Opening Hours


Flower Dome

Welcome lớn the world of eternal spring! Step into lớn the world’s largest greenhouse và find yourself transported khổng lồ Chile, South Africa, California, và nước Australia as you explore these amazing và diverse collections. Wander between the bizarre Baobab trees & seas of perfectly-cultivated roses that will thua kém you in a whirlwind of color. The dome covers an area of 2.2 football fields & the volume of 75 Olympic swimming pools, so prepare for plenty of exploration! Luckily, the temperature inside the dome is regulated lớn fit a Mediterranean climate, so it’s also the perfect place in Gardens by the Bay khổng lồ escape the heat for a while.


Cloud Forest

Another favorite at Gardens by the Bay is the Cloud Forest, a celebration of the natural world centered around a 35-meter tall man-made mountain & its artificial waterfall. Each layer boasts different varieties of plants known as epiphytes, which rely on each other for survival.

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Stroll along the Cloud Walk và admire this awesome ecosystem up cthua thảm on the sides of the mountain. There are many more levels lớn explore inside the Cloud Forest, each level giving a different view of the conservatory interior, so make sure you take your time to lớn explore! Photos of this mystical paradise don’t bởi it justice – it must be seen lớn be believed!


Supertree Skygrove

The most famous fixture of Gardens by the Bay is the Supertree Skygrove sầu, a futuristic neon lvà where nature & the big city meld together. Its famous metallic trees are 25-50 meters tall, especially stunning when illuminated at night. Don’t miss the nightly Garden Rhapsody show, where the Skygrove comes to life with lights and surround-sound music. The Skygrove sầu is included in your Gardens by the Bay ticket, & you can also buy additional admission tickets khổng lồ OCBC Skyway onsite, which lets you stroll between these giants on its raised pathway & take in the views over the gardens và Marimãng cầu Bay skyline.