Top 10 spas in ho chi minh city

Opening hours10:00 AM - 10:00 PMCategorySpa Price range15.00USD
Family with kidsNo
Indochine Spa, nestle in the heart of Saigon will bring you back khổng lồ an ancient time with peaceful melodies and aromatic scents.

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Why Indochine spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp is special ?

Indochine spa làm đẹp provides clients with a serene atmosphere of aromatic scents & lulling melodies. Customers are pampered by qualified therapists in an Indochine style environment. Treatment options include Vietnamese traditional massage, body, feet and face care, steam bath and scrubs. One hundred percent natural French cosmetic products are used. Indulge in a unique and amazing spa làm đẹp experience in central HCMC.

After a busy day hunting bargains at Ben Thanh Market, head for some rest, relaxation & pampering at Indochine Spa. The spa làm đẹp is conveniently located near many of HCMC"s best sights and restaurants. Whether you are looking for nail care, a toàn thân wrap or waxing, Indochine spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp can do it all.


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Good massage, friendly staff and clean Great ambiance, amazing masseuses Great service at a good price Very good with room for improvement Over the vị trí cao nhất customer service
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69 Thu Khoa Huan, 1, Bến Thành, Ho bỏ ra Minh, Vietnam

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I was a little worried about finding a place for a wax while on holiday. Indochine spa làm đẹp was fantastic. My therapist was lovely và friendly. She was fast, efficient and clearly had a lot of experience. Her attention to detail was amazing. This is the best wax I have had in 10 years! The room was clean and comfortable also. I highly recommend Indochine Spa

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Satisfactory. Staff speak English. Ambience ok, seems khổng lồ be the best option in the area near the central market.

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