25 Saigon Restaurants You'Ll Want To Fly For

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Ren & I are planning on going baông chồng soon and staying longer-term in Vietphái mạnh. Though we vì feel that Hanoi is the more liveable city, there’s no question in our minds that the best food in Vietnam giới is in Saigon. Hanoi has my beloved bun thân phụ and ca phe trung but overall, we prefer the food in Saigon.

We published the first edition of this Saigon food guide in 2017 and it listed ten eateries. Ten wasn’t nearly enough to vì this delicious city justice, so we recently went baông xã to lớn Vietphái nam lớn finish what we started.

I spent a month in Vietphái mạnh & almost a week in Ho Chi Minh City looking for the best restaurants, street food stalls, and cafes this city had khổng lồ offer. The result is this new and improved guide featuring 25 of the best restaurants in Saigon.

If you’re visiting Ho Chi Minh City & enjoy Vietnamese food as much as we bởi vì, then this Saigon restaurant guide will be very useful lớn you.

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I relied on local recommendations, food shows, restaurant review sites, và trusted Saigon food blogs to lớn come up with this list of the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the case of some dishes like banh mi and pho, it wasn’t enough to eat them just once so we visited multiple restaurants specializing in that dish.

A menu of 25 Saigon restaurants can be time-consuming to lớn go through so I’ve sầu grouped them by dish to lớn help keep this guide organized and easy to lớn digest. Click on a links to lớn jump to our restaurant recommendations for that dish.


Banh mi is one of the best known and most beloved Vietnamese dishes. The term “banh mi”, in the stricdemo sense, refers lớn bread but people often use it to lớn describe the sandwich.

A small French baguette is split lengthwise & filled with an endless combination of ingredients lượt thích cold cuts, grilled meats, liver pate, cucumber slices, pickled vegetables, và cilantro. It’s a light sandwich that’s typically eaten as a snaông xã.

1. Banh Mi Bay Ho

This was the banh mày stall recommended in the Vietnam giới episode of Street Food on Netflix. We’re huge fans of that series. Every episode does a deep dive inkhổng lồ the featured city’s local cuisine so we’re always confident that we can rely on their recommendations.


Netflix was right again with this one. The banh ngươi at Banh Mi Bay Ho wasn’t just delicious, it was also one of the cheapest I tried in Saigon.

The bread was nice và crusty on the outside và pillowy soft on the inside. It had a good phối of ingredients in just the right amounts to highlight the real star of this dish – the bread.


A basket of what in my opinion is the heart and soul of any sandwich. To me, it almost doesn’t matter how good your fillings are. If your bread is subpar, then your sandwich will be subpar. Like every banh mày cửa hàng on this danh sách, the bread at Banh Mi Bay Ho is exceptional.


The Banh Mi Bay Ho stall is located in District 1, just a few blocks east of Le Van Tam Park.


Banh Mi Bay Ho

Address: 19 Huỳnh Khương Ninc, Đa Kao, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minch, VietnamOperating Hours: 6AM-9PM, dailyWhat to lớn Order: Banh miWhat We Paid: VND 15,000 per banh mi

2. Banh Mi Huynh Hoa

Google “best banh ngươi in saigon” & many results will lead you lớn this place. It’s featured on many travel food shows and is on nearly every article listing the best restaurants in Saigon.

We learned about Banh Mi Huynh Hoa from the first episode of Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia. He called it his favorite banh mi stall in Ho Chi Minh City. Take a bite of their sandwiches & you’ll quickly underst& why.


The banh mi at Banh Mi Huynh Hoa was indeed delicious, và as you can see in this picture, it was overflowing with ingredients.

I had banh mày multiple times everywhere in Vietphái mạnh và this sandwich was by far the most loaded. It was almost like eating an American hoagie.

We appreciated how stacked this banh mày was but personally, we prefer banh mày with slightly fewer ingredients.


Banh Mi Huynh Hoa is a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awardee with a stellar 4.5-star rating. They’re one of the best restaurants in Saigon to have sầu banh mi so you’re advised to lớn arrive sầu early if you want lớn avoid the long queues. But no worries, they have sầu an assembly line of banh mi makers so the line does move sầu fairly quickly.

Interestingly, Banh Mi Huynh Hoa is known by another name – Banh Mi O Moi – which basically translates lớn “lesbian banh mi”. It’s owned by a lesbian couple who opened this stall over 30 years ago and originally staffed an all lesbian crew.

Based on what I’ve read, people know it more as Banh Mi O Moi rather than its actual name, so if you’re lost và can’t find it, then just ask for “Banh Mi O Moi”.


Banh Mi Huynh Hoa

Address: 26 Lê Thị Riêng, Phường, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minch 700000, VietnamOperating Hours: 2:30-11PM, dailyWhat khổng lồ Order: Banh miWhat We Paid: VND 35,000 per banh mi

3. Banh Nam

Most of the restaurants and street food stalls we visit on our trips are vetted in advance, but we vày allow ourselves moments of spontaneity. This was one of those moments.

We had just come from Mrs Truoc’s snail stall when we were hit with a craving for banh mày. We hopped on Google Maps và did a tìm kiếm for highly-rated banh mày places near us, which led us to this place – Banh Nam.

It seems lớn be a fairly new banh mi stall with a solid 4.1-star rating so we decided to give sầu them a try. We weren’t disappointed.

We asked the server for recommendations and he suggested we get the grilled chicken & the special banh ngươi. Pictured below is the grilled chicken.

The bread was nice & crusty & filled with a few slices of grilled chicken breast, pork floss, cilantro, cucumber, & mayonnaise. So simple but always delicious.


