How to go — hanoi to ninh binh? ➡️ tickets + tips

Looking for one of the best side trips from Hanoi? Ninc Binh, Vietnam’s ‘Halong Bay on Land’, is a magical landscape of limestone karsts, winding waterways, and hidden temples.

This guide to travelling to Ninc Binh from Hanoi covers transport, accommodation, và the ikhuyến mãi Ninc Binh itinerary.

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The very first side trip we took after moving lớn Hanoi for a year was a weekend away in Ninc Binc. We jumped on a train one Friday after work và the next morning, woke up in one of the most magical landscapes I’ve sầu seen in Vietnam giới.

Our first trip to Ninc Binh was one of those rare ‘perfect’ travel experiences. In fact, we loved Ninh Binch so much, we went bachồng again a few months later—and again for a third time later in the year!

This guide to visiting Ninch Binc from Hanoi is based on my own experience travelling to lớn Ninc Binch. It includes everything you need to lớn know about visiting Ninch Binh from Hanoi—including travel planning advice, transport options, & the ideal Ninch Binh itinerary.

Limestone karsts in Ninh Binch, Vietnam giới.

Ninch Binh travel FAQ

Why go to Ninc Binh?

Ninh Binc City, capital of Ninch Binc Province, is a relatively small community in Northern Vietnam’s Red River Delta. Its location less than 100km southeast of Hanoi makes it an igiảm giá khuyến mãi day or side trip from the capital.

Despite its cthất bại proximity lớn Hanoi, Ninh Binch is still a little quieter than other destinations in Northern Vietnam. It’s very popular amuốn local tourists, and by no means off the beaten path. Still, many international travellers tover to lớn skip it.

What makes Ninc Binh an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá destination is its proximity to Tam Coc (7km away) and Trang An (8km away). Tam Coc-Bich Dong and Trang An are two protected landscapes that tourists can explore by boat. Most people travel lớn Ninh Binc for the natural beautylimestone karsts (the same rock formations you see in Halong Bay), winding waterways, vast rice fields, & hidden temple complexes and ancient ruins are some of the highlights.

Vietnam’s capital was formerly located in Hoa Lu, just outside of Ninch Binc, và there are many historical points of interest khổng lồ see around there, too.

A lot of people (especially Vietnamese tourists) come lớn Ninc Binc for the food. Goat is the local dish of choice here, & you’ll often see stalls by the side of the highway selling whole spit-roasted goats (vegetarians, be warned). If you see goat on the thực đơn và you’re so inclined, I highly recommover trying it in Ninch Binch.

Ninh Binc or Halong Bay?

Because of the limestone karsts and waterways, Ninch Binc is often compared to lớn Halong Bay. In fact, it’s sometimes referred to as the ‘Halong Bay on land’. (I actually grew to hate this phrase because it’s so overused by tourism operators in Hanoi! But it is a fair comparison.)

There are some big differences between Halong Bay và Ninch Binc. Most obviously, touring Ninch Binch doesn’t involve sầu boarding a boat. We did a cruise of Halong Bay bachồng in 2012 (the first time we travelled lớn Vietnam).

Having come away from that experience less than impressed, we weren’t fused on repeating the experience. If you’re in the same boat, Ninch Binch is a good alternative sầu to Halong Bay.

Both Halong Bay & Ninh Binch are worth seeing once. Which one you choose is ultimately a personal preference. Ninh Binh is a lot easier lớn visit from Hanoi, so I would lean towards recommending it over Halong Bay (which I strongly believe sầu is overrated and over-touristed, anyway).

When is the best time lớn visit Ninc Binh?

Ninch Binch is located in Northern Vietphái nam where there are four distinct seasons. Summer is very hot và winter, by contrast, can get very cold. Ninh Binh’s delta location means the landscape is very flat.

The area often experiences flooding & sometimes even landslides during the rainy season (approximately May lớn September), so it might be wise to lớn plan a trip outside those times to lớn be on the safe side.

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Ninh Binh is surrounded by rice fields, so it’s a good idea to lớn consider the timing of the rice harvest when planning your visit. November to early February (peak winter season) has nice, cool temperatures—but the landscape is parched và brown.

The fields are fully developed and fluorescent green around September (when I took most the photos featured here) and again in March/April. They turn a brilliant shade of golden yellow in October và May/June ahead of the bi-annual rice harvest.

Ninch Binc is a favourite spot for families travelling from Hanoi, và it can get very busy on weekends. I strongly recommkết thúc avoiding Ninh Binh on public holidays, when Trang An và Tam Coc balloon with domestic tourists.

How long to lớn spend in Ninc Binh?

If you want to see everything Ninh Binh has to lớn offer, I recommend spending two or three full days. Having said that, you could comfortably spover a weekkết thúc in Ninc Binh (arriving on Friday night and departing on Sunday afternoon) & still see the highlights.

One of the best things about Ninh Binc is the relaxing atmosphere. If you’re at the point in your Vietnam giới itinerary where you need a break, Ninch Binch is the perfect place lớn chill out & bởi nothing for a few days.

Planning on staying the night? Cheông chồng out my round-up of the best Tam Coc bungalows, lodges & hotels.

Can I vày a day trip lớn Ninch Binh from Hanoi?

Yes—it’s certainly possible khổng lồ visit Ninc Binch as a day trip from Hanoi. Considering the journey time from Hanoi, it will be a long day & your time in Ninc Binc will be a bit rushed.

But if you’re on a tight itinerary, an organised day trip is a perfectly acceptable option. Cheông xã out this day trip khổng lồ Ninc Binc from Hanoi.

Another option is lớn join a tour from Ninh Binch. This would be ideal if you have sầu just one full day và you want lớn see everything. I recommover this full-day small group tour itinerary.

How to lớn get around Ninch Binh

Ninch Binh’s attractions are quite spread out so it’s igiảm giá khuyến mãi (though not essential) to lớn have sầu access lớn your own transport. 24-hour motorxe đạp hire is a popular option; expect to pay between 120K and 200K VND.

Since we don’t drive sầu, we used bicycles khổng lồ get around the mostly flat landscape. (Free bicycles came include with our hotel rate, but it’s also possible to lớn hire bicycles in Tam Coc for around 50K/day).

If the weather is bad or you’re short on time, you can hire a car và driver to lớn take you around for the day. The price for a car ranges from about 50 lớn 100 USD, depending on how far afield you want lớn travel. Your guesthouse or khách sạn should be able to organise this for you.

Getting to Ninch Binc from Hanoi

There are several options available for travelling between Hanoi and Ninh Binc.

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Cliông chồng here for an overview of transport options you can book in advance on 12GoAsia.