16 Things To Do In Sapa Vietnam On Your First Visit


Beautiful Sapage authority is located in the northern mountains of Vietphái nam & is made up of a main town in the Muong Hoa Valley. Surrounding Sapage authority proper you will find a selection of local villages which are the home page of some of the ethnic minorities in Vietnam. This means that this part of the country has a distinct & unique culture which makes a visit here not khổng lồ be missed if you are in the region. On the outskirts of the town you will find jade hued rice paddies that are cut inkhổng lồ the craggy mountain sides and the air is cooler as the mountains covered in a delicate mist. If you like trekking then this is definitely the place to lớn come as the rugged scenery & mountain air makes this the perfect place to lớn get outside and explore.

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Here are the 25 Best Things To Do In Sapa

1. Get out into the local villages

Source: Vietnam giới Stoông chồng Images / shutterstockSapa Homestay

Sapage authority is basically a collection of small local villages which are dotted around the mountains.

This means that this is the place khổng lồ come if you want khổng lồ get out of the cities of Vietphái nam và experience something a little more rural.

You can stay in the local villages in a guesthouse with a local family và this will also give sầu you a glimpse of how people have sầu lived here for centuries.

The homestay programs here are not for everyone but for many who have tried them they are the highlight of a trip khổng lồ Vietphái nam.

Suggested tours:

2. Visit Sapage authority Museum

Source: Diggers2004 / WikimediaSapa Museum

Sapa doesn’t have too many ‘attractions’ in the main town but one of the few it does have sầu is the Sapa Museum.

As such, this is the main (and only) place lớn come if your want lớn find a showcase of the history and culture of the region which stretches baông chồng khổng lồ the French colonial period.

You can also explore galleries which are dedicated to the various ethnic minorities that live sầu in this part of Vietnam giới and this is a great place lớn find out all about this unique section of the country.

3. Buy some local handicrafts

Source: argentozeno_th / shutterstockH’Mong Shop Handicrafts

Sapage authority is known for its villages which are made up of local families who are also ethnic minorities in Vietphái mạnh.

These families include the Dao, the Yay, the H’muốn và the Phu La và each of these ethnic groups is known for making amazing local handicrafts.

When you travel to lớn the villages you can see how these are made and also pichồng up some traditional weavings or carvings which make great gifts và souvenirs.

4. Go hiking

Source: This Is Me / shutterstockSapage authority Hiking

Sapage authority started out life as a scenic hill station during the colonial period và many people came here in the days of old khổng lồ escape the heat and to enjoy the scenery.

The cool climate here also means that this is one of the best places lớn go hiking in Vietnam & much of Sapage authority is covered in lush green hills.

As well as the rolling mountains, you will also find gorgeous glittering waterfalls & stunning valleys which are dotted with craggy caves.

You can take a guided hiking tour of the best spots around Sapa or you can go it alone if you fancy an adventure.

5. Have sầu a drink at Cafe in the Clouds

Source: Dede80 / shutterstockCafe in the Clouds

One of the great highlights of a trip to lớn Sapa is the chance to take in the lush views and there is no better way to vị this than by having a drink in one of the mountain bars.

One of the most famous is Cafe in the Clouds & as the name suggests you can spend time here enjoying the mist creeping across the eerie landscape và marvel at the vistas over the emerald green valley below.

You can get a range of drinks here as well as basic local và international dishes & this coffe also has Wi-Fi if you need to get online.

6. Join a H’muốn Sewing Class

Source: Vietphái nam Stoông chồng Images / shutterstockH’mong mỏi Sewing

The H’ý muốn indigenous group in Sapage authority is known for its sewing & weaving.

If you want to have sầu a go at this firsthvà, then you can visit Indigo Cat which is one of the most famous craft stores in town.

Here you can take a class where you can learn how to lớn sew your own handicrafts và you will be taught by members of the local H’muốn community.

If you prefer then you can simply visit the shop lớn buy some of the souvenirs on display which include beautiful textiles as well as other delights like local teas & spices.

7. Hike Fan Si Pan

Source: CW Pix / shutterstockFan Si Pan

Fan Si Pan has the clayên ổn khổng lồ fame of being the highest mountain in Indochimãng cầu & is located at some 3,143 meters above sea cấp độ.

