Every l&, every road, every destination in Northern loop Vietphái mạnh can give us indescribable emotions.

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Mu Cang Chai, Khau Pha Pass, O Quy Ho Pass, & many others are all irresistibly attractive. However, those who have sầu a passion for motorbike tours và want lớn explore new lands, new cultures, the most majestic natural scenery of mountains và rivers, the route from Ha Giang khổng lồ Cao Bang is the one that can bring the most intense emotions và unforgettable experiences.

Words are far from enough khổng lồ say how amazing the route is, but the following summary may help you see how worthwhile the journey is going to lớn be. You are going to explore one of the best routes for trekking & motorxe đạp tours in Northern Vietnam. There are countless incredible landmarks lớn admire, numerous Vietphái mạnh off the beaten traông chồng destinations khổng lồ conquer. As we say, this is going to lớn be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for adventurous travelers.


What Makes People Love Ha Giang lớn Cao Bang Route

People are now getting more & more rational. We are smart enough not to lớn bởi vì something just because someone says it is advisable. So why does this route keep attracting so many tourists? why vì chưng adventurous travelers give sầu more love to Ha Giang to Cao Bang than Hanoi lớn Cao Bang? Actually, this route is perfect for a Ha Giang motorbike tour (especially with dirt bikes) for the following reasons:

The Uniqueness

First of all, this is the only route crossing the two largest global geoparks in Vietnam – Dong Van Karst Plateau GeoparkNon Nuoc Cao Bang Global Geopark.

It is also the only route that allows tourists lớn experience two of the most famous passes in the Northeast of Vietphái mạnh – Ma Pi Leng Pass and Me Pia Pass in Cao Bang.

The Ha Giang to lớn Cao Bang route is the only place where two enduro racing events in Vietnam are organized (in Hoang Su Phi và Yen Minh).


Extraordinary riding experiences

Using a dirt bike, you can explore every single corner of the Ha Giang loop route. We are talking about Hoang Su Phi, Phung Village, Chieu Lau Thi Peak, Tay Con Linch Peak, and more. They are the renowned destinations that most people travel lớn Vietnam giới desire lớn conquer. With plenty of rough roads and single off-road tracks, these sites are a real challenge for even the experienced motorcyclists.

The mind-blowing beauty of Nho Que River can fully be exposed only from the Ma Pi Leng Peak, và guess what, that will be included in the route. We swear that the river will capture your attention. Slowly floating on the river by a raft is another excellent experience that many tourists love to lớn have sầu again in their life.


Spectacular landscapes - precious cultural values 

Another reason why dirt bikes are the right choice is that you will be able to go deep lớn the secluded areas where the untouched villages with unique cultures are still unchanged. In other words, it’s a precious opportunity for you lớn witness everything about ethnic minorities in Vietphái nam in the most authentic way. There will be no faking, just valuable real experiences.

The Ha Giang to lớn Cao Bang route is full of spectacular landscapes that can easily arouse the excitement of any traveler. You will be overwhelmed with sublime endless-lượt thích mountain ranges, the vast picturesque terraced-field, the evergreen meandering rivers, the hazardous yet majestic passes, the remote villages with thousand-year-old custom. Notably, the sections from Meo Vac to Bao Lac, from Bao Lac to Thong Nong, và from Thong Nong to lớn Tra Linh are amazing off-road tracks that you may never forget in your whole life.



Of course, the route is not only for dirt bikes but also for many different vehicles. For example, four-wheel drive sầu (4x4 or 4WD) can also bring you priceless experiences that any off-road tour fan desires to have sầu. Sloped passes and single off-road tracks are everywhere lượt thích daring people to lớn venture. Driving a 4x4, you can conquer all the destinations in Ha Giang loop including Bac Sum Slope, Quan Ba Heaven Gate, Co Tien Twin Mountains, Yen Minh Pine Forest, Lyên ổn Mong Valley, Nine Ramp Slope, Vuong Family’s Palace, Lung Cu Flagpole, Pho Cao Valley, Dong Van Old Quarter, Ma Pi Leng Pass, the Happy Road, Khau Vai Love Market, và Me Pia Pass. Just mentioning only the Ha Giang loop can show you how awesome the trip is going khổng lồ be with a 4x4wd.

Moving between Ha Giang and Cao Bang, you will feel encouraged to push yourself khổng lồ new challenges like mountain biking or trekking. For people who want the trip more “peaceful”, joining a tour or renting a scooter is not a bad idea. You can still feast your eyes on a multitude of scenic landscapes in such a way.

As an adventurous traveler, certainly, you are also excited about the discovery of the route from Ha Giang khổng lồ Sapa và the one from Ha Giang to lớn Ninh Binh as well.


Highly Recommended Itinerary for Ha Giang lớn Cao Bang Route

Depending on your own traveling plan in Vietnam giới, you can have different itineraries for the Ha Giang lớn Cao Bang route. However, we suggest the following one since it covers most of the significant destinations.

