Traveling at Hanoi night market in Hanoi city is a very interesting experience that tourists should not miss when coming to the capital of Vietnam. This article will introduce you lớn the vị trí cao nhất 5 famous night markets in Hanoi.

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The old quarter night market

This night market is located in Hoan Kiem district. It is located next khổng lồ Sword Lake và the pedestrian street.

The Old Quarter night market is known as one of the most exciting markets in Hanoi

When tourists come to lớn Hanoi, the visit khổng lồ the old quarter night market in Hanoi is definitely something they cannot ignore. The old quarter night market in Hanoi starts from 18:00 – 23:00 on every Friday, Saturday & Sunday evening. At those times, souvenir shops and mobile restaurants will begin lớn welcome visitors.

When it comes lớn the cuisine at The old quarter night market in Hanoi, diners who used lớn come here often hotline this night market a paradise of snacks. Besides, this night market also attracts tourists by the chất lượng souvenirs.

Nha Xanh Night Market

Nha Xanh night market is located at Phan Van Truong street, Deo Vong ward, Cau Giay district. It is located near many major universities such as Vietnam National University, Academy of Journalism, University of Communication, ThuongMai University, Hanoi National University of Education.

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Nha Xanh night market is located near some major universities

This market is mở cửa from early morning khổng lồ late evening. This market mainly meets the shopping needs of students và local people. Products were sold at the market are very diverse. However, this market mainly serves the needs of students, the products that were sold here are mainly clothes, shoes, và accessories.

Dich Vong Night Market

Dich Vong Night Market has a large area. This night market is located near Nha Xanh night market. It is also a popular low-cost shopping destination of Hanoi residents and visitors. During the day, in this market, people sell fresh food. At night, clothes, shoes, bags, are sold at very cheap prices. Most of the products sold here are imported from China.

Linh phái nam Night Market

Linh nam night market is located in Hoang Mai district. It is xuất hiện from 8 pm khổng lồ 1 am the next day. This is a gathering place for many traders. In fact, Linh phái nam Market mainly provides cheap products to lớn serve low-income customers. Thus, visitors can visit Linh nam night market khổng lồ buy their favorite products at the low-cost.

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Phung khoang Night Market

One of the night market in Hanoi that tourists should not ignore is the Phung khoang night market . The same as Nha Xanh night market, Phung khoang market is also located near many famous universities such as Hanoi University, etc. Thus, this market mainly serves the needs of students. In the daytime, Phung vùng market also sells food & drinks. At night, this market mainly provides fashion items. Especially, on the weekends, the merchants will provide visitors with lots of good products with beautiful designs and cheap prices.This is a menu of the 5 most famous night markets in Hanoi that tourists should not ignore.