The mountain is around 9 kilometers outside the center of Sapage authority và it can take a full week lớn get to the summit.

If you are feeling fit however & if you have the time, then this is an experience of a lifetime & you will be able to take in gorgeous views over Hoang Lien Son.

If you prefer, then you can also vị some shorter treks which will take you part way up the mountain.

One of the highlights of trekking around Fan Si Pan is the chance lớn kiểm tra out the local flora và fauna such as đáng yêu monkeys và antelopes.

8. Visit Cat Cat Village

Source: Drew Alfred / shutterstockCat Cat Village

The charmingly named Cat Cat Village is one of the oldest villages in the Sapa region and it is also known for being the trang chính of the H’hy vọng ethnic group.

The village is famous for its traditional industries such as flax and cốt tông production & there is a svào tradition of weaving here.

When travelers visit, they can learn all about these traditional techniques as well as spend time studying the H’ước ao culture.

9. Cheông xã out the barbecue restaurants

Source: pornpoj / shutterstockSapage authority Barbeque

Vietphái mạnh is known for its delicious barbecued meats and these can be a welcome treat in the cold climes of Sapa.

If you want to lớn find a high concentration of barbecue stalls in Sapa then you need to lớn head to D Phan Si where you will find a number of simple joints phối up along the road.

These stalls barbecue a range of meats including chicken, pork and beef over hot coals & these are served with vegetables và sometimes rice wraps so that you can roll everything together to lớn make a toothsome kind of spring roll.

10. Walk to lớn Silver Waterfalls

Source: Blue Planet Studio / shutterstockSilver Waterfalls

Sapage authority is famous for its waterfalls & one of these is Silver Waterfalls.

This is a collection of gushing cataracts that tower to lớn a height of some 200 meters.

Located just up the path from Silver Waterfalls is the beautifully named Love Waterfall which is a place that is steeped in local legkết thúc.

Locals will tell you that fairies used to lớn bathe in the waters here and although it is a long trek to both waterfalls it is more than worth it for the pretty scenery.

Suggested tour: From Sapa: Waterfalls, Trekking và Tribal Villages Tour

11. Explore Fairy Cave

Another key attraction is Sapage authority is Fairy Cave which is located a little way upstream from the Chay River.

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The cave looks like something out of a fairy tale, as the name suggests, và the scenery here is reminiscent of Halong Bay.

The cave is said khổng lồ be sacred in Vietphái mạnh & the mountain here is also cut through with babbling streams which make the perfect place to go for a swyên ổn at the over of a long trek.

12. Go boating on Sapa Lake

Source: tum0147 / shutterstockSapage authority Lake

Sapage authority Lake is one of the main attractions in town và is just a 5 minute walk away from the main church.

The lake allows you to lớn take in the beauty of Sapage authority from the water & this is a popular place lớn come for local families at the weekends.

One of the great highlights of the lake is that you can rent a peal boat for an hour & shoot all over the glassy surface of the water & enjoy the sights.

13. Visit Tram Ton Pass

Source: SATHIANPONG PHOOKIT / shutterstockTram Ton Pass

If you want to lớn see more of the scenery in Sapage authority then you need lớn head for the Sapa and Lai Chau road which then turns into lớn the Tram Ton Pass.

The pass stands at an elevation of some 1900 meters which makes it the highest pass in all of Vietphái mạnh.

You will find a number of lookout points here which have sầu amazing views over the surrounding area & you can also combine a trip here with the nearby Silver Waterfall.

14. Shop at Sapa Market

Source: charnpui / shutterstockSapa Market

If you want to enjoy a traditional shopping experience in Sapa, then head for Sapa Market which is also conveniently located cđại bại lớn the local bus station.

Here you will find a range of colorful local produce as well as a fresh meat section which is certainly not for the faint of heart.

You will also find some handicrafts here sold by the hill-tribes people that live in the villages around Sapa.

15. Watch the Ta Phin Commune Church Singing

Source: Anton_Ivanov / shutterstockTa Phin Village

If you happen khổng lồ be in Sapa during the first few weeks of spring then you can travel lớn Ta Phin Village where you can watch the annual church singing.

This is actually a traditional wedding tradition & you will get to lớn watch brides and grooms parading through the village while locals sing và dance around them.

