại to lớn an array of scenic rivers, there are many activities available to lớn make your trip memorable.

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This infamous đô thị highlights the roots of crafting some of the finest and most authentic Vietnamese cuisine in the world. This includes some of best pho you can get in Vietphái mạnh. While it is not a hard dish khổng lồ find in Hanoi, discovering where you can get the best pho can be challenging.

Continue on reading if you want khổng lồ know where are some of the best places khổng lồ eat pho in Hanoi:

1. Gia Pho Bat Dan


It’s not hard khổng lồ find, look for bright orange!

With native Vietnamese plants lining the reflective và silvery polished entrance, Pho 10 is hard lớn miss with its big orange banner flying above. Frequently visited by locals as well as tourists, this restaurant has fast service but speaks a limited amount of English. While Pho 10 can get crowded, mouth-watering Vietnamese pho, complemented with doughnuts & a favorite drink of yours is not khổng lồ miss, especially at reasonable prices.

If waiting in line, sharing tables, or pushing your etiquette isn’t your thing, then why not try out a cooking course? Never again will you have lớn wait in line for a delicious bowl of pho! yellowcabpizza.vn has plenty of courses for you to lớn choose from. Find the one that fits you!

Make Your Own Authentic Pho và More!

3. Pho Gia Truyen


Literally means Asian rice based broth

When you get a classic Vietnamese restaurant filled with locals queing up, while inside is packed, you know you are getting some good pho. Cthua trận khổng lồ nearby hotels & residencies, you will enter a simple eatery filled with several tables và chairs, some lining the walls.

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Pho is all Pho Thin serves. Amazing, fantastic, & delicious noodles comes lớn mind when locals and travelers come khổng lồ Pho Thin. While the atmosphere exhibits the vibrant culture of local Hanoi, the price per bowl of pho here is very reasonable. It may take you a little longer khổng lồ get here, but it is definitely worth it. Don’t miss this jewel! 


5. Serene Cuisine Restaurant


Fine Dine with Pho

It’s time to delight yourself with a fine dining experience in Hanoi. Housed in a luxurious yet modern setting, you will find the environment at Serene Cuisine inviting, even before tasting their delicious pho.

Arriving on the 8th floor of the Serene Boutique complex, you will be greeted by very friendly & accomodating staff. Flexible for both vegetarians and meat eaters alike, you will not be disappointed by this elevated dining experience.

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From delicious spring rolls, chicken & crepes, to overlooking a gorgeous view of Hanoi, Serene Cuisine Restaurant is a great way lớn enjoy a part of Vietnam giới while enjoying a top culinary adventure.

Dishes are well cooked và perfectly seasoned. If you are looking for a fusion taste of Vietnamese cuisine, or feel adventurous khổng lồ try a variety of Asian & western food as well, this place has it all. This restaurant changes its menu everyday so whether you plan on coming here with your tiệc ngọt for a breakfast or dinner, maybe consider both!