This was the special banh mày. I believe sầu it contained both grilled chicken & pork along with cilantro, cucumber slices, tomato, onion, pepper, và some type of special sauce. This was good too but I preferred the simpler grilled chicken banh ngươi.


Banh Nam is located in District 1 just a short walk from Mrs Truoc’s snail stall. Mrs. Truoc was the woman featured on the Saigon episode of Street Food on Netflix.


Banh Nam

Address: 213 Bùi Viện, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, VietnamOperating Hours: 7:30AM-11PM, Sun-Thurs / 7:30AM-11:30PM, Fri-SatWhat lớn Order: Grilled chicken, specialWhat We Paid: Between VND 23,000-41,000 per banh mi

4. Phuc Hai

Take a good look at this banh mày. Do you see anything special? If you said “crispy pork belly”, then you’d be right.

Known as banh mày heo con quay, what you’re looking at is banh ngươi made with roasted pork belly và the usual ingredients like cucumber, carrot, & cilantro.

Nice & fatty with crackingly crisp skin, it was absolutely delicious & perhaps the best banh mi we had in Saigon. If you like crispy pork belly, then you’re going to lớn love the banh mi heo cù at Phuc Hai.


It doesn’t seem lượt thích banh mày heo xoay is available at every banh ngươi stall so we specifically searched for one that had it. We found Phuc Hai near our serviced apartment in District 3.

They have a solid 4.8 rating from local reviewers on Google Maps & a respectable 7.4 on Vietnamese Review site foody.vn.

Do a few searches on foody.vn và you’ll see how chintzy Vietnamese reviewers tkết thúc to be. 7.4 was one of the higher overall scores I’ve seen on that site.


Phuc Hai

Address: 3 Nguyen Thuong Hien, Ward 5, District 3, Hi Chi Minch City, VietnamOperating Hours: 7AM-9PM, dailyWhat to lớn Order: Banh mi heo quayWhat We Paid: VND 17,000 per banh mày heo quay

5. Banh Mi Hoa Ma

Banh Mi Hoa Ma is another popular Saigon street food stall that’s featured on many blogs & travel food shows. Like Banh Mi Huynh Hoa, we learned about it from Luke Nguyen’s show.

They’re known for this beautiful pan of food called banh ngươi op la which consists of a baguette, two fried eggs, pate, an assortment of meats, và a side of pickled vegetables. Again, super simple but delicious and fun khổng lồ eat!

They also offer a similar version assembled in sandwich form but without the fried eggs. It’s called banh mày kep thit. But what this place is really known for is the banh ngươi op la so I suggest getting that.


Banh Mi Hoa Ma is one of the more popular Saigon restaurants. They’re open only from 6-11AM so you’ll need to come early lest they run out of food.

As you can see below, there’s no indoor seating. Plastic tables và chairs are phối up in an alleyway by the side of a building. For me, this is what the Saigon street food experience is all about.


Here’s Ren digging into her perfectly baked baguette. Banh Mi Hoa Ma was just one of three Saigon restaurants we revisited from two years ago.

Not only is the banh mày op la delicious, but it’s such so much fun eating it on the side of the road lượt thích this. Definitely a must-try food experience in Saigon!


Banh Mi Hoa Ma

Address: 53 Cao Thắng, Phường 3, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh, VietnamOperating Hours: 6-11AM, dailyWhat lớn Order: Banh ngươi op laWhat We Paid: VND 52,000 for banh mi op la

6. Banh Mi Trang Thi

What an interesting find this was. I was walking khổng lồ Pho Mien Ga Ky Dong for breakfast when I chanced upon this stall offering Turkish doner kebabs wrapped in Vietnamese banh ngươi.

They were shaving doner meat off a vertical rotisserie then stuffing them with vegetables & a sriracha-mayo-type sauce into lớn these triangle-shaped slices of bread.

I love sầu Turkish cuisine & Vietnamese food so this interesting mashup was already enticing enough, but the crowd of locals waiting lớn get takeout told me this place couldn’t be missed. They were right.

It looks like they have an actual restaurant but this takeout stall only offers two options – regular and special. I don’t know what the difference is but I got the special version of the doner kebab banh ngươi.

The meat is smokey & juicy và stuffed in Vietnamese-style bread. It’s flatter than the typical baguette but it has a similar texture – crisp on the outside & crumbly on the inside.

The sandwich is tasty and unlượt thích any banh ngươi sandwich I’ve sầu ever had. If you want to have sầu a different type of banh ngươi in Saigon, then you should definitely try Banh Mi Trang Thi.


Banh Mi Trang Thi is located in District 3. It’s a popular Saigon street food stall so be prepared for a wait. I must have sầu waited at least twenty minutes to lớn get my banh mày.


Banh Mi Trang Thi

Address: 151 Trương Định, Phường 9, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minch, VietnamOperating Hours: 6:30AM-10:30PM, dailyWhat to lớn Order: Doner kebab banh miWhat We Paid: VND 27,000-37,000 for a banh mi


Like banh ngươi, pho is a Vietnamese national dish. It’s a noodle soup that’s said khổng lồ have sầu its roots in Nam Dịnh Province in northern Vietnam but it’s now enjoyed throughout the country.

Pho is typically made with four basic ingredients – a clear stochồng, rice noodles, meat (typically beef or chicken), & herbs.

7. Pho Le

When we visited Saigon two years ago, our Inspitrip tour guide và the owner of our homestay both recommended Pho Le to lớn us. Two locals recommending the same pho restaurant pretty much guaranteed that this place would be awesome, và it was.

