10 best things to do on phu quoc island


Phu Quoc is an island in southern Vietnam giới (well, technically it’s off the coast of Cambodia) in the Gulf of Thailand where tourists & locals alike go khổng lồ relax. Not only will you find luxurious resorts, Trắng sand beaches, & friendly locals on Phu Quoc, but there are actually plenty of adventurous excursions khổng lồ keep you busy during your tropical isl& vacation.

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Check out our menu of the 18 top things to lớn bởi vì on Phu Quoc Isl& và enjoy your trip!

Getting lớn Phu QuocVisa for Phu QuocGetting Around Phu QuocWhere khổng lồ Stay on Phu Quoc1. Chechồng out Phu Quoc’s Beaches2. Cruise Around Phu Quoc on a Motorbike3. Visit Phu Quoc Prison4. Eat Dinner at the Phu Quoc Night Market5. Take the Phu Quoc Cable Car6. See Starfish at Starfish Beach7. Go Scuba Diving or Snorkeling8. Eat Seafood at the Ham Ninc Fishing Village9. Or Better Yet, Catch Your Own Fish!10. Hike to lớn Suoi Trạng rỡ Waterfall11. Watch Sunphối at Mango Bay12. Wander Around the Coi Nguon Museum13. Try the Fish & Chips at Rory’s14. Swyên in Da Ban Spring15. Tour a Pepper Farm16. Sample Wine at the Sim Wine Factory17. Visit the Ho Quoc Pagoda18. Tour a Fish Sauce Factory
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As you cruise around Phu Quoc on your motorbike you’ll see lots of pepper plantations throughout the isl&. And it’s definitely worth a stop lớn purchase a bag or two of peppercorns to take home page with you since some people say that Phu Quoc pepper is the best variety in all of Asia! You can stop at virtually any of the pepper plantations on the isl& to kiểm tra out the vines (they don’t do guided tours per se) và pichồng up a few souvenirs.

If you don’t have sầu time to stop at a pepper plantation but want khổng lồ sample the goods, don’t worry, you can piông xã up a bag at the airport on your way home page.

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16. Sample Wine at the Slặng Wine Factory

Syên Wine (or Ruou Slặng in Vietnamese) is made from local fruit from the Rose Myrtle tree which grows wild in the forests of Phu Quoc Island. This doesn’t taste like any wine that you’re used lớn – it’s made from rice wine, sugar, and fruit & is quite sweet. The best place lớn sample this local delicacy is Syên ổn Son Phu Quoc which also has a nice gift cửa hàng so you can take your favorite Slặng products trang chủ with you!

Ho Quoc Pagoda is the largest Buddhist temple in Phu Quoc and is located on the eastern side of the island, right on the coast. This beautiful complex that is part Buddhist temple & part monastery was only just built in 2012 và is constantly being upgraded và renovated.

It is quite a peaceful and serene area where you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean. But there is limited shade so be sure and bring an umbrella and sunscreen lớn shield you from the unrelenting sun. Entrance is không lấy phí & it’s rarely crowded unless you visit on the weekover.

18. Tour a Fish Sauce Factory

It would be virtually impossible khổng lồ visit Vietphái mạnh without trying their beloved national cuisine – fish sauce (“nước mắm” in Vietnamese). Most Vietnamese dishes include fish sauce in some way – whether it’s on the side for dipping, used in a sauce or marinade, or added at the kết thúc for a little extra salty flavor.

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There are two regions in Vietnam that are famous for fish sauce – one of those is Phu Quoc. The fish sauce that is produced on the isl& is exported worldwide & you’ll be lucky enough khổng lồ take a tour of one of the factories here lớn see exactly how it’s made, fermented, và bottled. Khai Hoan, Phung Hung, & Hung Thanh khô are 3 popular factories on the islvà to tour.