Da nang: private tour to ba na hills and golden bridge

The main reason we even went all the way to da Nang, a 16 hour bus ride from Hanoi, was purely khổng lồ see the beautiful "Golden Bridge", which you might"ve seen in pictures already, with the big hands. When we got there, we discovered that the tía Na Hills was so much more than just this, in fact the bridge was just a small part of everything there was lớn see và do.

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Europe or Southeast Asia??

Getting to ba Na Hills

All over domain authority Nang city you will see advertisements for "Sun World" which is part of the tía Na Hills attraction. It"s probably da Nang"s number 1 thing to lớn do, aside from wondering the gorgeous built up streets full of great restaurants and nightlife near the beach. From our accommodation, we hired a scooter for 120 000 vietnam dong (around $7 AUD) & rode around 1.5 hours through the gorgeous but hectic city and up through the mountains. Make sure you have downloaded offline google maps or something of the sort! We got lost but thank god we found some other westerners who we pulled over & asked lớn follow them there. Many hotels & hostels offer tours to cha Na Hills for around 900 000vnd, which includes the entry fee of a whopping 750 000vnd, so it might even be more efficient to lớn just do a tour where you sit in an airconditioned mini van there and back, without any hastle.

Gorgeous bridge at the entrance of tía Na Hills

When you arrive, & you pay the large entry fee (which is very much worth it!!), you"ll make your way lớn the cable oto which is the longest cable car in the world at over 5km! It"s a beautiful & relaxing experience, looking over the vietnamese mountains và down at the trees and waterfalls below. The entry fee gets you into all the 3 cable cars which take you lớn different areas in the mountains, the bridge, the ba Na Hills town, and the theme park.

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View from the cable car

Once we were at the top, we made our way khổng lồ the bridge first, before it got too busy. The bridge itself was smaller than we expected, but still absolutely stunning, & the view down below was just incredible. The only strange thing about all of it was how new it all was, the bridge was only built in 2018 to địa chỉ to the existing bố Na Hills resort, a french leisure destination which was founded in 1919 for french tourists to come and stay at when in Vietnam. Located 1.5km above sea level, it is a lot cooler up there for tourists to lớn manage the sweltering heat.

Golden Bridge

From bridges to giant buddhas, to lớn bumper cars to lớn rollercoaster rides, there is nothing exciting that this place doesn"t have. There"s crazy rides, giant chess boards, beautiful gardens and even a wax museum! You could easily spend the entire day wondering around, và stopping lớn rest at one of the dozens of restaurants and french coffee shops in the incredible hills.

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From the Golden Bridge you take a walk to lớn the second mix of cable cars khổng lồ go further up into the BaNa Hills for the little giả french city. It is absolutely awesome.