How To Go — Hai Phong To Cat Ba? ➡️ Tickets

Know before you goTravel between Cat tía island & Hai Phong is a piece of cake when you book a prearranged bus-ferry combo. Bus cabins are usually filled with reclining, sleeper seats, và are well air-conditioned. Ferries are bit cramped in comparison, so make sure khổng lồ bring bottles of water for self-cooling.

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Know before you goThere is 1 operator that run from Cat ba Island to hai Phong. If you decide to take a car, you can take the Standard option.


About the ride from Cat ba Island to nhị Phong

For the approximately 40 km (25 mile) journey to nhị Phong from Cat ba Island, you have two options: a combined bus & ferry ticket from Cat tía Island to nhị Phong or a combined car and ferry ticket from Cat bố Island to hai Phong.

Instead of taking you lớn the center of hai Phong, both journeys terminate at hai Phong Airport, perfect if you don’t want khổng lồ spend any time in nhị Phong itself.

Though nhị Phong is a laid-back city full of chilled spots & relaxing vibes, many tourists on a tight schedule choose to lớn skip the city. If that’s your plan, these trips are an excellent way to vày it. With both journeys, you can go directly from Cat cha Island to nhị Phong Airport quickly & without stress.

What lớn see when traveling from Cat ba Island to nhị Phong

Though the journey to nhì Phong from Cat cha Island isn’t Vietnam’s most exciting adventure, it’s speedy, convenient and full of variety. Whether you decide khổng lồ travel with a combined bus và ferry ticket or a combined car & ferry ticket, your journey is made up of three similar legs, so it’s far from boring.On the first leg of your journey, you’ll travel from a Cat tía accommodation to Cat ba ferry terminal. On your second leg, you’ll take a ferry from this Cat ba ferry terminal to lớn a ferry terminal at hai Phong. On the third leg of your journey, you’ll travel from the hai Phong ferry terminal to hai Phong Airport. All three legs are pretty short, & your entire journey should last no longer than two hours.During the on-road sections, you’ll pass through small settlements, with views of humble homes and tiny roadside stores. On the ferry, you’ll ride in a small boat as large and alluring hai Phong comes into view. This part of the journey is a juddering jaunt in a small but serviceable boat, perfect if you lượt thích your journeys khổng lồ be an exciting adventure.

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How to lớn get from Cat ba Island to nhì Phong

Taking a combined bus và ferryA combined bus and ferry journey from Cat ba Island to hai Phong is a simple and affordable trip that allows you to lớn travel directly from Cat cha Island to nhì Phong Airport without any ức chế or complications.

If you want to get to nhì Phong Airport from Cat ba Island without spending any time at all in nhì Phong, it’s an excellent choice.

If you’re travelling on a tight budget, this is definitely your best option, as travelling by a combined car and ferry ticket can be way more expensive. It’s also a little more basic than taking a car, but it absolutely offers enough luxury for the vast majority of travellers.

Taking a combined car và ferryIf you lượt thích a little more luxury và comfort, this is a great way to get from Cat cha Island to nhì Phong. This journey, just lượt thích the bus option, is operated by Cat bố Oasis, but the on-road parts of your trip are serviced by a car rather than a bus, making this option more comfortable.

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The pricing for this option works a little differently khổng lồ taking a bus. With a combined bus và ferry ticket, you buy one ticket per passenger, but this isn’t the case if you take a combined car và ferry trip. Instead of buying an individual ticket, you pay for the entire vehicle, for a tiệc ngọt of up lớn four people. The vehicle costs $56. Though this is fairly pricey, it’s pretty affordable if you’re traveling with three other people.If you choose this option, you can depart at pretty much any time you like, giving you lots of freedom và flexibility.