The best boutique hotels in hoi an


Why Stay in Hoi An Old Town?

For many, ambling around Hoi An’s beautiful old town or ancient quarter is one of the best things to bởi in Hoi An, if not all of Vietphái mạnh.

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Hoi An’s old town is the perfect place khổng lồ stay for your first visit khổng lồ Hoi An. You’ll be on the doorstep of the vibrant ancient quarter & absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes lớn sampling incredible Vietnamese food.

To make the most of this central location, choose a khách sạn in either the Hoi An Old Town or just across the river on An Hoi islvà.

Pros: Central location with best access to lớn the Hoi An ancient quarter; excellent food; best nightlife options including night markets; easy access lớn tours and countryside; bustling vibrant vibe.

Cons: More expensive; can be noisy.

Hoi An Old Town Hotels

Budget Hotels in Hoi An Old Town


Cozy Hoi An Boutique Villa is a great choice if you want lớn stay near the Old Town but without the price tag. The khách sạn is a short 10 minute walk to lớn the Old Town ticket office. Cozy Hoi An offers comfortable rooms with air-conditioning, an outdoor pool and breakfast.

Chechồng Cozy Hoi An Rates: | Agoda

Mid-Range Hotels in Hoi An Old Town

Lantana Boutique Hotel Hoi An is ideally situated on the riverngân hàng in An Hoi, just a short walk from the Old Town but far away enough to lớn avoid most of the noise from the local bars. The khách sạn has a semi-outdoor pool, a range of room options including lovely rooms with balconies overlooking the river và a good onsite restaurant.

Cheông chồng Lantana Boutique Hotel Rates: | Agoda

Luxury Hotels in Hoi An Old Town

If you want a little luxe pháo in the Old Town, then look no further than Hoi An Silk Marimãng cầu Resort & Spage authority. Hoi An Silk Marina is an upscale hotel on the An Hoi riverbank, with a rather massive sầu pool & tranquil green outlook over the river. Choose from a room, suite or villa and get pampered in the hotel’s gorgeous day spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp.

Chechồng Hoi An Silk Marimãng cầu Rates: | Agoda

Area 2: Cam Chau

Why Stay in Cam Chau?

Cam Chau is a quieter neighbourhood just east of Hoi An’s old town along the river. It’s the best area khổng lồ stay in Hoi An if you prefer to lớn be slightly out of the main action but still walking (đôi mươi minutes) or biking distance from the Old Town. Even better, Cam Chau offers some of the best value hotels in all of Hoi An.

Pros: Central location in between the Old Town và Hoi An beach; quieter than the Old Town but only biking distance away; relaxing neighbourhood with a semi-rural feel; excellent value hotel prices.

Cons: Fewer food options on your doorstep; could be too quiet for those who want busy streets & nightlife.

Cam Chau Hotels

Budget Hotels in Cam Chau

Banamãng cầu Garden Villa is a lovely boutique khách sạn on a quiet street in Cam Chau. It has comfortable rooms, a reasonable breakfast, a great pool area & is exceptional value for money. Banamãng cầu Garden is a đôi mươi minute walk or short bike ride from the Hoi An Ancient Quarter.

Cheông chồng Banana Garden Villa Rates: | Agoda

Mid-Range Hotels in Cam Chau

Mid-range hotels in Cam Chau offer some of the best value in all of Hoi An Vietnam giới. Villa Orchid Garden Riverside (photos above) is my top hotel pichồng in Hoi An. The hotel is located in a quiet location with a tranquil outlook over the river, & is very well priced. The rooms are large và comfortable, & the khách sạn includes a central pool and restaurant with river views.

Villa Orchid Garden Riverside provides bicycles for easy access khổng lồ và from the Old Town. I recommkết thúc popping over to lớn Cam Nam on your bike to lớn explore the local neighbourhoods.

Chechồng Villa Orchid Garden Riverside Rates: | Agoda

Lantana Riverside Hoi An Boutique Hotel và Spa (photos above) is another excellent mid-range boutique khách sạn in Cam Chau. The hotel has a riverfront location, range of room options including suites with river views and a không lấy phí shuttle khổng lồ the beach.

Cheông xã Lantamãng cầu Riverside Rates: | Agoda

Luxury Hotels in Cam Chau

Luxury hotels can come surprisingly cheap in Hoi An. Wahoo! If you prefer an upscale boutique hotel in a quiet location, kiểm tra out Little Riverside Hoi An – A Luxury Hotel & Spage authority. Little Riverside features traditional Hoianese architecture, a luxury spa & a beautiful rooftop infinity swimming pool overlooking the Thu Bon river.

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Chechồng Little Riverside Rates: | Agoda

Area 3: Hoi An Beach

Why Stay in Hoi An Beach?

