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Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị is every foodie’s paradise, offering everything from delectable street food khổng lồ fine dining that rivals famous international establishments. When it’s time to splash out, here are the five best restaurants in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị for fine dining.1. La Villa

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This French restaurant set inside a stunning villa is the most talked-about European restaurant in Ho chi Minh City. With Chef Thierry Mounon at the helm, the menu is full of exquisite French specialities, with a lunch menu, mix menu and a la carte thực đơn available. The restaurant’s location inside an impressive và large trắng villa – which was originally a private residence – gives the restaurant an exclusive và private ambience. Tables are scattered throughout the ground floor, including around the outdoor pool. More about La Villa.

This high-end Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố restaurant has taken on a global foodie trend, becoming the city’s go-to restaurant for dining in the dark. Based on the idea that the sense of taste is heightened when you’re not distracted by other senses, diners eat in darkness and are served by blind or visually impaired staff. Vegetarian, eastern & western inspired menus are served over several courses & are a true treat for the taste buds. More about Noir.

Widely hailed as being the đứng đầu Chinese restaurant in Ho đưa ra Minh City, Li Bai is an elegant eatery in the Sheraton Saigon khách sạn and Towers. Meals come in the size of all you can eat dim sum, or a la carte menus with thực đơn items embodying the finest ingredients. A frequently award-winning restaurant too, Li Bai is a great spot for a splash-out meal. The Sunday night buffet is also popular with locals and visitors alike. More about Li Bai Chinese Restaurant.

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4. R&JFor fans of Italian cuisine, R&J is the best và most thắm thiết place khổng lồ go in the city. Named after Romeo & Juliet, R&J is located in the heart of Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố in The Reverie hotel, inside the Time Square building. The classically Italian interior serves as the perfect back khổng lồ the menu, which spans from north lớn south Italy, featuring the best Italian ingredients. An extensive Italian wine danh sách completes the picture. More about R&J.

Food In Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố is wonderfully international, but the best thing about fine dining at Ly Club is the extensive Vietnamese and Asian part of its menu. An innovative diversity of flavours puts a modern twist on traditional Vietnamese dishes, making this a truly original dining experience in the city. The restaurant’s grand entrance paves the way for more relaxed seating options both inside và out, making it a high kết thúc eating experience in a laidback setting. More about Ly Club.

Many of our trips at Mr Linh’s Adventures include a few days in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, so if fine dining is your thing, you’ll have plenty of time to check out the food scene in the đô thị too.

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