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Day 1: Ha Giang – Dong Van

On the first day, you start the discovery of the Ha Giang motorbike loop. On the way from Ha Giang khổng lồ Dong Van, you will go through the stunning places below:

Bac Sum Slope

Bac Sum Slope stretches from Minch Tan commune to lớn Quyet Tien commune. From above sầu, the slope looks lượt thích a giant snake crawling ahy vọng mountain ranges. On the way, you will come across vast flower fields that are perfect for taking some photos. As you reach the section of Can Ty on the Mien riverbank, you will encounter the holes of the orphan rochồng stabbing down the road. Right when you finish Bac Sum Slope, the imposing Twin Mountains are there awaiting lớn tease your imagination.


Quan Ba Twin Mountains

From a distance, the Quan Ba Twin Mountains can be associated with a woman’s breast. It’s quite hard not khổng lồ stop and marvel at the mountains. If nature were a man, it would be the most ingenious artist ever. Every resident living in the area knows the legover about the mountains. The story is quite touching and somewhat reasonable. The Ministry of Culture, Thể Thao, và Tourism of Vietphái mạnh has recognized this site as a national beauty spot. Can we miss such an appealing scenery? No, we can’t.


Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Heaven Gate – what an exaggerated name, isn’t it? But right when you witness this exceptional attraction, you may renounce such thoughts immediately. Quan Ba Heaven Gate is located between two sublime mountains at an altitude of above 1500 meters. To approach it, you have sầu to climb so many steps first. As you approach, this landmark resembles a gigantic gate opening lớn a whole new world. This is also a great spot to lớn watch the panorama of the environs – the small houses scattering on green hills in a veil of mist. Such a tranquil scene is enough to purify our minds.


Sung La Valley

Located on the National Highway 4C, Sung La Valley connects a lot of towns in Ha Giang. The valley is often likened to a colorful painting of nature because this place is covered by several trees and flowers with different colors every season. The specialty of Sung La Valley is flowers. They say that here flowers can bloom even on rocks. Well, you may think this is another kind of magnifying. Once you arrive sầu at the valley, you will change your mind. Small houses with unusual architecture and hospitable people also make a considerable contribution lớn beautifying the whole area. 


Yen Minh

Referring khổng lồ pine forests, tourists often think of Da Lat. But on the route from Ha Giang lớn Cao Bang, you will go through a marvelous pine forest in Yen Minc. The road lớn the center of Yen Minh is full of sharp curves và steep slopes, which may discourage even experienced drivers. Yen Minch town attracts travelers due lớn not only the mysterious pine forest but also the ancient stilt houses of Tay & Giay people. Meandering around Yen Minc town, you will find many remarkable attractions such as Na Luong Cave sầu, Co Cai Cave, Lung Ho citadel, and Tam Giac Manh flower fields. The site is absolutely alluring for those who want lớn learn more about the unique culture of ethnic minorities since here live up to 16 ethnic groups.


Tmê mẩn Ma Slope

Tđắm say Ma Slope is a favorite road in many tours exploring Northern Vietnam. The journey exploring the Dong Van Karst Plateau won’t be satisfying without conquering Tmê say Ma Slope. The twisted road wrapping around the towering mountains will light up your fire of passion, while the scenic landscapes keep capturing your attention. 


Vuong Family’s Palace

Presumably, Vuong Family’s Palace in Dong Van district will never thua kém its attraction. This is undoubtedly the top highlighted place on the whole trip. This 100-year-old building will thrust plenty of surprises inlớn your mind. Right from the first time beholding the palace, you can realize that it is something phenomenal. The structure belongs khổng lồ Vuong Chinch Duc, also known as the Cat King – one of the wealthiest and most influential people in the whole region at that time. He paid about 7.5 million dollars khổng lồ complete the construction. The area of the palace is nearly 3000m2, which is enough for up to lớn 100 people to reside. It is built with the construction method of H’mong muốn people in French and Chinese architecture. The entire mansion is located on a high bloông chồng of land, surrounded by arcs mountain ranges. The best thing is that the building completely harmonizes with the beauty of nature. We can assure you that this spot won’t let you down.


Lung Cu Flagpole

We don’t want you khổng lồ have a regular trip sightseeing the landscapes, but also see more significant sites of Vietnam giới. Lung Cu Flagpole is such a place. The flagpole is located on the Lung Cu Mountain (Lung Cu in the H’ao ước language means where the rồng stays) at an altitude of 1470 meters above sầu sea màn chơi. To reach the Lung Cu Flagpole, you have sầu khổng lồ overcome 839 steps. As you climb up, you will hear the historical stories about the site. Then you will figure out the critical meaning of this flagpole, as well as how Vietnamese people are proud of it. This spot is also perfect khổng lồ see the Dong Van Karst Plateau, exquisite flower fields, and the broad expanse of sky.