Wondering where to lớn stay in Hoi An if you want to lớn relax at the beach? Hoi An beach is the best choice for beach bums who like to spend most of their time at the beach and who want to lớn stay on the beach or within walking distance khổng lồ the beach. The beaches in Hoi An are rather beautiful và tranquil, with long stretches of Trắng s& and lovely clean water.

Popular beaches include the busy An Bang beach and the slightly quieter Cua Dai beach. Depending on where you stay, Hoi An beach is around 4-6km from the Old Town. Conveniently, most beach hotels offer a không tính phí shuttle service to lớn the Old Town.

Pros: Easy beach access; temperatures can be cooler on the coast; luxury modern resorts are concentrated at the beach; best availability of western amenities.

Cons: Less local / authentic experience; further from the Old Town.

Hoi An Beach Hotels

Budget Hotels in Hoi An Beach

Ally Beach Boutique Hotel Hoian is located at Cua Dai beach. Cua Dai beach is relatively quiet và has a good choice of restaurants & bars.

It’s easy to get around from Ally Beach Boutique Hotel. The hotel offers complimentary xe đạp hire, a không tính tiền shuttle to lớn the hotel’s nearby private beach & a không lấy phí shuttle lớn the Old Town. The khách sạn also has a pool to cool down on hot days.

Cheông chồng Ally Beach | Agoda

Mid-Range Hotels in Hoi An Beach

Little Beach Hoi An – A Boutique Hotel và Spage authority is also located in Cua Dai beach near Ally Beach Resort. This khách sạn is the perfect choice for those who prefer a slightly higher kết thúc hotel with all the amenities, including a pool, day spa làm đẹp và gym, and modern decor with trendy rooms. Little Beach also offers không lấy phí bikes and shuttle transfers to the Old Town.

Cheông chồng Little Beach Rates: | Agoda

Luxury Hotels in Hoi An Beach

Boutique Hoi An Resort is an elegant luxury resort located in between Cua Dai beach và popular An Bang beach, complete with its own stretch of private beach và a lovely large pool. A great choice for those who want to lớn spover most of their time relaxing at the hotel and beach! Of course, the hotel also offers a free shuttle service khổng lồ the Old Town.

Boutique Hoi An Resort has gorgeous large colonial villa style rooms. All rooms have balconies with either ocean or garden views.

Chechồng Boutique Hoi An Resort Rates: | Agoda

Area 4: Da Nang

Ba Na Hills near Da Nang

Why Stay in Da Nang?

Da Nang is a small đô thị around 45 minutes drive from Hoi An Old Town. Although it may lack the charm of Hoi An, Da Nang is a great option for those who want a quiet beach break or families who want khổng lồ be in a đô thị with plenty of attractions & good airport access.

Pros: Close khổng lồ airport (5-15 minutes); city vibe plus beautiful beaches; Da Nang beach area has the best luxury hotel options out of all the areas to stay in Hoi An; good access lớn some surrounding attractions including Ba Na Hills & Marble Mountains.

Cons: Furtherest area from the Old Town (45 minutes); less atmospheric & vibrant.

Da Nang Hotels

Budget Hotels in Da Nang

Sofia Suite Hotel & Spage authority Danang is a great budget Da Nang khách sạn with comfortable rooms và a decent breakfast spread. The khách sạn is well located in a quiet neighbourhood with plenty of food options, and only a short walk to nearby My Khe beach.

Rates can vary, but if you book in advance you can snap up Sofia Suites for around $30 per night. Great value indeed!

Check Sofia Suite Rates: | Agoda

Mid-Range Hotels in Da Nang

As with Hoi An, there’s some really great mid-range hotels in Da Nang which will only phối you baông xã around $50 per night. Monarque Hotel is an excellent choice just 2 minutes walk from My Khe beach, with a stunning rooftop pool overlooking the beach.

Monarque Hotel is decked out in an opulent European neoclassical style with comfortable rooms & suites. Many of the hotel’s rooms and suites feature ocean views.

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Chechồng Monarque Hotel Rates: | Agoda

Luxury Hotels in Da Nang

It’s true when they say that you get what you pay for. If you want to treat yourself khổng lồ a modern luxury beach hotel in Da Nang, then you can’t go past the Hyatt Regency Danang Resort và Spa. The Hyatt is located on Non Nuoc Beach, which is a beautiful quiet stretch of White sandy beach south of central Da Nang. This is the perfect choice for those who want lớn relax at a 5 star beach resort away from the hustle và bustle of the city!

The Hyatt offers everything you’d expect from a luxury khách sạn, including beautifully decked out rooms and suites, a beachfront restaurant và a resort style swimming pool. Want lớn splash out? Go for the 3 bedroom ocean villa, complete with a private pool & separate bedroom for your nanny or butler! Don’t mind if I vày.

Chechồng Hyatt Da Nang Rates: | Agoda

If you were debating where to lớn stay in Hoi An, I hope this article has helped you to choose the best area lớn stay in Hoi An and the perfect Hoi An hotel for you!

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