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Since Ho Chi Minc City was my first time going somewhere completely solo, I decided khổng lồ book a Mekong Delta day trip lớn transition myself into lớn the travel mindset. Here’s what lớn expect if you visit yourself!

I literally got khổng lồ my hostel at night và asked about booking the tour for the next day. It pretty much ran from morning until dinner time và was a great way lớn get acclimated lớn Vietnam while seeing somewhere beautiful!

I’m not going khổng lồ lie, I had heard horror stories about Mekong Delta tours going terribly wrong or feeling lượt thích a constant ripoff, but I really enjoyed my tour company. I’m not sure if they’re still around, but they’re called theYouth Tourist Joint-Stoông xã Company (YTC). It was just an overall relaxing day where you get khổng lồ see more of the Delta culture & eat some delicious food.

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We had some không tính phí time afterward, where I wandered around the resort and explored this abandoned monastery và its interesting sculptures. Apparently, the monastery once belonged to lớn Dao Dua, the Coconut Monk. He had his followers but was also considered crazy by others.

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Getting Back

We then made our way baông chồng và were dropped off byBen Tkhô hanh Marketaround 5:00 pm. I somehow managed to lớn find my way baông xã khổng lồ my hostel & passed out!

Have sầu you ever been on a Mekong Delta Day Trip? If I ever go bachồng, I’d love sầu to bởi vì a longer stay!

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