Do you know why adventurers và history enthusiasts alike love sầu staying in Hue Hotels? Find out the amazing historical sites that this ancient thành phố has khổng lồ offer.

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Just lượt thích its neighbours, Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan, which offers many attractive sầu tourist destinations, Vietphái mạnh also offers many amazing places lớn visit và activities to do. But if Thailand is famous for its beaches, then Vietphái mạnh is famous for its historical sites. It is the perfect country khổng lồ visit, especially for adventurers and history enthusiasts alike. One of the reasons is because of the abundant historical sites they can visit.

You probably know the dazzling array of beautiful temples to lớn visit in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan. Meanwhile, Vietphái nam offers historical architecture in whole different characteristics. You can see it yourself when you stay in Hue hotels, Vietnam. Hue is known for the ancient capital city. Therefore, it is no surprise that you are going khổng lồ find a lot of ancient historical & cultural sites. If you are an adventurer, history enthusiast, or just a tourist, who wants to see the wonder of ancient life, then you need khổng lồ visit these 9 sites near Hue hotels Vietphái mạnh.

1. Hue Imperial City

The most popular destination near Hue hotels Vietnam is the Hue Imperial City, which is also known as The Citadel. Hue Imperial City is one of the most historic buildings with a long story behind it. It was once the capital thành phố in the Nguyen Dynasty era between 1802 khổng lồ 1945. In this historical site, you will find a vast complex of historic buildings, that is because, during the Nguyen Dynasty, the Imperial City was led by 13 Kings. That is why you are going lớn find a lot of important buildings in this complex.

The Citadel is located near the Huong river. Just lượt thích how other old civilisation, building complex near a river means it is the centre of the community activities. It is predicted that this area was once crowded.

Due khổng lồ the huge area, you will need hours lớn explore every corner of the Imperial City. It is doable, though, but you will need khổng lồ come early lớn make sure you have enough time to wander around. Since Hue Imperial City is associated with ancient và historic buildings, it is enlisted to lớn one of the World Heritage by UNESCO since 1993.

Address: Thành phố Huế, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam

2. The Perfume River

Another place that must be visited while you are staying in one of Hue hotels Vietnam is The Perfume River. The Perfume River is another name for Huong River that lies around Hue Imperial City. It is the second site you need lớn visit after you finished exploring the Hue Imperial City. If Bangkok has Chao Phraya, Huong River is one of the mainstays of Hue. This river is one of the best places to lớn enjoy the beautiful sunmix. Tourists will be invited to lớn go down the river by riding a rồng boat.

Do you know why it is called The Perfume River? The answer is because during autumn, the flowers that bloom on the edge of the river emit a very fragrant aroma, which you can smell even when you are in the middle of the river. However, it is not the only reason why you should visit this river. If you choose to lớn ride a Long boat, you will be taken along the ancient buildings around the Huong river. Of course, it is an amazing experience lớn explore an ancient đô thị. It"s no wonder that many tourists choose to ride the Huong Cruise to find out the other side of Hue Imperial City.

Address: Thừa Thiên–Huế Province

3. Khai Dinc Tomb

Another historical site that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in one of the cheap Hue hotels in Vietphái nam is the Knhì Dinh Tomb. As its name suggests, this place is the final resting place of King Knhị Dhin. Unsurprisingly, Knhị Dhin Tomb was built with traditional Vietnamese architecture và decorated with a lot of beautiful details that show the unique Vietnamese culture.

Knhì Dhin Tomb itself was a building made to honour the twelfth emperor who had led the Nguyen Dynasty. No wonder the people during that era provided the best and most beautiful kiến thiết and place for Knhì Dhin. Nevertheless, this complex of Knhì Dhin Tomb is located a little bit far from Hue Imperial City, and it is in the Chau Chu mountainous area.

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Despite being built in the mountainous area, the building has a magnificent design. It is so complex và beautiful that the construction process took 11 years lớn complete. By combining typical Eastern and Western architectural styles, the Knhị Dhin Tomb complex shows off a stunning kiến thiết. Not only using typical Vietnamese carvings in some of the details, but Knhị Dhin Tomb also has a large dollop of Western-style thiết kế.

