How To Count From 1 To 10 In Vietnamese


Learn How To Count in Vietnamese // A Great Guide to lớn Vietnamese Numbers (with Flashcards & Bonus Quiz)

Learning the numbers in any language is a fruitful step to lớn make – so with that said today we will teach you all the Vietnamese Numbers.

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It’s not as daunting as it might seem and it can open a number of doors you may’ve not thought about.

Think about birthdays & datesThink about phone numbersThink about if you’re a lover of Maths!Think about ordering a number of… (items, food etc)

The possibilities are vast when you nail the numbers in any language, and Vietnamese is no different.

Let’s learn how to lớn count from 1 khổng lồ 100, & then 1,000 và beyond with this guide on how to say all the Vietnamese numbers!

Vietnamese Numbers | Counting from 1-10

Vietnamese Numbers | Counting from 10-20

Vietnamese Numbers | Counting from 20-100

Vietnamese Numbers | Counting from 100-1,000

Vietnamese Numbers | Counting Beyond 1,000


Vietnamese Numbers | FAQ’s

Bring the Vietnamese Numbers lớn life with Tammy

Vietnamese Numbers | 1-10

First thing to lớn note about Vietnamese numbers.

In Vietnamese, we say “số” which means “number” then the name of that number.

So for numbers from 1-10, here is how you pronounce them:

NumberIn Vietnamese

DID YOU KNOW – the number 2 “hai” in Vietnamese is a homophone with the greeting “hi” in English.

That’s why many young Vietnamese who know a bit of English would usually use the classic V – holding up two fingers – as a friendly greeting.

They are saying “Hi!” lớn you!


Now that you have learned how the Vietnamese Numbers from 1-10 are written, how doyou pronounce them?

Well, I have just the tuy nhiên for you!

“Hai Phút ít Hơn” – “More than two minutes” by Pháo, took TikTok by storm with the extremely ear-catching jingle counting from one khổng lồ four in Vietnamese.

If you have sầu Tiktok you are sure khổng lồ know this tune (see the video clip below). Here are the lyrics, can you hear them in the song?

Một nhị ba tư cha nhì mộtOne two three four three two one

Ngoài ra anh nói anh say rồi?You seem to say that you are drunk?

Một hai bố tư tía nhị mộtOne two three four three two one

Trong khi anh nói anh yêu thương em rồi.You seem khổng lồ say that you have sầu fallen in love with me?


Vietnamese Numbers | 11-20

With Vietnamese numbers we have sầu the blessing of not needing to lớn remember the new words eleven & twelve, as you bởi vì in English.

It’s actually really easy because we just use the format mười + number

NumberIn Vietnamese
11mười một
12mười hai**
13mười ba
14mười bốn
15mười lăm/mười nhăm*
16mười sáu
17mười bảy
18mười tám
19mười chín
20hai mươi

Can you see the pattern? It’s quite easy lớn follow isn’t it.

We just take the number for 10 & then add on the next digit. There are a couple of notes though.


For the number 15 – (*) “lăm/nhăm” is a casual phonetic variation of “năm”, và usually occurs when the number 5 shows up in the unit of a two-digit number in daily conversation (such as 25, 45 etc).

“Lăm” is more popular in the Southern dialect while “nhăm” is a Northern variation.

For the number 12 – (**) Similarly lớn English, Vietnamese people also have sầu a different word for “a dozen”, which is “một tá”.

It is more commonly used for when you are shopping for a dozen eggs – một tá trứng.

Vietnamese Numbers | 20-100

Going up to 100 in Vietnamese numbers is straightforward now we have sầu the basics nailed down.

We use the theory we learned from 11-đôi mươi.

Number + 10 + Number

Pronunciation – Number+ mươi + number

Here are some examples

NumberIn Vietnamese
21nhì mươi mốt*
32bố mươi hai
43tứ mươi ba
54năm mươi bốn
65sáu mươi lăm

Regarding the number 21 (*) “mốt” is a phonetic variation of 1 – “một”. It also only applies for two-digit numbers from 20 upwards.

