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Picture the scene, it’s Natalie’s birthday & as always I’m on the hunt for something quality khổng lồ surprise her with. If we were at home I would be prepping for this day weeks or even months in advance, however, life on the road doesn’t permit that; so once I knew for sure that we would be in Ho Chi Minc City, I had to lớn act fast. And then I saw, Dining in the Dark…


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Thankfully it didn’t take much research to lớn come across Noir. Being ranked as one of the top restaurants in HCMC with solid outstanding reviews on Trip Advisor, I was naturally curious khổng lồ find out more. And it was only after reading through some of the comments that the penny finally dropped. Noir is Vietnams first and only dining in the dark experience. I’d heard of similar restaurants baông chồng in London, but admittedly I hadn’t ever been tempted lớn try one. I guess there’s something daunting about not being able to lớn see what you are eating – Plus I’m a messy eater at the best of times! Noir did sound special though. Not only did they have sầu exceptional reviews, but I also learned that a large percentage of their employees are either deaf or blind/visually impaired. I found it inspiring that they were offering these individuals a career trajectory and that a percentage of profits is donated lớn local supporting charities. I was looking for something out of the ordinary & it seemed I had found it, so I immediately made a reservation.

As we arrived at Noir. we were politely greeted by the manager & asked lớn take a seat in the lounge area. There we enjoyed a complimentary welcome drink as he eloquently described what we could expect from the evening. I had decided khổng lồ keep Natalie in the dark (excuse the pun) until we arrived at the restaurant, therefore it was amusing khổng lồ see the bewildered look on her face as it was explained that our dining experience was khổng lồ be in complete darkness. We were told that without sight, all of our other senses are heightened; therefore we would be using taste và texture lớn identify the food và touch lớn navigate our way around the table.


From the thực đơn we were given the option of 3 different cuisines – Western, Eastern or Vegetarian, however, all dishes would be kept a secret until the over of the meal. There was also an extensive drinks menu including wine, cocktails, spirits or even secret pairing options. After both deciding on the Western thực đơn và a nice bottle of Malbec, there was one last thing for us to bởi. As a fun và creative sầu way of preparing us for the dining experience, we were presented with a simple puzzle that was to be completed blindfolded. As we struggled lớn identify the correct shapes for the empty spaces, we revelled in amusement at how we were ever going to manage khổng lồ feed ourselves in complete darkness.


When it was our turn to be seated we eagerly made our way towards the dining room. Understandably they do not permit any phones or other light sources in the room, therefore we were asked lớn store any belongings we had in the lockers outside. Next, we were introduced lớn our blind waiter ‘Bow’, whom through the heavyweight of darkness, very carefully lead us to lớn our seats. Following a brief explanation on how to lớn navigate the table, we were left khổng lồ our own devices. And it wasn’t long before we broke out into lớn nervous giggles. Being immersed in darkness with nothing but the gentle sound of other diners as company, was understandably a little strange at first. However, after successfully locating the wine, it didn’t take us long lớn relax inlớn the situation. And all there was khổng lồ worry about then, was what culinary delights they had in store for us!

The first course was served promptly & consisted of 4 different dishes, strategically laid out on a tray in front of us. We were advised to start from the top right and work our way clockwise, leaving our inner child wondering – ‘what will happen if I don’t?’ But anyhow we played by the rules, & with each dish were rewarded with an explosion of different flavours and textures. We took absolute delight in guessing what each of the dishes could be and therefore were pleased that we followed their recommendation to lớn have sầu the same menu. We toyed with using the cutlery at first, however soon discovered we could eat far more efficiently using our fingers, và for this, we were grateful that nobody could see us. Well apart from the infrared cameras that they no doubt have sầu installed!

Ultimately we were served 11 incredible dishes – 4 starters, 4 mains and 3 desserts, each completely chất lượng và delectable in taste. When we were done, we were taken back lớn the lounge area & quizzed on the food we had eaten. The quiz revealed that the palate sure can be deceiving when you are unable khổng lồ see what is in front of you. Unfortunately, I can’t discchiến bại any of the dishes that we sampled that night, as they only update the menu quarterly (and I wouldn’t want to lớn spoil the fun for anyone). However what I can say, is that we tried things that we would never have sầu thought lớn order ourselves. Yet we thoroughly enjoyed each và every one of them.


As the evening drew lớn a cthua thảm, it has khổng lồ be said that we were both a little sad it was over. However, thankfully there was one final surprise to lớn come. I had organised for the restaurant lớn prepare Natalie a birthday cake, and as we finished the last of our wine, appreciating what a fantastic evening it had been, the staff gathered khổng lồ sing her a happy birthday. First with the song & then in sign language by their deaf employees. It was a beautiful kết thúc, to a beautiful evening, và when I saw it bring tears (of joy) to Natalie’s eyes I knew I’d done well!

I can’t express enough what a chất lượng and wonderful experience Noir was for us. All of the staff ensured we had a magical evening from start to end & we can’t wait lớn experience dining in the dark again, somewhere else in the world.

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