LiLy Cruises are one of the Most Luxurious 4 – Star Yachts in Ha Long Bay, The symbol of the Nature Beauty in Vietnam.

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It is a Perfect Blend of the Sophistication between the Classic European form và the rustic essence of Vietnamese Styling. LiLy Cruises itself creates the difference with the tiny distinguished feature from its elegant design, luxury restaurant, the menu is up with careful consideration, đôi mươi Spacious Cabins with Private Balcony. Lily Cruise bound to the Spectacular View of Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay và Emerald Ocean. Deeply immerse in the charm...



Lily Cruises are the Leading Line in 4 - Star Cruises in Ha Long Bay. We have BRAND NEW cruises in Ha Long bay with the...

Indulge yourself pristina holiday at the World Natural Heritage - Ha Long Bay & Bai Tu Long cất cánh with our Luxurious Cruises...

There are Air – Conditioning at the Restaurant, Bar, Fridge, Screen led TV, Phone call. Restaurant is the good view khổng lồ look...

Family Package You will have an unforgettable trip with the 2 days/1 night package tour exploring the hidden charms of Hanoi Capital and Halong...

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bộ combo Lily Cruises & Flamingo Cat ba

Lily Cruises has designed a magnificent tour package khổng lồ visit the Hanoi Ancient Capital and Ha Long cất cánh World Heritage site...

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Honeymoon Package

This is an Amazing và Unforgettable trip organized by Lily Cruises of 4 days/ 3 nights khổng lồ the World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay...

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Bamboo boat trip

Besides roaming around on luxury cruises, tourists are also finding much fun in taking a bamboo boat khổng lồ ...

Cooking Lily Cruises

Cruising with us, you can join cooking class guided directly by Chef of Lily Cruise.

Kayaking Lily Cruises

The ancient martial art of Tai đưa ra has been practiced for generations in trung quốc to promote the health of mind...

Dining Lily Cruises

Spring roll is the most popular food in Viet Nam, Vietnamese people called it as ...

Just completed a one-week tour in Hanoi, Vietnam and we did a cruise with Lily in Halong Bay. We left from Got Pier in nhì Phong

Excellent views of the cất cánh


Lily Cruises exceeded our expectation ! We did the 3D2N & had a great time.Our room was comfy & spacious and had a little balcony.

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Stunning location và Excellent cruise


Some warned us of scams before our trip lớn Halong so we literally booked a luxurious cruise with everything included as a no brainer.