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Asia offers many beautiful tourist spots, perfect for planning a vacation khổng lồ some of its most emblematic cities. The đô thị of Saigon "Ho Chi Minh" is a good example of all this; located in the south of Vietphái nam, next khổng lồ the Saigon river và very cthua trận lớn the Mekong delta, it is a bustling city where the French colonial past is mixed with the newer, more modern constructions, và where it is possible to find a great number of buildings & monuments of great tourist interest distributed along this great Asian location. Famous for being key in the not so distant Vietnamese war of the sixties, it has a wide range of interesting sites khổng lồ see, of great history và relevance. A complete heritage offer, to which we can also add a large number of leisure activities and a more than important gastronomy, with dishes such as the traditional sandwich "Bánh mì", the typical breakfast or "Ốp la" based on eggs, si mê and onions, or the "Bún" soup or the noodle & rice soup from "Phở", which can be tried in the infinite number of restaurants & small food stands distributed throughout the thành phố. Those who wish to get cthảm bại khổng lồ the most important points of the đô thị & see the essential places to see, have sầu in the free walking tour in Ho Chi Minh, an excellent opportunity khổng lồ discover from professionals the charms of this Asian jewel. Places as recommended as its Opera, the busy Ben Tkhô hanh Market, where it is possible lớn find all kinds of products, the Tan Dinc Church, curious Notre-Dame Basilica, the iconic Reunification Palace, or the interesting Saigon Central Post Office. One of the essential places to see is undoubtedly the Museum of the Vestiges of the Vietphái nam War, with material and images of this hard moment in the country"s history. The nightlife is at its best on Ptê mê Ngu Lao Street, one of the busiest and liveliest areas in the thành phố, as well as Dong Khoi Street, perfect for shopping & enjoying the main brands & fashion brands. A cosmopolichảy thành phố, which every year attracts more and more tourists. This city may overwhelm first-time visitors. Therefore, it is advisable lớn visit it on a không tính tiền Ho Chi Minch City tour, a good alternative to traditional tours. These tours cover the most interesting points in the đô thị, the essential places to lớn see and the most interesting monuments and buildings in this great Asian city.