Address: Khải Định, Tdiệt Bằng, Hương Tbỏ, Thừa Thiên Huế 530000, Vietnam

4. Thien Mu Pagoda

Put this destination as the first thing you will visit in the morning before everything else. That is because Thien Mu Pagodomain authority is never empty of tourists. The pagoda is also known by the local people as The Celestial Lady Pagoda. Not only representing Buddhism which was widely adhered lớn by the Vietnamese during the Nguyen Dynasty, but this pagoda is also one of the symbols of the đô thị of Hue.

Thien Mu Pagoda also has its own stories at each tier. The seven-tiered Pagodomain authority is located around the Ha Khe hill. There is another amazing thing about Thien Mu Pagoda. It turns out that this historical place is one of the places that produce folks rhyme, which is still known và used by Vietnamese people. You can rent a boat here và ride along the Huong River khổng lồ visit several other ancient buildings that lie along the Perfume River.

Address: Hương Hòa, Thành phố Huế, Hương Hòa Thành phố Huế Thừa Thiên Huế 532761, Vietnam

5. Tomb of Tu Duc

Another historic place that can be visited while staying in Hue hotel is The Tomb of Tu Duc. Just like the Knhì Dhin Tomb, this place was also built khổng lồ rest the toàn thân of one of the leaders of the Nguyen Dynasty who lived in the 19th century. The Tomb of Tu Duc complex is divided inlớn two areas, namely the temple area và the tomb area.

Different from the Knhì Dhin Tomb which its kiến thiết was made rather complicated so that not just anyone can visit it, The Tomb of Tu Duc is accessible. Uniquely, the Tomb of Tu Duc has very amazing scenery surrounding it. A water lily pond puts a cream on top of its already beautiful decorations.

Address: 17/69 Lê Ngô Cát, Tbỏ Xuân, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Vietnam

6. Thai Hoa Palace

Tnhị Hoa Palace is one of the most important buildings of Hue Imperial City. It is the palace where the kings of Nguyen dynasty rule the kingdom for more than 100 years. The palace was built in 1805 with stunning ornaments và decorations. It is mostly ornamented with bronze and lacquer.

This grand palace houses the stunning throne of Nguyen Kings. It is not just a simple throne; in fact, it is decorated with magnificent 9-dragon gilded canopy. Since its construction, the Tnhì Hoa Palace has been renovated several times, especially in 1833 and 1923.

Address: Phụ Hậu, Thành phố Huế, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam

7. The Mieu Temple

It is located on the southwest corner of Imperial City. The temple keeps the shrines of emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. The temple was built during the Minch Mang Emperor around 1822 khổng lồ 1823. This stunning building was built with the Forbidden City of Trung Quốc as the inspiration. Although the temple is relatively old, it is a well-preserved building. When you visit this historical site, you will be able to lớn see a glimpse of Vietphái nam imperial era.

Address: Lê Huân, Phú Hậu, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Vietnam

8. Tomb of Gia Long

If you want lớn see the history of the Imperial era of Vietphái mạnh, you should place the Tomb of Gia Long inlớn your danh mục. It is because Gia Long is the first Nguyen emperors of Vietphái nam. However, despite being the first emperor, his tomb is the least popular ahy vọng all emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. One of the reasons is because of the inaccessibility, considering that it is located 25 miles outside of Hue thành phố.

Located on the further side of Hue city, it is also because of his unpopularity, even in Vietnamese history that therefore, this tomb is almost always empty & deserted. It is also damaged because of the war và unfortunately hasn’t been restored yet. However, upon seeing this amazing site, you will see the resemblance of this tomb khổng lồ other royal tombs in Hue. This is because the tomb of Gia Long is the template of all other tombs.

Address: Hương Thọ, Hương Tthẩm tra District, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam

9. Tomb of Minc Mang

This tomb is relatively nearer lớn the thành phố centre, only around 7 miles from Hue. This tomb has quality architecture and decoration, different from other tombs in Hue. The kiến thiết and architecture show how traditional Minc Mang King is. It uses classical và symmetrical Chinese scheme, which is not found in other tombs.

It has a complex structure, which consists of forty structures. Within the structures, it is divided inkhổng lồ several more rooms, such as salutation court, stele pavilion, & also the tomb. Minh Mang ordered the construction, but he died before it was even completed in 1840. His son continued the work và rested the Minch Mang King in 1843.

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Address: QL49, Hương Tchúng ta, Hương Tthẩm tra, Thừa Thiên Huế, Vietnam

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