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Upon hearing the cue without first knowing the film, this author noted that there are no overt gestures, but generally, pensive và reflectively tragic qualities.
That is, they bởi not trace any pensive motion of the soul or heart but are a volley of words discharged.
His only chance of restoration lớn health and activity is a prolonged and pensive system of medical treatment.
The same argument would apply in that case, because the nearer the barracks were the more ex, pensive they would prove sầu.
The more ex- pensive that a school makes it for people to hire a room, the more people will be against that establishment.
Those flats are going lớn be far more ext pensive than the houses, and the cubic space is going lớn be lower, và they are not what the people want.
Its dissonances and complexities juxtapose the sustained with the pointillistic, mirroring the characters" pensive but restless wanderings.
The girls have sầu a pensive dignity as though they are pondering the burdens and joylessness of a future to lớn be spent as caryatids.
The second movement"s plaintive sầu mood makes it popular as background music for pensive or nocturnal scenes in film.
For instance, the minor triad is usually heard as sad, or at least pensive, because humans habitually hear all chords as based from below.
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