The 10 Best Ho Chi Minh City Tours For 2021 (With Prices


Formerly known as Saigon – & still colloquially known as such by most locals – Ho Chi Minch City is the largest in Vietphái nam, once serving as its capital và now remaining the modern day cultural, religious và political hub for most visitors.

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Here, you can learn about everything from the war & the diverse religious backgrounds of Vietnam to the lifestyles of the average contemporary Vietnamese citizen. The city is truly alive sầu và bustling with history & culture.

This can get overwhelming, so a great option is khổng lồ take day trips lớn other areas in South Vietphái nam. The region is packed with natural beauty thanks to lớn the Mekong Delta, Southern Highlands, và lush forests.

You can also discover more rural cultures or take a peek into lớn Vietnam’s French colonial past.

These are the 15 best day trips you can take from Ho Chi Minc City.

1. Cu Chi Tunnels

Source: daphnusia / shutterstockCu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi tunnels are a great place lớn learn more about the Vietnamese side of the war that took place in the ‘60s. Cu Chi was a highly bombed area, và what was once a vibrant town is now mostly rice paddies & fields.

To survive sầu, the people of Cu Chi built a network of underground tunnels which you can still visit lớn this day. You will need khổng lồ take a historic tour khổng lồ understvà the area better, but these are definitely worth it và well-priced.

Ben Duoc is the most famous tunnel; however, Ben Dinc is great if you are looking for somewhere a little less touristy.

2. Mekong Delta

Source: ImaginativeGifts / shutterstockMekong Delta

The Mekong Delta region is both culturally vibrant & naturally beautiful. The world famous river begins in this region before stretching throughout South East Asia.

There are rice & coconut farms throughout the region to lớn learn more about rural Vietnamese life, and excellent boat tours that cruise along the river and its canals.

There are also floating markets in towns located along the river delta, with Cai Be being the most famous. The town also has some great places lớn listen to local folk music và the market itself is full of wonderful local produce.

3. Cao Dai Temple

Source: Nguyen Dang Duy / shutterstockCao Dai Temple

In the nearby town of Tay Ninc, you will find Cao Dai Temple. Caodaism is the religion of the temple and is very quality to lớn the region.

It is a sect of Buddhism, however, draws heavily from Christian và Confucian beliefs, making it an interesting religion khổng lồ learn more about. You can visit a real ceremony if you make sure khổng lồ be there at around noon, and learn more about the symbolism of the Left Eye of God.

The beautiful temple has quality Caodaist architecture and is a delight for any photographer or anyone looking lớn explore a culture that is not as well-known across the world.

4. Blaông xã Virgin Mountain

Source: Huy Thoai / shutterstockBlack Virgin Mountain

Known locally as Ba Den Mountain, this mountain is in a very historically & culturally important region và is great for hiking.

Hiking maps with details of the trails available can be picked up from tourist offices in Ho Chi Minh và in nearby Tay Ninch. Once at the top of the mountain, you can enjoy breathtaking views over the neighboring rice paddies and historic villages.

If you are looking for a more relaxing trip, take a cable car up the mountain. This is quite slow và shaky, but generally safe; it is an enjoyable experience if you can stomach the jolty movements.

5. Vam Sat Mangrove sầu National Park

Source: Nguyen Quang Ngoc Tonkin / shutterstockVam Sat Mangrove sầu National Park

Vam Sat Mangrove National Park contains the UNESCO World Heritage site of Can Gio Biosphere.

This area of outstanding natural beauty is located just on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh. Previously destroyed by the Vietnam giới War, the beautiful mangroves have sầu since regrown & are a haven for nature lovers and photographers looking for a chất lượng spot in the world.

The area also has many traditional fishing villages, and you can guide your own boat through the waterways or go with a guided tour. There is a cool Bat Lagoon, which you can row inlớn to explore the different bat habitats.

6. Vung Tau Beach

Source: Hang Dinh / shutterstockVung Tau Beach

Vung Tau is a very popular day trip option from Ho Chi Minch City và it is easy khổng lồ see why.

The picturesque cape is lined with a beautiful beach, with Big Mountain overlooking the area và adding to the breathtaking scenery. On the opposite side of the beach is Small Mountain, a popular hiking option for travelers who are not accustomed to lớn larger hills.

There are some interesting traditional Vietnamese sailing options for you khổng lồ enjoy from the beach, or you can simply choose to relax in this little spot away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minc.

7. Nha Trang

Source: taylor_ho / shutterstockNha Trang

Nha Trang is another gorgeous seaside destination only a short traveling distance from Ho Chi Minh City.

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It is flanked with beautiful mountain ranges và the gorgeous coastline will delight hikers, photographers và regular tourists alike. Arguably the most famous seaside town in the country, Nha Trang is a popular area for scucha diving & there are facilities to cater khổng lồ all levels across the town.

