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Fresh herbs feature prominently in Vietnamese cooking. Almost every meal is accompanied by bountiful herbs which are torn, tossed or rolled into soups, noodle dishes, sandwiches or more.

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While exploring the local food in central Vietnam, we took Hoi An cooking classes to better understand the fundamental ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine.

In the ancient đô thị of Hoi An Vietnam, you’ll find several cooking classes and culinary activities.

Most cooking classes offer visits to the central market or to lớn nearby villages.

The cuisine of Vietnam beguiles and charms. Here are 6 of the best cooking classes in Hoi An khổng lồ consider on your Vietnam travels.


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Best Hoi An Cooking Class Comparison Table

Hoi An Cooking ClassesPrice($ USD)Start TimeDuration (hours)Best For
Cooking with Jolie in Hoi An – Real Cooking Class$38.988:00 am5 hVietnamese home cooking
Water Wheel Cooking Class$528:00 am or 1:30 pm5 hTra Que vegetable village tour
Hoi An Eco Cooking Class$31.499:00 am or 2:30 pm5 hVisit Cam Thanh village with crab fishing
Market Tour, Boat Ride, Cooking Class$358:30 am or 1:30 pm5 hMarket tour và boat ride
Gio An Cooking Class$509:00 am3 hFlexible menu và schedule
Sabirama Cooking Class$46.168:00 am or 1:00 pm5 hAll-in-one Experience
Prices for these cooking classes in Hoi An are shown in Vietnamese Dong (VND). We provide USD conversion at the time of writing. Prices might vary slightly when you book your class.
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Top Cooking Classes in Hoi An

1. Cooking with Jolie in Hoi An – Real Cooking Class

Learn khổng lồ use organic fruits & vegetables for the most authentic flavors

Your host Jolie, a professional chef, will teach you real home Vietnamese cooking in a fun and engaging way.

In this 5-hour cooking class with Jolie, you’ll visit an organic farm, meet the farmers and pick up fresh ingredients at the central market.

You will have a taste of Hoi An local coffee, lượt thích iced đen coffee, coconut coffee and also green tea & ginger tea.

After that, you will head back Jolie’s home, where the real fun begins. You will meet with the other two chefs & her mother and learn about Vietnamese food culture và the key ingredients.

Together, you will learn to lớn four traditional Vietnamese dishes and one dessert. Vegetarian alternatives are available.

The thực đơn varies, though you can expect to lớn make fresh rice paper spring rolls, Pho nooodle soup, rice pancakes, fish và more.

This Hoi An cooking class is focused on healthy fresh và organic fruits & vegetables. As such, all the produce you’ll cook with will be organic for the most authentic tastes.

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As you get immersed into the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine, you’ll also learn about the importance of balancing flavors.

The class ends with a variety of fresh fruits và different fruit juices for a healthy và delicious sweet finish.

For a real Vietnamese trang chủ cooking experience, this is one of the best cooking classes in Hoi An.

Cost: About $38.98 per person

Time và Length: Approximately 5 hours. Class starts at 8:00 am

Group Style: Small group cooking classes conducted in English

Fresh organic herbs và vegetables at Tra Que village

Water Wheel Cooking Class is located in Tra Que vegetable village, known for nationally for its nutritionally rich và aromatic herbs.

Taking a cooking class in Tra Que, while exploring the local food specialties in Hoi An, was one of our highlights in the city.

This Tra Que village cooking class experience is quite extensive. It begins with visiting the organic farm and watch farmers talk about Vietnamese herbs.

You’ll learn about the history of the vegetable village và why the herbs are so famous throughout Vietnam.

The cooking portion of the class involves learning khổng lồ make several Vietnamese recipes. You’ll make spring rolls, main courses lượt thích fish in banana leaves or Vietnamese pancakes.

Fruit salads and fruit juices are also on the menu. And, vegetarian & vegan options are available.

In addition khổng lồ the traditionally prepared dishes,you will also have a chance to ride a water buffalo.

A bamboo basket boat ride including a head-shoulder-foot massage are also part of the chất lượng experiences.

The Tra Que vegetable village cooking experience ends with an incredible sit down Vietnamese lunch made by you.

If you are looking lớn gain a deeper appreciation for Vietnamese herbs, consider Water Wheel cooking school.

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From meeting farmers, visiting a herb garden, buffalo và bamboo boat rides and amazing Vietnamese dishes, this Hoi An cooking class has it all.