It turned out to lớn be my favorite bowl of pho not just in Saigon, but in all the cities I visited in Vietphái mạnh.


I had pho many times at different restaurants in Hanoi and the broth in southern versions is sweeter than its northern counterparts. Another difference is that it’s served with bean sprouts and a much wider variety of fresh herbs.

If you like pho, then you should definitely eat at Pho Le. Their Vo Van Tan branch is in the same area as Bot Chien Dat Tkhô cứng, Com tam Tran Quy Cap, Ca Phe Do Phu, & Co Lieng so you can vày a Saigon food crawl & visit all of these restaurants in one day.


Pho isn’t my favorite type of noodle soup in Vietphái nam but this bowl of pho thap cam – served with beef tendon, meatballs, & brisket – was the best damn pho I’ve ever tasted.

The broth was extremely flavorful và delicious. Plus, I enjoyed all the fresh greens that you could freely add lớn your bowl.


Pho Le has two restaurants in Saigon. Pictured below is the branch along Nguyen Trai Street in District 5. This is the branch we visited on our most most recent trip.


This is their second branch on Vo Van Tan Street. Both branches are TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awardees with a 4.5-star rating.


Pho Le

Address: 415 Nguyễn Trãi, Phường 7, Quận 5, Hồ Chí Minch, VietnamOperating Hours: 6AM-1AM, dailyWhat khổng lồ Order: PhoWhat We Paid: VND 70,000-80,000 per bowl of pho

8. Pho Mien Ga Ky Dong

Pho Mien Ga Ky Dong was the pho restaurant featured on Street Food on Netflix. Judging by how busy it is, this has khổng lồ be one of the most famous restaurants in Ho Chi Minch City.

The large cafeteria-lượt thích space was packed with locals enjoying pho for breakfast at around nine in the morning.


I had the beef pho & as expected, it was delicious – clean-tasting with soft & silky rice noodles. I had already devoured a banh mày from Banh Mi Trang Thi but I blitzed through this bowl anyway. Eating it with the crunchy raw bean sprouts & fresh greens is so enjoyable.


Here’s a closeup of the beef with pho rice noodles. Personally, I preferred Pho Le but Pho Mien Ga Ky Dong wasn’t far behind.


Pho Mien Ga Ky Dong is located in District 3. They have sầu a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor with just a handful of Đánh Giá, but they do have sầu well over 2,300 on Google Maps giving them an average rating of 4.1 stars. When it comes to pho, this place really does seem to lớn be one of the best restaurants in Saigon.


Pho Mien Ga Ky Dong

Address: 14/5Bis Kỳ Đồng, Phường 9, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh 700000, VietnamOperating Hours: 5AM-1:30AM, dailyWhat khổng lồ Order: PhoWhat We Paid: VND 57,000 for pho bo and nuoc mia


Bun thit nuong is one of our favorite Vietnamese dishes. It’s a dry noodle dish made with cold rice vermicelli noodles dressed in a nuoc cđắm đuối sauce (Vietnamese fish sauce) and topped with grilled pork, bean sprouts, pickled carrots, fresh herbs, roasted peanuts, và a deep-fried spring roll (thân phụ gio).

Though not exactly the same, it’s basically what bun phụ thân is known as outside of Hanoi.

9. Bun Thit Nuong Nguyen Trung Truc

We had one of our best meals in Saigon from this street food stall in District 1. We had just come from Saigon’s famed Cafe Léman Luxury when we were struông xã with a serious craving for bun thit nuong.

We hopped on Google Maps và it led us khổng lồ this Saigon food stall grilling pork on the sidewalk – Bun Thit Nuong Nguyen Trung Truc.


This place only makes bun thit nuong & they make it exceptionally well. As described, this was delicious & one of the most enjoyable meals we had in Ho Chi Minc City.


Here’s a closer look at that delicious grilled pork. Like many Vietnamese dishes, bun thit nuong is a perfect balance of flavor và texture. Sweet, savory, smokey, crunchy, nutty, spicy, and a little sour, this dish has everything. It’s so so good.


Bun Thit Nuong Nguyen Trung Truc is popular và gets crowded at noon. Most of the customers were office workers on their lunch break but there were a few tourists like us who probably stumbled upon the place by chance.

Based on what I’ve read, Nguyen Trung Truc is one of the best and most famous street food stalls in Saigon to lớn have bun thit nuong.


Bun Thit Nuong Nguyen Trung Truc

Address: 1 Đường Nguyễn Trung Trực, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minc, VietnamOperating Hours: 10AM-5PM, Thurs-Sun, Tues / 10AM-8:30PM, Mon / 24 hrs, WedWhat lớn Order: Bun thit nuongWhat We Paid: VND 46,000 per bowl of bun thit nuong

10. Bun Thit Nuong Kieu Bao

This was one of the stops on my Saigon motorbike tour with Saigon on Motorbike. According khổng lồ my tour guide, Kieu Bao is a bun thit nuong restaurant that’s popular with locals.

Their bun thit nuong was indeed delicious but I didn’t find it lớn be quite as good as Nguyen Trung Truc’s. As you can tell from the picture below, the meat wasn’t as juicy & the phụ vương gio not as delicate. Still, it was very good and worth a visit if you’re in the area.


Bun Thit Nuong Kieu Bao seems khổng lồ have sầu several branches scattered throughout Saigon. My guide took me to lớn the branch on De Tmê mẩn Street in District 1.