Here are the multiples of 10 up to 100 also.

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NumberIn Vietnamese
30ba mươi
40tư mươi
50năm mươi
60sáu mươi
70bảy mươi
80tám mươi
90chín mươi
100một trăm/trăm


There are some other things to note as well.

For even numbers, “mươi” can also be pronounced as “chục”, which means the same thing.

“Mươi” can be used for both odd and even numbers. For example, you can pronounce 80 as” tám mươi” or “tám chục” but you can’t pronounce 99 as “chín chục chín”, only “chín mươi chín” is acceptable.

4 can be pronounced as “tư” (especially in the South) except for when talking about Maths.

25 has another phonetic variation, which is “hăm lăm” where “hăm” is the shortened version of “hai mươi” or 20 & “lăm” is the phonetic variation of “năm” or 5.

Don’t worry if all this seems a lot to lớn take in, it’s not essential you remember all these rules straight away. Every language has it’s quirks with numbers & just takes a little practice và exposure.


Vietnamese Numbers | Counting from 100-1,000

Learning bigger numbers in Vietnamese is actually quite useful. The Vietnamese currency which is the Dong, uses very large denominations.

For example:

1 British Pound is roughly 30,000 Vietnamese Dong1 US Dollar is roughly 23,000 Vietnamese Dong1 Euro is roughly 27,000 Vietnamese Dong

When talking about prices it’s therefore quite useful lớn not dismiss those numbers, but learn them.

With that in mind, we now make our journey up to 1,000 before going even further.

NumberIn Vietnamese
101một trăm lẻ một
203hai trăm lẻ ba
405tứ trăm lẻ năm
708bảy trăm lẻ tám
909chín trăm chín
number + trăm lẻ + number

DID YOU KNOW – There is another way to lớn pronounce the word “lẻ”, which is “linh”.

While “linh” is a Sino Vietnamese word that is popular in the Northern Vietnamese accent, “lẻ” is a pure Vietnamese word commonly used in the South.

Now for the next structure…

number + 100 + number + 10 + number

number + trăm + number + mươi + number

NumberIn Vietnamese
500năm trăm
121một trăm nhì mươi mốt
235nhì trăm bố mươi lăm
698sáu trăm chín mươi tám
754bảy trăm năm mươi bốn
number + trăm + number + mươi + number

Once again for clarity, here are the round hundreds up to lớn 1,000.

NumberIn Vietnamese
1,000một nghìn/nghìn

You can see that learning the numbers in Vietnamese isn’t all that bad once you’ve gotten lớn grips with 1-10!


Vietnamese Dialects // North or South?

North vs South? Vietnamese dialects can vary quite significantly. This is one of the very early questions a Vietnamese learner asks themselves.


Moving inkhổng lồ the realms of large Vietnamese numbers isn’t all that scary either.


Because the same structure is adhered to.

For the following examples we just take the word we’ve sầu learnt for 1,000 (nghìn) and add the preceding digit.

Let’s take a look…

NumberIn Vietnamese
10,000mười nghìn

To go even higher, we just need to lớn learn the measure word for each additional unit.

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NumberIn Vietnamese
1,000một nghìn/nghìn
10,000chục nghìn
100,000trăm nghìn
1,000,000 (million)một triệu/triệu
10,000,000 (ten million)mười triệu
100,000,000 (hundred million)trăm triệu
1,000,000,000 (billion)tỷ

That pretty much sums up how lớn count in Vietnamese. Use the structures you’ve read & you’ll be absolutely fine.

It takes a little practice but we advise you practice 1-10 & then up khổng lồ 100. Take your time & you’ll be a master of Vietnamese Numbers in next to no time!

Let our mascot Lex help you with the numbers in Vietnamese!

Feeling brave? Why not take on our quick-fire quiz here…

Vietnamese Numbers | Quiz

OK so now we’ve taught you how lớn count in Vietnamese, let’s see how much you remembered?!

We’ve prepared a nice, friendly quiz which is đôi mươi questions long but super fast!

It’s multiple choice and results are instant, come và have a go và mô tả your result if you get a great score!