The colorful outfits worn by the young lovers are worth the trip itself và visitors are welcome khổng lồ watch the festivities as long as you are respectful of the proceedings at the same time.

16. Walk around Muong Khuong Bird Market

Many towns in Southeast Asia have a local bird market and Sapage authority is no exception.

If you visit Muong Khuong Bird Market then you will get khổng lồ watch the different tribes of the region getting together to listen to lớn the birds sing.

In Vietphái mạnh many houses will hang a bird cage in front of their home lớn bring good luchồng, and people buy & trade birds from the market.

As such you can listen khổng lồ avians such as nightingales signing và the market is a bustling affair which is best visited in the morning if you want to see it at its peak.

17. Check out Muong Hoa Valley

Source: Bule Sky Studio / shutterstockMuong Hoa Valley

The Muong Hoa Valley is one of the jewels in the crown of Sapa and you will find the Hoa Stream cleaving through the valley & running through lớn villages like Han Thao & Tan Van.

You can take a tour from Sapage authority that will lead you through the amazing valley và there are even paintings on stones here that are said lớn date back some 3,000 years.

If you walk down to the bottom of the valley then you can also enjoy some river hiking along the Hoa Stream.

Suggested tour: Private Hoang Lien National Park và Tribal Village Trek

18. Drink some wine in Ban Pho Village

Source: phol20 / shutterstockBan Pho Village

One of the best villages to lớn visit around Sapage authority is undoubtedly the Ban Pho Village which is the trang chủ of the Mongolian Bac Ha tribe.

The village is also known for its wine making industry & when you come here you can learn how the villagers have sầu been making corn wine here for centuries & even sample some of this signature tipple yourself.

You can also easily visit Ban Pho as part of a day trip from Sapa and as with all the villages in the region it also has spectacular views over the rice fields.

19. Admire Sapage authority Church

Source: stockphoto lớn mania / shutterstockSapage authority Church

Sapage authority doesn’t have sầu a huge range of monuments, but one of the most recognizable buildings in town is Sapa Church which dates back to the French colonial period.

The church is closed throughout the week & only opens for Mass every Sunday, but you can kiểm tra out the exterior which is very pretty or venture inside if you happen lớn be here at the weekover.

đôi mươi. Go for a walk around Ham Rong Resort

Source: Sanga Park / shutterstockHam Rong Resort

Ham Rong Resort is actually something of a misnomer as this is not a resort but more of an informal park area which sits at the base of Ham Rong Mountain.

Here you will find a cool and serene place to lớn go for a walk although be warned, there are a lot of steps that lead you up the mountainside.

Still, if you don’t want to tackle some of the larger mountains in the region such as Fan Si Pan then this is a good place lớn go for a walk for a few hours and take some photographs across the valley.

21. Take a cooking class

Source: ngoc tran / shutterstockVietnamese cooking

Vietphái nam is world famous for its delicious food, và with that in mind you may want khổng lồ have sầu a go at cooking it yourself.

You will get the chance to lớn learn from a H’mong muốn chef who will take you out to the local market so that you can learn all about the traditional ingredients used in Vietnamese cooking.

Classes usually include learning how to cook five local dishes which you can then eat in the communal dining room at that kết thúc of the class & also pair with some local wines.

22. Dine at the Hot Pot Stalls

Source: Artit Wongpradu / shutterstockHot Pot, Sapa

The weather in Sapa can be much colder than other parts of Vietnam giới due khổng lồ the advanced elevation.

As a result, if you feel lượt thích you need warming up, then you may want lớn take a trip khổng lồ the famous Hot Pot Stalls of Sapage authority.

These are considered to lớn be a local delicacy in the town và this kind of hot pot is known as lau in Vietnamese.

The hot pot consists of meat stew which is then cooked with local vegetables such as cabbage and mushrooms which makes for simple yet hearty fare.

25. Tour the rice fields

Source: JunPhoto / shutterstockRice Field near Sapa

The main reason why many people come to Sapa is to visit the rice fields, và even if you decide not to lớn stay overnight in a homestay with a local family, a trip out into lớn the countryside is not to be missed.

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You can book a guided tour from Sapa which will take you out onkhổng lồ the famous stepped rice terraces và you can admire the views & also learn now the locals till the fields và harvest the rice.