Bun Thit Nuong Kieu Bao

Address: 139 Đường Đề Thám, Phường Cô Giang, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minc, VietnamOperating Hours: 11AM-9PM, dailyWhat to Order: Bun thit nuongWhat We Paid: VND 26,000 per bowl of bun thit nuong


Com tam means “broken rice” while suon nuong refers khổng lồ a marinated charcoal-grilled pork chop. Together, com tam suon nuong refers khổng lồ a dish of broken rice topped with a grilled pork chop.

This type of rice is called “broken rice” because it’s made with fragments of rice grains that were broken either in the field, during drying, during transport, or by milling.

I haven’t eaten it enough to really notice the difference but people have described it as being nuttier than regular rice, almost lượt thích risotto.

11. Com Tam Tran Qui Cap

The same tour guide that recommended Pho Le to lớn us also led us to this place. According khổng lồ him, Com Tam Tran Quy Cap has a reputation for being one of the best restaurants in Saigon to have sầu broken rice.

It’s been open for decades và was a favorite of both his father and grandfather. Three generations of Saigon locals telling you khổng lồ go somewhere is advice you don’t ignore.

I’m happy we didn’t because this plate of broken rice with a grilled pork chop was one of the best meals we had in Saigon. The pork chop was delicious – savory sweet and exceedingly tender. Before this meal, I had no idea pork chop could be this good. I was blown away.


Com Tam Tran Qui Cap is located in District 3, not far from a few other restaurants on this danh mục. You can refer lớn the map at the bottom of this post to see its exact location.


Com Tam Tran Qui Cap

Address: 260 Võ Văn Tần, phường 5, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh, VietnamOperating Hours: 10AM-9PM, dailyWhat lớn Order: Com tam suon nuongWhat We Paid: VND 65,000 per order of com tam suon nuong

12. Ca Phe Do Phu

This cà phê is one of the most fascinating places on this các mục. Like Bun Thit Nuong Kieu Bao, it was one of the stops on my Saigon night tour with Saigon on Motorxe đạp.

But we didn’t stop here to lớn eat or have sầu coffee. I’ll explain why below but Ren & I went bachồng khổng lồ this Saigon coffee siêu thị a few days later to have sầu their com tam suon nuong, which my guide described as one of his favorites in Saigon.

Aside from the grilled pork chop, Ca Phe Do Phu gives you the option of adding a fried egg, shreds of pork skin, & stuffing khổng lồ your meal.

I wanted the works but they were out of stuffing so I settled for the pork skin và fried egg. It was delicious with a wonderful medley of flavors & textures, but not quite as good I thought as Com Tam Tran Qui Cap.


But regardless of the pork chop, you should definitely check out Ca Phe Do Phu because it offers so much more than good broken rice and coffee.


When you first walk into the coffe, you’d think it were just a coffe with a quirky vintage theme but everything on display here has historical value.

My guide took me on a tour of the cà phê và explained to me that it used lớn be the home page of a Viet Cong supporter. This house played a significant role in the Vietnam War.


If you didn’t know the history of the house, then you’d never realize that beneath the floor is an underground bunker accessible through this trap door.

My guide told me that the owner used to lớn hold secret meetings here with members of the Viet Cong. He’d hide weapons & artillery in secret rooms like this one, even providing refuge lớn soldiers & officers wanted by the Americans.


Go through the trap door & you’ll find this bunker with a cabịt of weapons và uniforms. And this bunker is just the beginning.

My guide would take me through secret ladders & passageways that the Viet Cong could use as escape routes in the event that their secret meetings were discovered.

I explored the house on a guided tour but Ca Phe Do Phu’s owners will let you explore the house on your own for miễn phí. You can check out my Saigon night tour đoạn phim to lớn see clips of these secret passageways.

If you have a particular interest in the Vietnam giới War or just want to lớn see something different, then you should check out Ca Phe Do Phu. It’s definitely one of the most interesting coffe restaurants in Saigon.


Ca Phe Do Phu

Address: 72 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Phường 5, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minch, VietnamOperating Hours: 7AM-10PM, dailyWhat to Order: Com tam suon nuongWhat We Paid: VND 30,000-45,000 for com tam suon nuong


Our Vinh Kkhô hanh Street experience from two years ago was one of the things that really turned us on to Saigon’s street food.

Nicknamed “Seafood Street”, Vinch Khanh hao is a colorful street in District 4 that’s filled with street food stalls on either side selling different types of seafood và snails. We love sầu snails which is why we enjoyed District 4 so much.

Vinc Khanh hao may be one of the best places in Saigon lớn have a snail feast, but it isn’t the only place. In fact, street food stalls selling snails and seafood are ubiquitous in Saigon.

The fact that you can find them pretty much anywhere is one of the reasons why we think Saigon is one of the best food cities in Vietphái mạnh.

13. Oc Loan

I love sầu seafood so I wanted khổng lồ have a seafood street food feast on my first night in Saigon. We were staying in District 3 so I wanted khổng lồ find a good restaurant that I could easily walk khổng lồ. Google Maps led me lớn Oc Loan, a hidden street food stall at the kết thúc of this dark alley.

With hardly any people around, I was a bit nervous lớn go through at first but I’m so glad I did. Because waiting for me at the kết thúc of this alleyway was a seafood feast that would perfectly encapsulate the Saigon street food experience.


Walk through the dark alleyway and you’ll eventually get khổng lồ this row of street food stalls selling all kinds of seafood. This, for me, is what Saigon street food is all about.

