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The KL Hop-On Hop-Off Bus, featuring double-decker and sky-roofed buses carrying sight-seeing tourists, provides fast and easy city tour that has 23 stops which cover more than 40 attractions in Kuala Lumpur areas.

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Bus near Dataran Merdeka

The KL Hop On-Hop Off City Tour will run from 9am khổng lồ 8pm daily at 30-minute intervals. The tour goes by the “hop-on, hop-off” concept, which allows ticket holders to lớn hop on & hop off the bus whenever & wherever desired at all of the 23 stops. It also serves major hotel areas.

The buses are disabled friendly, fully air-conditioned, equipped with glass roof panels on the upper deck & equipped with CCTV cameras. In addition, a friendly customer service officer will assist you on the bus.

More about KL Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

All buses are equipped with different languages of pre-recorded tour commentary in Malay, English, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, French & Spanish.

Bus at Dataran Merdeka

The commentary is available by using headsets on board. The guided tour is designed for tourists lớn experience the places of interest through stories of the present và past.

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Bus near Masjid Negara
Bus at National Palace

Buy Bus Ticket

Tickets can be bought at a ticket counter lớn be built in Bukit Bintang, on the bus và over the Internet while hotel và travel agents will act as agents khổng lồ sell the ticket khổng lồ their customers.

The tickets, which will allow passengers to lớn use the service the whole day (24 hours), are priced at RM45 for adults & RM24 for senior citizens, students and the disabled. It will be không tính tiền for children aged below five.

Ticket TypePrice (RM)
For students, Student Card need lớn be presented for student fare.Children apply for 5 lớn 12 years old.Chidren below 5 years old will be free of charge.

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Standard (24 hours)45.00
Child / Student / Disabled (24 hours)24.00
Standard (48 hours)79.00
Child / Student / Disabled (48 hours)43.00


The ticket is valid for 24 hours or 48 hours which gives you the freedom to view và roam the thành phố at your own time và leisure.