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Hue (pronounced “h’way”) is located in central Vietnam & a đô thị that history buffs will find particularly intriguing. Not only was it the seat ofNguyen Dynastyemperors from 1802 to 1945, but it was also the site of the longest và bloodiest battle of the ‘American War’ (or, as we lượt thích to say in America, the ‘Vietnam giới War’).

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Sadly, when the war was over much of the damage inHue was neglected because they were seen by the communist regime as “relics from the feudal regime”. But today, slowly, work is progressing to repair the historical monuments that have sầu lead to lớn this đô thị being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

If you plan on visiting Central Vietphái mạnh, 2 days inHue should be enough time lớn see the highlights. Read on to lớn learn all about our top 8 things to lớn bởi vì in Hue, Vietnam!


Hue is trang chính lớn Phu Bai International Airport và there are dozens of domestic flights – operated by Jetstar Pacific, Vietphái mạnh Airlines, and VietJet – into & out of the đô thị daily. Unfortunately, there are not any international flights into Hue directly. The closest truly international airport in the much larger Da Nang International Airport an hour south of Hue.

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If you’re coming from Da Nang khổng lồ the south then you can travel khổng lồ Hue by Bus, Train or Private Car.

If you’re on a budget then a bus is your best option. We always use Bookaway to lớn book our bus tickets in Vietphái mạnh because you can see all the bus schedules as well as ratings and đánh giá.

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And if you’re a history buff or a ferroequinologist then you’ll certainly want to take the train as the railway running between Da Nang and Hue is considered to lớn be the most scenic stretch in Vietphái mạnh. That being said the trains in Vietnam are rather slow và rarely run on time so unfortunately, it’s not the most efficient way khổng lồ get between the two cities. For some reason buying train tickets through Bookaway is actually cheaper than buying them directly through the Vietnam giới Railways trang web.

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You can also just hire a private driver to take you lớn Hue. The advantage khổng lồ this is you can have them take you over the Hai Van Pass for some seriously scenic views!

Hoi An is just 45 minutes further south from Da Nang & your best transportation options are bus or private oto. The train doesn’t run khổng lồ Hoi An so if you’re mix on taking the train lớn Hue you’ll first need lớn hire a driver khổng lồ take you khổng lồ the train station in Da Nang.

Getting Around Hue

The best way to lớn get around Hue is by using the ride-hailing ứng dụng Grab – it’s the Uber of Southeast Asia. Of course, you’ll need mạng internet to use Grab & we always recommkết thúc buying a local Vietphái nam SIM card as soon as you arrive sầu in the country.

Best Time lớn Visit Hue

The hot/dry season in central Vietnam lasts from April until October with the high temperatures ranging from95– 104°F. July is generally the hotkiểm tra month of the year và temperatures in Hue can be unbearably hot in the middle of the day. You can expect some rainfall from September until January.

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You’ll find the weather lớn be the driest và most pleasant from February until April.