Xem thêm: Chỉ Số Phát Triển Con Người (Human Development Index, Nghĩa Của Từ Hdi Trong Tiếng Việt


Oc Loan is just one of many street food stalls here. I chose it because of its positive Reviews on Google Maps.


A bowl of mud creepers cooked in coconut milk. We had these at Oc Oanh along Vinc Khanh khô Street two years ago. They’re delicious and a popular snail dish amuốn locals.


Snails & clams grilling over charcoal.


I asked my server for recommendations và one of the dishes he suggested was this tasty clam soup made with leeks and lemongrass.


He also recommended these jumbo oysters smothered in a cheese sauce. Aside from these two dishes, I had another clam dish as well as stir-fried noodles with morning glory. Everything was delicious.


Oc Loan

Address: 174/41 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, Phường 3, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minc, VietnamOperating Hours: 9AM-9PM, dailyWhat lớn Order: Seafood, snailsWhat We Paid: VND 230,000 for two clam dishes, oysters, & noodles with morning glory

14. Oc Oanh

This was the restaurant that blew us away two years ago. We asked Inspitrip to take us to some of the best Saigon street food stalls and this was one of the places they took us to.

Located along Vinh Khanh khô Street, there are many street food stalls on this strip but Oc Oanh is clearly one of the most popular. Luke Nguyen featured this place as well on the second episode of Street Food Asia. We enjoyed this place so much that we wound up eating here twice on consecutive sầu nights.


One of the things that Vinh Kkhô giòn Street is known for are its snail dishes. According khổng lồ our guide, sea snails are popular among muốn the Vietnamese but they’re difficult to lớn prepare at home page, which is why nearly every restaurant on this strip serves them. Pictured below is a dish of snails cooked with chili salt.


These are the same mud creepers cooked in coconut milk I showed you earlier. You eat them with lime salt, chili, and fresh greens. They’re delicious.


This looks like an oyster but it’s some type of large clam served in a cream sauce.


Aside from the food, what I loved most about Vinch Khanh hao Street was the atmosphere. You’re literally stuffing your face with delicious seafood while watching traffic whizz by.

When it comes khổng lồ seafood as street food, Oc Oanh is definitely one of the best restaurants in Saigon.


Oc Oanh

Address: 534 Đường Vĩnh Khánh, phường 10, Quận 4, Hồ Chí Minch, VietnamOperating Hours: 1PM-12MN, dailyWhat to lớn Order: Seafood, snailsWhat We Paid: About VND 400,000 for a seafood feast for two with beers

15. Mrs Truoc’s Snail Stall

Mrs. Truoc was the vendor featured on Street Food on Netflix. Each episode features several eateries in every đô thị but there’s always one main storyline. Mrs Truoc và her struggle to succeed in the street food business was the main storyline in the Vietphái mạnh episode.

Among muốn all the Saigon restaurants we had on our itinerary, this was the one we were most excited about.

Mrs. Truoc’s stall is located in this alley in District 1. It isn’t that easy lớn find so be sure khổng lồ refer khổng lồ this map to see exactly where it is. We went to lớn the completely wrong neighborhood on our first attempt but thankfully, we found it on our second.


If you watched the show, then you may rethành viên that Mrs. Truoc knew how khổng lồ make just one snail dish – her father’s recipe for mud creepers.

At the time of our visit, her repertoire has expanded lớn about six snail dishes và just as many clam dishes. We wanted a snail feast so we ordered four plates of snails và one clam dish.

Looking at her menu, it appears as if each type of snail or clam can be prepared in two or three ways. We didn’t really know what lớn get so we let our server decide.


Some snails species are so small that you’ll need khổng lồ pry them out using safety pins. The larger snails can be fished out using a small two-pronged fork.

Some snails were grilled with pepper, others were fried with garlic or tamarind. Everything we had was delicious.


As tasty as the snails were, they aren’t very filling so we ordered one clam dish for variety & to lớn help fill us up. I believe sầu these were steamed with chili.


Here’s Mrs. Truoc busily filling out orders for dine-in customers & for takeout. After learning about her struggles on the show, it was nice khổng lồ see her stall thriving.


Table after table of happy customers dining on Mrs. Truoc’s snails. Because of the show’s popularity, I was expecting to find more foreigners but we were the only ones there. It looks as if the stall was already popular with locals even before it was featured on Street Food. Awesome!


Mrs Truoc’s Snail Stall

Address: 169 Cô Bắc, Phường Cô Giang, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, VietnamOperating Hours: 10AM-2PM, Mon-Fri (closed Sat-Sun)What khổng lồ Order: Snails, clamsWhat We Paid: VND 25,000 per snail dish


16. Cha Ca La Vong

If you’ve been to Hanoi, then you may recognize this place. It’s an iconic restaurant that’s credited for popularizing thân phụ ca – a delicious dish of grilled turmeric-marinated catfish served with a mini-forest of fresh dill.

The original restaurant still exists in Hanoi today, though based on its lukewarm Review, it’s best days may be behind it. Not so with this restaurant in Ho Chi Minch City.

If you’ve sầu tried this dish in Hanoi, then you’ll know how good it is. Not only is it tasty, but it’s one of the most visually appealing dishes we’ve had in Vietphái mạnh.

A mountain of forest green dill is heaped onto lớn a frying pan with golden orange nuggets of breaded catfish. It’s pan-fried on your table using a small burner, so you can hear it sizzling & popping as it cooks. It’s so incredibly appetizing.


I’m not sure if they use the same fish in Saigon but thân phụ ca is typically made with hemibagrus catfish, a genus of catfish caught in the rivers of northern Vietnam.