The beach is nice, though not as spectacular as others in the region. However, it is a good place to lớn soak up local culture và sample some of Vietnam’s finest street food.

8. Long Tan

Source: Not stated on the AWM database / Wikitruyền thông media | Public domainAustralian Soldier On The Long Tan Battlefield On 19 August 1966

Long Tan is a popular site lớn learn all about the war – especially for tourists from Australia and New Zealvà.

One of the largest ANZAC led battles in the Vietphái mạnh War took here; you can learn all about the efforts made by both nations during the major conflict. The Long Tan Memorial Cross is a popular site commemorating all the fallen soldiers from the conflict.

Take a tour of the old Australian army barracks và wander along the former battlefield, which has been somewhat preserved – unlike many others in Vietphái nam.

9. Ho Coc Beach

Source: Midori Photography / shutterstockHo Coc Beach

Though Vietnam is not usually thought of as a beach destination – especially when compared to Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan and the Philippines – there are some very secluded surprises dotted along the coast that can be more rewarding than the busier tourist beaches nearby.

Ho Coc is a five-kilometer long beach that sees a lot less tourist traffic than many others – even in Vietphái nam – & still benefits from golden s& và crystal blue seas.

If you are looking to lớn minimize crowd sizes, we suggest coming during the week where there’s every chance you will have the beach to lớn yourself.

10. Tay Ninh

Source: Moon Le / shutterstockBanh Canh Trang Bang

Located in the south of Vietnam giới, many people ignore Tay Ninc whilst on their way to lớn the Blaông xã Virgin Mountain or Cao Dai Temple, but the town itself has many cultural delights to lớn merit a day trip of its own.

You can visit the Long Hoa market khổng lồ kiểm tra out local clothing, food, and other trinkets. Be sure lớn bring your best bargaining skills with you, as the locals love it.

The local delicacy, banh canh trang bang, is a variety of noodles which is turned into other dishes such as griddle cakes and soups. Simply sitting at one of the many restaurants will give sầu you a good feel for local culture.

11. Suoi Truc

Suoi Truc is not very well known to lớn tourists but is definitely a hotspot for local Vietnamese residents.

The area is located in a lush, secluded forest with many man-made hiking trails that have sầu formed naturally from decades of human foot traffic. Once you are deep in the forest, you will find beautiful waterfalls và rock pools.

You can bathe under the waterfalls & swlặng in the somewhat warm waters of the pools. It is much quieter during the week, however, if this is your first visit, we suggest going when it is busier so you don’t get lost.

12. Can Tho

Source: ngoc tran / shutterstockCan Tho

Can Tho is the largest town located in the Mekong Delta region và is perfect for soaking up some chất lượng Vietnamese culture without the tourist traps of Ho Chi Minc khổng lồ distract you.

The Quang Duc Pagodomain authority is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world. It is well worth a visit to lớn learn more about the religion và come face khổng lồ face with monks.

The Xuan Kkhô cứng quarter of the đô thị is famous as a great market area và a place where the youth of Can Tho unwind – particularly students from the local university.

13. Dalat

Source: Phuong D. Nguyen / shutterstockDalat

Dalat is located in the Southern Highlands of Vietnam và is a popular place lớn get away from the stifling heat of Ho Chi Minc City. Once a popular resort for French officials, it is still an interesting place lớn kiểm tra out some colonial architecture. It is known colloquially as Vietnam’s Paris for this reason.

There are three colonial-era palaces that have been well maintained where you can learn all about how the powerful French colonists lived whilst in Vietnam. Enjoy the surrounding natural treats with hiking, canyoning and cable car options allowing people of all abilities lớn take in the views.

14. Ben Tre

Source: xuanhuongho / shutterstockBen Tre

For the more adventurous traveler, Ben Tre is a Mekong Delta town that is not frequently visited by tourists.

As a result, the few that bởi venture in this direction are treated to lớn an incredibly warm welcome. Enjoy peaceful boat rides down the Mekong with locals who will be more than happy to show you around.

The town is known in Vietnam giới for its coconut production; watch this happening all across the streets of the town. Everything from coconut oil và coconut milk khổng lồ furniture made from coconut shells can be found in Ben Tre.

15. Rach Gia

Source: thi / shutterstockRach Gia

Located on the southern coast in the Mekong Delta region, Rach Gia is another town that does not see many tourists. Locals here can also be very friendly with the few who bởi come.

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If you decide to spend your day in the town itself, you will be treated to some of the most authentic restaurants in this part of the country – and great Vietnamese hospitality. If you arrive sầu early, you can also take the hydrofoil boat to Phu Quoc, which is a bit more popular with tourists và has some great natural attractions.