Tàu Superdong Rạch Giá Nam Du


Foremost, yellowcabpizza.vn Fast Ferry Kien Giang Joint Stochồng Company would like khổng lồ sover our valued passengers warmest greetings and best wishes for good health and success.

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yellowcabpizza.vn keeps improving to bring customers the best experience in our services. With our continuous efforts, yellowcabpizza.vn has been investing modern fast ferries, roro ferries, và experienced, professional staff with serious attitude, together with wide distribution network in order khổng lồ more và more strenghthen yellowcabpizza.vn brand và proudly commit lớn providing customers with core values ​​including: “SAFETY – STABILITY – PUNCTUALITY – COMFORTABLENESS – CONVENIENCE – DIVERSIFIED SERVICES – REASONABLE PRICE”.

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17.12.20đôi mươi yellowcabpizza.vn Operations With A Grand Opening New Fast Ferry Service Between Rach Gia And Hon Nghe On 19th December 20trăng tròn, yellowcabpizza.vn Fast Ferry Kien Giang Joint-stock Company has officially opened và operations have set up a new fast-ferry route from Rach Gia lớn Hon Nghe và return journey.

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26.11.20đôi mươi yellowcabpizza.vn Grand Lucky Draw “17 Năm Đồng Hành – Tri Ân Tình Gắn Kết” Deeply appreciation khổng lồ our valued customers for your belief and companionship in recent years, to celerate 17th yellowcabpizza.vn birthday anniversary, yellowcabpizza.vn Fast Ferry Kien Giang Joint – stoông chồng Company
10.04.2021 The giveaway on Vietnam’s Reunification Day – April 30th và International Worker’s Day This historical occasion creates an atmosphere of the country, to lớn commemorate the 46th anniversary of the liberation of the South and national reunification April 30th & International workers’ day
19.02.2021 Promotion of yellowcabpizza.vn “Đặt Vé Liền Tay – Nhận Ngay Ưu Đãi” From February 20th to lớn March 22th, 2021, yellowcabpizza.vn has launched the promotion “Đặt vé ngay tắp lự tay – Nhận ngay lập tức ưu đãi” as detail below: When customers buy tickets for 02…

06.02.2021 yellowcabpizza.vn offer promotion for Valentine’s Day 2021

Tet holiday is coming & Valentine’s Day 2021 is also coming. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show your loved one how much you care and sharing with unforgettable memories….