My 15 favorite things to do in sydney


With its iconic skyline, bustling harborfront, và beautiful beaches, there are few cities in the world that make life as easy to lớn live as Sydney.

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Australia’s most populous city, the capital of New South Wales was the first British colony to lớn be founded in australia in the late 18th century. It’s expanded since into a sprawling metropolis that reaches from the Pacific Ocean lớn the xanh Mountains, but with its planned streets and excellent transport systems, this is one easy destination to lớn traverse!

Take in world-famous sights lượt thích the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, & Observatory Hill, then explore the local history và culture at the Australian Museum or the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Don’t forget – Sydney truly is made for urban-beach life. You’re just a short journey from the beaches and coastal swimming pools of Bondi và Manly, where you can swim and surf in the Pacific Ocean with the Sydney skyline behind you.

With so many things lớn see và do in Sydney, you might not know where to lớn start. Lớn help you out, we’ve compiled our danh sách of the absolute best things to do in Sydney for you. Give these unique Sydney bucket danh sách recommendations a try, and there’s no doubt you’re going to have an incredible time exploring this Australian city!


While weekend operas will likely sell out fast, you can often find last-minute tickets mid-week, with an ever-changing operatic lineup from Opera nước australia (the current opera being performed is La Traviata).

If operas aren’t necessarily your favorite, then don’t worry, because the venue also hosts musical theater (including The Phantom of the Opera) as well as classical and contemporary music concerts.

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Book a Sydney Opera House Tour


There are several routes to the đứng top that you can book through BridgeClimb, & you’ll be accompanied by an expert guide the whole time. The most popular is “The Summit,” a route that takes you along the highest archway & up some 1,300 steps lớn the very middle of the tallest steel span (and then back down again).

“The Summit Insider” is the alternative route, which takes you through the dense network of metal walkways in the lower arch & then to the top of the highest arch.The latest experience is called the “Burrawa Climb,” which will see you led to lớn the summit by an indigenous tour guide as you learn about Sydney’s Aboriginal history and culture along the way.

Book a Sydney Harbour Bridge Bicycle Ride


The Rocks’ early history is that of convicts, sailors, và soldiers because it was a place lived in và visited by the ruffians of the new colony. Times have changed, and now The Rocks is one of Sydney’s most prestigious areas. You’ll love the great restaurants & bars (Sydney’s oldest pubs are found here), not lớn mention the weekend food market, & it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature without leaving the city.

The area is a maze of history, & the best way to explore is by joining a walking tour of The Rocks, which you’ll find run regularly throughout the week.

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Book a Walking Tour of The Rocks


It’s a heritage-listed attraction, too, with a history dating back to 1816, when the local government established gardens on the site of Sydney’s first European-made farm. You’ll love learning about all of this and more as you explore the gardens, which are located in the Circular con quay area of Sydney.