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With an idyllic location on Vietnam’s culturally rich central coast, The Nam Hai offers a portal lớn three extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage sites & a breezy respite on the country’s most celebrated beach. You’ll have sầu a chance khổng lồ reconnect with your loved ones – whether you take to lớn the East Sea by kayak, explore the glory of imperial Hue or simply savour quiet moments in your own tranquil villa.

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Family First

Craving space lớn create magical memories with your family? Let us take care of the details so you can focus on connection.


Daily breakfast for two adults and two children under 12 years oldRound-trip transfers between the airport & the ResortComplimentary meals for children under 12 years old when dining with adultsStress-free sofabed set-upKids' Welcome Pack with play passport & Chuon Chuon T-shirtAccess to the inspiring experiences of our Chuon Chuon Kids ClubWater sport adventures: 30-minute Hobie Catamaran play or paddleboard lesson


Eight synchronized, quartz bowls, svào enough khổng lồ be felt throughout the Resort, heal the toàn thân và mind.

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Heart of the Earth Spa

Beautifully perched over a lotus pond, our Spage authority is guided by the renowned Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings, fostering not only wellness but also compassion.



Our crystal-singing-bowl sound therapy connects you to lớn a higher plane of being.

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Oanh Ngo Resident Singing-Bowl Artist

Hoi An by Four Seasons

The Nam Hai is uniquely positioned to explore three of central Vietnam’s finest UNESCO Heritage sites for a unique insight inlớn our culturally rich history.