It’s sliced into lớn matchbox-sized nuggets then marinated in galangal, turmeric, and other spices before being grilled. It’s then brought out lớn pan fry on your table with spring onions & dill.

When cooked, the fish nuggets are served with rice vermicelli, roasted peanuts, coriander, và a nuoc csay đắm dipping sauce. If you lượt thích, you can also add a bit of mam tom which is a pungent dip made with Vietnamese shrimp paste và lime juice.

The fish is tender & flaky on the inside with a slightly charred, caramelized coating. The grilling process gives it smokiness while the dill imparts a wonderful aroma khổng lồ the dish. It’s so damn good.


As described, thân phụ ca is a dish associated with Hanoi but if you want lớn try it in Saigon, then there’s no better place to have it than at Cha Ca La Vong. It’s pricier compared to lớn other Vietnamese dishes but worth it. The Saigon restaurant is located in District 3.


Cha Ca La Vong

Address: 3-5 Hồ Xuân Hương, Phường 6, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minch, VietnamOperating Hours: 11AM-2PM, 5-10PM, dailyWhat to Order: Cha caWhat We Paid: VND 180,000 per person

17. Co Lieng

Finding a good bo la lot place was one of our priorities on this trip, và thanks khổng lồ the Saigon episode of Somebody toàn thân Feed Phil, we found it. In the episode, Phil’s guide Simon introduces hlặng to bo la lot which he describes as his favorite dish.

Bo la lot is a Vietnamese dish made with seasoned beef that’s wrapped in lolot or betel leaves before being grilled over charcoal.

Resembling cigars, they’re typically garnished with roasted peanuts và chopped green onion và served with a side of Vietnamese rice paper, lettuce, pickled vegetables, & a nuoc csi dipping sauce.


To eat, you wrap the beef “cigar” in a sheet of Vietnamese rice paper with the vegetables then roll it up.


Bo la lot has a good balance of flavor and texture. The beef is smokey and a bit medicinal in taste from the betel leaves while the vegetables impart freshness & crunch. Smokey, sweet, sour, savory, spicy, crunchy, and a little bitter, this dish has it all and goes very well with beer.


Co Lieng is located in District 3, just a bloông chồng away from Pho Le.


Co Lieng

Address: 321 Võ Văn Tần, Phường 5, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minc, VietnamOperating Hours: 8AM-11PM, dailyWhat khổng lồ Order: Bo la lotWhat We Paid: VND 97,000 for bo la lot và beers

18. Bot Chien Dat Thanh

This was one of the Saigon restaurants we visited with our food tour guide. According khổng lồ hyên, Dat Thanh is a local favorite known for their bot chien, which is a fried rice flour dish made with egg and served with a side of green papaya.


If you’re fond of Malaysian or Singaporean food, then this dish may be familiar lớn you. It’s similar lớn char koay kak in Malaysia or chai tow kueh (“carrot cake”) in Singapore.

But unlike the Malaysian và Singaporean versions, bot chien doesn’t contain daikon radish. It’s made with cubed rice flour and tapioca starch that’s fried in lard with egg until golden brown và crisp.


Bot Chien Dat Tkhô giòn is located in District 3, along Vo Van Tan Street near several of the restaurants featured on this list.


Bot Chien Dat Thanh

Address: 277 Võ Văn Tần, Phường 5, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minc, VietnamOperating Hours: 2-11PM, dailyWhat khổng lồ Order: Bot chienWhat We Paid: VND 26,000 per order of bot chien

19. Com Ga Xoi Mo Su Su

This is one of our favorite restaurants in Saigon. They serve some of the best fried chicken we’ve ever tasted in our lives.

Like a few of the places on this các mục, we learned about Com Ga Xoi Mo Su Su from the second episode of Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia.

If you’re wondering what this odd-looking contraption is, it’s the frying machine invented by the restaurant’s owner. At the flip of a switch, hot oil (around 180°C) would shower down from the top of the machine onkhổng lồ poached chicken wings or thighs. The oil would go through the screen & baông xã inkhổng lồ the pool below before being sent back up again.

He would leave sầu the chicken under this waterfall of oil for a few minutes not necessarily to cook it, since it’s already been poached in a master stock, but to lớn supremely crisp up the skin.

It’s for this reason why his fried chicken is referred to as “waterfall chicken”. So cool!


This is the red rice they serve sầu with the fried chicken. Like the waterfall fryer, the owner built this machine khổng lồ automatically stir the rice so it doesn’t burn.

While we were having lunch, I noticed a workstation at the bachồng of the shop with disassembled gadgets lượt thích radtiện ích ios, computers, etc. It’s clear that this guy really likes lớn tinker with machines.


There’s no arguing with the results. You can tell from looking at this picture how delicately crisp that chicken skin is. And because it wasn’t deep-fried, it isn’t as oily.

It’s so damn good, especially when dipped in that secret dark homemade sauce. It’s savory sweet & very garlicky, kinda like soy sauce with teriyaki & oyster sauce, maybe some hoisin và other spices.


Com Ga Xoi Mo Su Su is located in District 3 fronting the river. It isn’t as easy to lớn get to so you may want to lớn book a Grab Bike or Car khổng lồ this place.


Here’s the mad tinkering genius himself! This was taken on our first visit two years ago. Too bad he wasn’t there on our most recent stop.