Dong Van Old Quarter


Located in the Ha Giang tourism complex, Dong Van Old Quarter was formed và built in the early twentieth century. In the beginning, there were only a few Tay, Chinese, và H’mong muốn families living here. The small old houses nestled in the middle of the valley with rocky mountains surrounding are strangely charming. They are all about one hundred years old (some of them are even approximately two hundred years old). Overall, the old town bears a strong impression of Chinese architecture with two-storey houses & yin-yang tile roofs, red lanterns. The Old Quarter Café & Dong Van Market are two highlights that you should not ignore. 

Day 2: Dong Van – Bao Lac

The road from Dong Van to lớn Bao Lac is only 80 kilometers long, yet it is the road we are all waiting for. Even for tough, skilled riders, this section is still challenging. You are going lớn face a lot of obstacles: steep slopes, long passes, countless single tracks, off-road terrain, severe weather, & more. Nevertheless, this is what makes the journey memorable, & also what we are thirsting for. Emerging ahy vọng all the challenges is the Ma Pi Leng Pass. 

Ma Pi Leng Pass


We can ascertain that Ma Pi Leng Pass is not just one of the most famous attractions on the Ha Giang khổng lồ Cao Bang route, but on the whole Northern Vietphái mạnh. Ma Pi Leng is considered the most dangerous one amongst the four greakiểm tra passes of the North. This rugged mountain pass is 20 kilometers long, crossing three communes of Meo Vac district. The Ma Pi Leng peak is located at an altitude of 1200 meters on Dong Van Plateau. It is a part of the Happy Road connecting Ha Giang City with Dong Van and Meo Vac. The road was made by thousands of volunteers from 16 ethnic groups in 8 provinces of Northern Vietphái mạnh in 6 years (1959-1965). From the top of Ma Pi Leng, you will see the majestic scenery with a cliff on one side, và a gorge on the other. The pass is the best place to witness the poetic Nho Que River.

Nho Que River


Nho Que River is started from the mountain region of Nghiem Son – Yunnan of Trung Quốc. It flows in the Northwest – Southeast direction to Vietnam. The part of the river flowing from Seo Lung hamlet of Lung Cu commune passing Tu San Alley is a breathtaking scenery that no one can resist. Many people can’t abide by looking at the river from afar, so they decide to lớn experience the river by sailing a raft. And that is the decision that they will never regret. This evergreen river & Tu San alley – the deepest alleys in Southeast Asia – are two masterpieces of nature that we must visit at least once.

Khau Vai Love Fair


Every year, on the 27th of the third lunar month, there is a strange fair on the peak of Khau Vai Mountain in Meo Vac, Ha Giang. It’s Khau Vai Love Fair, where young men and women from everywhere come khổng lồ make friends with each other. Here you will witness cheerful people of different ethnic groups, colorful clothes, strange instruments, jars of luscious local alcohol, & unique customs that you may never see anywhere else.

Day 3: Bao Lac – Cao Bang

From Bao Lac, you continue to lớn explore a host of attractive destinations before reaching the final one - Cao Bang.

Me Pia Pass


Me Pia Pass is clearly a destination that we cannot skip on the route from Ha Giang to Cao Bang. It’s simply gorgeous. However, if you are not a skillful, experienced rider, conquering the pass on your own is a real danger. Terrifying slope, twisted road with 14 continuous sharp curves are not a dare that all of us should take. But if you are confident with your riding skills, Me Pia Pass is there waiting.

Thong Nong Town

After overcoming all the difficulties, it would not be a waste of time to lớn stop at glamorous Thong Cong town và take a look at some attractions here. Like many places in the Northeast of Vietphái nam, the town possesses splendor landscapes of towering mountains touching the clouds. But that’s not all about Thong Nong town. A verdant prairie spreads out before your eyes – it’s Bai Tinch. The vast green meadow with buffaloes leisurely moving is a peaceful spectacle that has the power to erase your găng. We’d better visit Nam Ngua Waterfall as well. The waterfall is majestic, & the area is still pristine, wild, & fresh. When you see the grandeur of Nam Ngua Waterfall with your own eyes, you’ll know that we are not lavishly praising it.

Besides, there are many other breathtaking landscapes for you to explore in Cao Bang. If you want more riding experiences, you should ride through Pac Bo cave sầu, Nguom Ngao cave sầu, and especially Ban Gioc waterfall, which can be seen as a masterpiece of nature. 

At the end of the trip, we will come lớn the beautiful city of Cao Bang, where many delicious dishes are waiting for us lượt thích roasted duông xã, ant egg pie, Chinese sausage, và so on.

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For awesome off-road experiences, besides Ha Giang lớn Cao Bang, you also should try Memorable Ride On The Tortuous Route From Ha Giang lớn Ba Be National Park.


If you are an adventurer having an endless passion for conquering challenging roads of mountainous areas in Northern Vietnam giới, the route from Ha Giang lớn Cao Bang is the trip that you should not miss in your life. The following motorxe đạp tour operated by BM Travel Adventure is a feasible solution for you lớn have the best experiences on this route.