Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is a family-friendly theme park on Sentosa Island in Singapore! With 7 themed areas full of 28 rides, plus shows, meet-and-greets, stores, và restaurants, it’s a great day out for visitors of all ages!



You’ll be outside and walking around for most of the day, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes và pack for the weather! Make sure to lớn bring water and sunscreen as Singapore can be hot & humid, especially in summer.

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If you hate standing in line (and who doesn’t?) then consider investing in an Express or Express Unlimited Pass. The regular Express Pass lets you use the express line once per attraction, while the Express Unlimited Pass lets you vày it as often as you like!
When you arrive, look up the timetable of shows which are on that day. Plan your day around the shows you want lớn see so that you don’t miss anything!
Another tip to lớn avoid lines is lớn join the single rider queue when it’s available. If you’re visiting with a group of adult friends who don’t need khổng lồ sit together then it’ll save you lots of time! A child swap system is also available if you’re traveling with children who are too young lớn ride, so parents don’t have khổng lồ wait in line twice.
Universal Studios Singapore has 7 themed areas with rides, shows, and restaurants. You can meet the inhabitants of Sesame Street in New York, explore space in Sci-Fi City (including Batllestar Galactica & Transformers themed rides), escape the mummy in Ancient Egypt, discover the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park in The Lost World, see Shrek-themed shenanigans in the land of Far Far Away, meet the Minions in Hollywood, và take a trip to the tropical island of Madagascar. Read more.
Universal Studios Singapore has lots of activities for children & teens, though there might be less to enjoy for adult thrill-seekers. There are a handful of rides that adrenaline-junkies will enjoy, but most of the park’s rides aren’t extremely intense and are suitable for a wider range of people. The Meet & Greet opportunities are also more child-friendly and include the cast of Sesame Street, the Minions, Shrek, Fiona, và Puss in Boots. In terms of the theme of the park, there’s less lớn discover than there is at a Disney park, but there are plenty of elements that fans of the movies featured in the park will enjoy discovering, including the impressive Far Far Away Castle. Read more.

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Guests are asked not lớn bring food và drinks from outside the park. There are many dining options, with restaurants that offer US, Italian, & different kinds of Southeast Asian cuisine and halal and vegetarian choices at a range of price points. Snacks are also available from food carts and stores. Read more.
In general, you should plan khổng lồ spend a full day at Universal Studios Singapore. There’s so much to see & do, và even if you’re just in it for the big rides, long lines will mean you’ll need to lớn spend at least 3 lớn 4 hours exploring. Read more.

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Universal Studios Singapore is open from 10 am lớn 6 pm daily. During summer và school vacations the park may be xuất hiện later, potentially as late as 10 pm. It’s advised that visitors kiểm tra the opening times for the date of their visit before booking.