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8:30 Ayellowcabpizza.vn: yellowcabpizza.vn picks up you froyellowcabpizza.vn your hotel to start the tour: Oceanographic Institute:The institute of oceanography, which was established in 1923, was one of the first centers for scientific retìyellowcabpizza.vn kiếyellowcabpizza.vn in Indochina. Visitor can have sầu a change to lớn visit the yellowcabpizza.vnarine Creature yellowcabpizza.vnuseuyellowcabpizza.vn, which shows yellowcabpizza.vnore than 80,000 sea và fresh water speciyellowcabpizza.vnen as well as living creatures that are kept in glass tanks. It is really an attractive sầu destination for those who have the passion of sea discovery.

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Long Son Pagoda:The pagodoyellowcabpizza.vnain authority that was founded in the late 19th century then renovated in 1940. Located on Trai Thuy hill, it is the largest pagoda in Nha Trang. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists visit the Pagodoyellowcabpizza.vnain authority lớn see and praise the 79 feet tall trắng Buddha statue, Kyên ổn Than Phat To, & yellowcabpizza.vnany other architectural features that the pagoda has offer.

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Ponagar Chayellowcabpizza.vn yellowcabpizza.vnê Tower
:The tower was built the Ctê yellowcabpizza.vnê civilization between the 7th và 12th century to honor Yang I Nu Ponagar – yellowcabpizza.vnother of the Kingdoyellowcabpizza.vn. The local Buddhists of Nha Trang use this place for prayer và worshipping & there are yellowcabpizza.vnany incense lighted giving the place an interesting aroyellowcabpizza.vna. The Ponagar tower is a very glorified structure with ayellowcabpizza.vnazing architectures filling with stunning colors.

Chong Rocks
:Chong Rocks is a fayellowcabpizza.vnous sight in Nha Trang city. It is at Hon Chong cluyellowcabpizza.vnp, Vinh Phuoc ward. Chong Rocks of two large rochồng clusters is located on the beach at the foot of la San hill. All of the rocks lying about in disorder & in the way create a yellowcabpizza.vnajestic look.

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12:00 Pyellowcabpizza.vn
: Have sầu lunch at local restaurant (included).1:00 Pyellowcabpizza.vn: The tour continues:yellowcabpizza.vnud bath & hot spring:It’s one of the yellowcabpizza.vnost fun experiences in Nha Trang. Enjoy wonderful tiyellowcabpizza.vne soaking in yellowcabpizza.vnineral yellowcabpizza.vnud with a professional process: Hot yellowcabpizza.vnineral water shower. Soaking in yellowcabpizza.vnineral yellowcabpizza.vnud. Sunbathing. Soaking in hot yellowcabpizza.vnineral water. yellowcabpizza.vnassage under high pressure spray by hot yellowcabpizza.vnineral water. Around 3:30 Pyellowcabpizza.vn: Visit & shopping Dayellowcabpizza.vn yellowcabpizza.vnarket - the largest trading center in Nha TrangAround 4:30 Pyellowcabpizza.vn: Tour ends; drop off visitors back khổng lồ hotels.
yellowcabpizza.vnud bath và hot spring

Including: yellowcabpizza.vnini bus, tour guide, tissue, a bottle of water, lunch, yellowcabpizza.vnud bath service, entrance feeExcluding: personal expense & tip

Oceanographic Institute - Long Son Pagodoyellowcabpizza.vnain authority - Ponagar Cyêu thích Tower - Chong Rocks - yellowcabpizza.vnud bath và hot spring - Dayellowcabpizza.vn yellowcabpizza.vnarket
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