Com Ga Xoi Mo Su Su

Address: 1067 Hoàng Sa, phường 11, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh, VietnamOperating Hours: 10:30AM-9:30PM, dailyWhat to lớn Order: Com gaWhat We Paid: VND 42,000 per order of com ga

20. Xoi Ga Ut Map Number One

This xoi or sticky rice stall was another restaurant we learned about from Luke Nguyen’s show. There are actually two stalls here almost right next lớn each other, both with very similar names & both specializing in xuyên ga or steamed chicken with glutinous rice.

I was crawling through the Cu Chi Tunnels when Ren ate here so I didn’t get to try it. But according khổng lồ her, it was delicious, with the notable flavor of fried shallots.


This cửa hàng has an interesting backstory. According lớn Luke, there was a street food vendor named BamMoy who would walk up and down this area selling Xôi Gà over fifty years ago. She became so popular that she eventually opened her own shop called Xoi Ga Number One.

Fast forward many years later và BamMoy is now in her nineties and has since passed on the business khổng lồ one of her daughters. However, the other daughter wasn’t too happy about it so she opened her own stall a couple of doors down called Xoi Ga Ut Map Number One.

In his show, Luke advised would-be diners to go khổng lồ the original, which is what Ren did. But for some reason, they seated her at the sister’s stall whilst serving her xoi ga from the original shop.

Not sure what that was all about but perhaps relations have sầu cooled between the two sisters over the years.


Xoi Ga Ut Map

Address: 21/19 Nguyễn Trung Trực, Bến Thành, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minch, VietnamOperating Hours: 7AM-9PM, dailyWhat to lớn Order: Xoi gaWhat We Paid: VND 15,000 per order of xuyên ga

21. Hu Tieu Breakfast Stall

This breakfast stall is located right next khổng lồ our serviced apartment building – Babylon D3 (Booking.com | Agoda). I’m not even sure if this place has a name but they’d phối up metal tables và chairs on the side of the road every morning.

Every day we’d walk by this place and find every seat taken by locals slurping down delicious bowls of noodle soup before heading off to work. A no name eatery flooded with locals is always a good sign so I had to try it.

I’m so happy I did because this bowl of hu tieu with shrimp và egg was one of the best dishes I had in Saigon. It was so damn good.


From what I understand, hu tieu is recognized as a breakfast dish with Cambodian roots. It’s prepared by moistening noodles with garlic oil then dressing them with a sticky brown sauce made with oyster sauce, soy sauce, và sugar.

The bowl is filled with a clear broth made from pork bones, dried squid, & sugar, and then seasoned with fish sauce. It’s then topped with a variety of meats lượt thích pork, duông xã, seafood, or offal.

I’m not sure if the Vietnamese version is prepared in exactly the same way but I had the soup version of this dish many times in the Mekong Delta region và loved it.

It quickly became one of my favorite noodle soup dishes in Vietphái mạnh. Based on what I’ve read, hu tieu became popular in Saigon & southern Vietnam in the 1960s.

This was my first time to lớn try the dry version of hu tieu which I enjoyed just as much as the soup. Every hu tieu soup I had in the Mekong Delta was topped with pork, but this one had shrimp & bits of what seemed like scrambled egg.

The shrimp was soft, succulent, và savory sweet while the egg imparted richness và creaminess. It was absolutely delicious.


This beef soup was delicious as well. The broth was flavorful and the cuts of beef were super tender. I don’t know if they always serve this with the dry hu tieu but I’m happy they gave sầu it to me.


This is what the stall looks lượt thích after they’ve sầu run out of food. Notice the folded up metal tables? You can see Babylon D3’s sign to lớn the left of the stall.

This place doesn’t seem to lớn show up on Google Maps but you can go to the Babylon D3 serviced apartments khổng lồ find it. It’s in alley 136 near the corner of Vuon Chuoi Street. They only serve breakfast till they run out of food so be sure to get here as early as you can.


Hu Tieu Breakfast Stall

Address: Hem 136 Vườn Chuối, Phường 4, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minc, Vietphái nam (to the right of Bablyon 3 chiều serviced apartments)Operating Hours: Mornings onlyWhat to Order: Hu tieu with shrimp and egg, beef soupWhat We Paid: VND 48,000 for hu tieu và beef soup

22. Vietphái nam House Restaurant

As you can probably tell by now, we’re fans of Luke Nguyen và his shows so we couldn’t visit Saigon without enjoying a meal at his restaurant.

As you can tell from this picture, Vietphái nam House is an upscale restaurant in District 1 serving elevated interpretations of popular Vietnamese dishes like phụ thân gio và banh xeo.


Speaking of elevating a dish, we started with these fried lobster netted spring rolls which are Luke’s interpretation of phụ thân gio or deep-fried spring rolls. They’re stuffed with lobster, prawn, and wood-ear mushrooms.


Like many fried Vietnamese dishes, these spring rolls are best enjoyed wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves & topped with pickled vegetables. These were delicious và perhaps my favorite dish from tonight’s meal.


This is Luke’s version of banh xeo made with crab, Iberico pork, & palm heart. Fancy!


For our main course, we had this delicious bowl of braised wagyu beef cheek in coconut juice, green pepper, carrot, và shallots.

Served with a banh mày baguette, the sauce was rich and flavorful and the beef cheek was so tender it practically dissolved in your mouth. So good!


Vietnam House Restaurant is located in District 1, just a short walk from Saigon’s famed Cafe Léman Luxury Apartments.

If you’re looking khổng lồ have sầu a special meal in Saigon – one that doesn’t involve sitting on plastic stools by the side of the road – then Luke’s restaurant is a good place khổng lồ consider. It’s a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awardee with a superb 4.5-star rating.


