“the best pho in ho chi minh :


Pho CONG (Vietnamese: Phlàm việc CỘNG) is our go-khổng lồ in Ho Chi Minc City when we are craving a steaming bowl of delicious, homemade pho. Located in District 1, this large, airy restaurant always has plenty of tables available & rarely very many patrons. The wait staff is always friendly & the food comes out fast. You’ll love sầu this spot for a quick, inexpensive, & delicious afternoon bite!


As I mentioned, Pho CONG is fairly large considering that we’ve never seen more than a few tables occupied. Granted, we usually find ourselves dining here at random times. And they never seem to lớn cthảm bại.

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There are large open windows lining the exterior of the building with tables directly in front of the windows which is great for people-watching but not so great during a torrential downpour. Ceilings are high, bathrooms are clean, & the kitchen is open so you can see one Vietnamese woman constantly stirring a gigantic cauldron of broth.

The Menu

Pho CONG has offerings other than pho, but we’ve sầu never actually ventured outside of our comfort zone. You can also try their bún chả, bánh xèo, or trườn kho.

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We both really love the Australian brisket pho (phsống trườn Úc chín) and order it every time we visit. If we are really hungry we’ll also order a massive plate of fried spring rolls (chả lụa chiên). Their beef noodle soup is arguably one of the best bowls of pho that we’ve sầu ever found in Ho Chi Minch City!

The Pricetag

The prices at Pho CONG are a bit more than your average street-side bowl of pho bo, 72k – 120k (~$3 – 5 USD) depending on the cut of meat that you order and the size of the bowl. However, the quality of the ingredients và the restaurant setting make it worth spending a little extra to lớn get your pho fix. The well-done Australian brisket pho that we swear by is 75k VND for a regular-sized bowl and 85k for a large bowl.

Our Recommendation


We would recommkết thúc that you visit Pho CONG on a cool evening in Ho Chi Minh City. Not just because a hot bowl of pho will really warm you up, but also because they don’t have air conditioning.

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Get a regular-sized bowl of the well-done Australian brisket pho & an order of fried spring rolls khổng lồ mô tả (they come 10 per order!). Throw in some of the fresh herbs they’ll bring on the side và enjoy!

Location: 142 Lê Thị Hồng Gnóng, Phường Nguyễn Tỉnh Thái Bình, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

More Info: Website | TripAdvisor | Facebook

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