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Ho đưa ra Minh City - known to many as Saigon - is Vietnam"s largest city & former capital of the south. Impossibly busy và hectic most of the time, Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị can certainly raise an unsuspecting traveler"s blood pressure.

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With the motorbike-driven chaos also comes a wealth of interesting things to lớn do and see around Ho chi Minh City. Don't just run for the nearest travel agency lớn book a bus out - kiểm tra out these things to vị in Ho bỏ ra Minh city first!

New khổng lồ Vietnam? Read ourtravel guide khổng lồ Vietnam, or kiểm tra out ourtop reasons khổng lồ visit Vietnambefore proceeding.


The twin-towered Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon merits at least a visit & a photo. Constructed between 1863 and 1880, the church was built by the French colonists entirely from materials brought over from France. The somber atmosphere inside Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon is a testament to the thousands of prayers for peace given there throughout both the French and American wars in Vietnam.

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A highlight of seeing the cathedral is the Virgin Mary statue which reportedly shed tears in 2005, causing a frenzy of traffic & onlookers. Although the church's official stance is that no tears were shed, thousands of witnesses claim otherwise.

The Notre Dame Cathedral occupies a large block east of the Reunification Palace on Pasteur Street. Directly across the street you'll find the Saigon Central Post Office, another must-see in the city!