Marble mountains


Marble Mountain in domain authority Nang (Ngu khô hanh Son) is about 8km southeast of da Nang City. This is a cluster of five marble mountains lying close lớn the Non Nuoc sea. That is why, it is dubbed Hon Non Nuoc, which means Mountain and Water in Vietnamese. An interesting trip khổng lồ Marble Mountains will bring you most relaxing time. Ngu hanh hao Son is a fairy land with a dreamlike scenery, pagodas, grottoes, beautiful view of domain authority Nang city..

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Marble Mountain domain authority Nang has five mountain peaks và was named as Ngu khô cứng Son (five mountains), each according lớn one of the five elements of the universe: Kim Son (metal of gold), Moc Son (wood), Thuy Son (water), Hoa Son (fire), và Tho Son (earth). According to Oriental philosophy, metal, wood, water, fire và earth are five elements that create the universe. Five is a very important number in oriental mentality và life. And so, the five mountains that compose Marble Mountain are filled with mysterious.

Marble Mountain domain authority Nang is also famous for its traditional stone engraving activities. In Dong nhị village close khổng lồ Thuy Son, 600 families chisel stone producing statues, jewelry, & art work. The stone carving village stretching along the road leading khổng lồ the Ngu khô nóng Son entrance is also a very attractive sight for visitors. At this village, you can admire all those wonderful works created by patient craftsmen right in front of you. All the stones for the works are taken và transferred from the Marble Mountains.

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The Marble Mountains are situated between da Nang City và Hoi An ancient town & very close to Non Nuoc Beach, which stretches for kilometers with clean và white sand & is one of the nicest beaches in Vietnam, which is very convenient for visitors who want lớn go climbing & bathing. Ngu khô nóng Son is familiar khổng lồ almost everyone who has been to domain authority Nang. It is so well known that many people consider it as the symbol of the area, join our day tour domain authority nang to lớn visit this Marble Mountain domain authority Nang.

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Entrance fee lớn Marble Mountain da Nang: 55,000vnd/personMarble Mountain opening hours daily from 6.00AM til 6.00PMIf you don’t want lớn hiking up (stone steps), there’s available elevator service, ticket fee is 60,000vnd/person/return.