My Son Sanctuary in Vietnam makes it a perfect day trip from Hoi An. In this guide, you are about lớn find out why you should địa chỉ cửa hàng My Son to lớn your travel around Vietnam, & how you can visit one of the most fascinating Hindu Sanctuaries from the ancient Champa civilization!

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of My Son Sanctuary in Vietnam is often skipped. However, it is a worthwhile place to lớn visit as a day trip from Hoi An or Danang.

The fascinating site of My Son, once had over 70 structures of the ancient Champa civilization, mostly dedicated lớn the deities of Shiva, Krishna, và Vishnu had most of the temples were destroyed by the Vietnam War bombing.

During your visit toVietnam, if you have more time in Hoi An or Danang, you have plenty of options for day trips such as the ancient Hindu Sanctuary ofMy Son. Actually, My Son Sanctuary can be explored in as short as a half-day trip from Hoi An only!

My Son Hindu Sanctuary is a great example of the ancient Champa civilization, with temples dated over 1,000 years in the middle of the jungle. Their skillful use of red bricks and sandstone with their intricate carved-brick decorations is remarkable.

The impressive Hindu-themed ruins feature many beautiful stone sculptures, temples, & towers in tropical jungle surroundings. My Son was also a political center và royal burial ground & the complex consists of more than 70 structures devoted khổng lồ Hindu gods & goddesses & the most noticeable one, Shiva, was considered the protector of the Champa’s kings.

Enjoy this guide khổng lồ the My Son Sanctuary & safe travels!


Parts of the My Son temple complex were destroyed during the Vietnam War when the Viet Cong used the area as a base và American forces bombed it. It is heartbreaking lớn see that the temples are not well preserved, và many are covered by vegetation.

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During the Vietnam War, US military command believed that the site housed a North Vietnamese base và very nearly bombed it to lớn oblivion. During the tour, you can notice marks from US bombs on the temples, and also large craters in the ground measuring about 8 meters across and 4 deep.

I was told that during the US Vietnam War, the Viet Cong were believed to have used this complex as a repository of military supplies. Only 17 structures out of 71 survived the bombing, although Vietnamese and international teams have been doing conservation work on the site since 1975. Sadly, the floods from the nearby river and climate conditions such as high humidity jeopardize the ability khổng lồ preserve the site. But My Son survived, and despite its dismal condition, it is worth the hour’s drive to see it.

Preserving the My Son Hindu TemplesPreserving the historical ruins

My Son Sanctuary is located 40 km from Hoi An và it takes about 1.5 hours by car. If you are thinking about day trips from Hoi An, My Son Sanctuary is an amazing option. Located within the village of Duy Phu the complex stretches out two kilometers within a valley and is surrounded by mountain ranges.

You can get lớn My Son by a personal driver, an organized tour from Hoi An or Danang, or by motorbike. The roads are okay lớn drive, but I opted for a local drive because driving on the road in Vietnam can be challenging – especially on a rainy day.


Hiring a driver lớn visit the My Son Sanctuary may be the best option. It is also the most expensive, but considering the exchange rate, it is still very affordable. It is the most comfortable and safest way lớn visit My Son. You have the benefit to have the freedom lớn explore My Son at your own time, as the private driver will wait for you at eh parking lot until you are done.

I chose this option và it was safe, easy, & very affordable.

You can kiểm tra private drivers’ rates và availability here và decide if this is the best option for you.


If you are looking for a convenient and easy way to lớn visit the amazing My Son Sanctuary, I have picked some tours options that you may love:

My Son Sanctuary visit và Thu Bon River Cruise with Lunch: With this tour, you have the opportunity lớn experience rural Vietnam on a minivan trip lớn My Son & a boat tour with lunch on the Thu Bon River.

My Son Sanctuary và Marble Mountains Private Tour: Explore the ancient My Son Sanctuary and marvel at stunning panoramic views of Danang from the peak of the Marble Mountains on a private tour.

From Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary Early Morning Tour: Watch the sunrise over the countryside of Vietnam before visiting the Hindu sanctuary of My Son. Stroll among the ancient ruins & learn more about its fascinating history as the center of the Champa Kingdom.

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Hiring a personal driver was very very affordable – US$15 for 2 people. I booked a local driver through my Airbnb host và the driver took me there, waited the time I needed for the tour, & drove me back. It is very interesting khổng lồ see the change in the scenery since My Son is surrounded by mountains và you will notice the misty forest making it even look mystical.


The My Son Entree Fee is 150 000 VND – $6 USD and the prices are only when you visit My Son Sanctuary by yourself, & it doesn’t include a private guide or a group tour.


The whole tour in My Son Sanctuary can take around1-3 hours since it’s not very large và it doesn’t take too long to lớn explore the whole site.

My Son Sanctuary site is mở cửa from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.Early in the morning is the best time to visit.Especially during the summertime, it can get very hot and humid, so if you want to avoid the heat.

As you can see in my pictures, I visited My tuy nhiên on a rainy day and it was also during wintertime (December), which made the temperature drop even more, and I am glad I had a rain jacket with me.


The My Son Sanctuary has different towers, each of them has a main building called Kalan with many smaller sub-towers surrounding it. You will notice that the towers have different looks, và each one f them has a sacred meaning about the Champa culture và the religion.

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The main temples in the My Son Sanctuary workshop are a mix of Linga or the statue of Siva God, who is the supreme guardian f the kings of the Champ family. The sub-temples & shrines are places to store sacrifices and are dedicated to the ceremonies.