Saigon To Vung Tau — Bus, Ferry, Van, Taxi, Train? ❤️

How do you get from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to Vung Tau? There are buses, ferries, minivans or taxi/car.Vung Tau — the closest beach town to Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam.Vung Tau (Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province) - it is a popular beach city in southern Vietnam. Vung Tau is visited mainly by Vietnamese and especially in the weekend days, they are traveling there from Ho Chi Minh City. Vung Tau is also an industrial city. The town sits on a peninsula and is cradled by two mountains. Beaches in Vung Tau may not be Vietnam’s most amazing and spectacular, but they still offer plenty to see and do and some attractions for tourists. There are various cheap and also luxury hotels and resorts, bars and restaurants.

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The most picturesque beach - Back Beach, while Front Beach is the place for watching sunsets and take a relax. Meanwhile, the smaller Pineapple Beach offers a tranquil, rocky cove and cleaner sand.You can also climb up the smaller of the two mountains, which is helpfully named Small Mountain and from there you can see Vung Tau Lighthouse, a magnificent structure that offers panoramic views of the whole region. On the Small Mountain you’ll find the tallest outdoor statues of Jesus in Asia. On Big Mountain you can visit Villa Blanche - the former holiday house of the French Governor General of Indochina. There is no railway and no flight to Vung Tau, so forget about this option of transport. There are a few ways how you can travel to Vung Tau from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - by ferry/speedboat, tourist bus/minivan, private taxi or motorbike.