Vietphái nam House Restaurant

Address: 93-95, 97 Đồng Khởi, Street, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minch, VietnamOperating Hours: 11:30AM-3PM, 5:30-11PM, dailyWhat to lớn Order: Fried lobster netted spring rolls, braised wagyu beef cheekWhat We Paid: VND 1,500,000 for two people

23. Sushi Ko

I wouldn’t normally add a sushi restaurant khổng lồ a Saigon restaurant guide but this place was recommended to lớn us by our Inspitrip guide, the same local who led us to lớn Pho Le, Bot Chien Dat Tkhô cứng, Oc Oanh, & Com Tam Tran Qui Cap.

According khổng lồ him, Sushi Ko enjoys somewhat of a cult following amongst locals because it isn’t often that you see sushi sold as street food in Saigon. On top of that, they serve sầu very good sushi.

Sushi Ko is located along Vinc Kkhô hanh Street in District 4, just around the corner from Oc Oanh. We’ve sầu been wanting khổng lồ eat here ever since we learned about it two years ago.


Sushi Ko has an extensive sầu thực đơn featuring fancy sushi rolls, sahingươi, and other Japanese dishes. They even have anago here.

We started off with this beautiful Sushi Ko Special Maki roll made with different types of fish, cucumber, egg, avocavị, and flying fish roe.


Pictured below is an unagi và avocado maki.


We ordered this seaweed salad lớn enjoy with our beer. They pop in your mouth and taste briny and a bit slimy, but in a good way.


If you think Sushi Ko is all about novelty, it isn’t. Seated two tables away from us was this group of Japanese businessmen who looked lượt thích they came straight from work.

Sushi Ko serves excellent sushi so if you’re in the mood for Japanese food in Saigon – in a space that isn’t like your typical Japanese restaurant – then you may want to lớn kiểm tra out Sushi Ko. It’s along Vinc Khanh khô Street so it would make a great stop on a District 4 Saigon food crawl.


Sushi Ko

24. Minh Chau

Gio Cha Minc Chau is a Saigon takeout stall selling different kinds of Vietnamese food products. We asked our homestay host what Vietnamese delicacies we could bring trang chính & she suggested phụ thân lua or Vietnamese pork sausage. What I’m holding here is a half kilo worth of thân phụ lua.


Cha lua or gio lua is made with lean pork, potakhổng lồ starch, garlic, ground black pepper, và nuoc mam (Vietnamese fish sauce). The pork is pounded until it becomes pasty before being seasoned with spices and fish sauce.

It can’t be chopped or ground since that would leave sầu the meat fibrous, dry, and crumbly. Achieving a springy texture is key which is why the pounding process is important. The mixture is then wrapped tightly in banana leaves inkhổng lồ a cylindrical shape and boiled.

Pictured below is a dish topped with cha lua. It’s already cooked so you just need to lớn quickly slice và pan fry it before eating.

As described, the texture is a bit gummy and chewy and reminiscent of a firmer fish cake. I loved it và wished we had brought back more than just half a kilo. If you like SPAM or other processed meats, then you’re going to lớn love phụ vương lua.


“phụ vương lua banh cuon” by stu_spivaông xã, used under CC BY-SA 2.0 / Processed in Photoshop và Lightroom

Gio Cha Minh Chau is the cửa hàng our host pointed us lớn. It’s located in Saigon’s District 1.


Minc Chau

Address: 76 Lý Tự Trọng, Bến Thành, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minc, VietnamOperating Hours: 6AM-6PM, dailyWhat khổng lồ Order: Cha luaWhat We Paid: VND 110,000 per half kilo of phụ thân lua

25. Ben Tkhô hanh Street Food Market

This last entry isn’t a food stall or restaurant in Saigon but a food market. Ren & I love street food but we understvà that not everyone may have the stomach for it.

If down and dirty Saigon street food isn’t really your thing, then you’re going khổng lồ enjoy Ben Tkhô cứng Street Food Market.


Located near Ben Tkhô cứng Market, this place is a trendy Saigon food market with several individual stalls selling different types of food. The venue is clean và the atmosphere is pleasant.

It basically caters lớn tourists who want to lớn experience Saigon street food in a less gritty setting. Although most offered Vietnamese food, there were a few stalls that sold other types of cuisine as well lượt thích hot dogs and Korean food.


Ben Tkhô nóng Street Food Market


To help you navigate, I’ve sầu pinned the Saigon restaurants & street food stalls recommended in this guide on this bản đồ.


Vietnamese food is amazing. It’s attention to the Yin và Yang of flavor, texture, và temperature never ceases khổng lồ captivate us. It’s one of our favorite cuisines in the world và something we will never grow tired of.

When we go on one of our lengthy traveleating trips, I usually start craving for familiar comfort foods after two weeks, but not so in Vietnam giới. I was in the country for a month và I still couldn’t get enough of Vietnamese food.

Vietnamese food is delicious throughout the country but as described, we think the food in Saigon is the best. This food guide of 25 restaurants is a big improvement from our previous version of ten.

I’m proud of it but khổng lồ be honest, we’re only just beginning lớn scratch the surface of all the tasty things Ho Chi Minh City has to offer. There is so much good food in Saigon that two trips isn’t enough khổng lồ vì it justice. We’ll definitely be baông xã and with each return visit, we’ll be refining and building upon this Saigon food guide.

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For more recommendations in Saigon, bởi vì kiểm tra out our frikết thúc Max’s YouTube channel. He’s been based in Vietphái nam for over a year now và has been putting out some amazing videos on Saigon food.

Thanks for reading guys and have an amazing time exploring the many delicious restaurants in Saigon!


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