Sex, Karaoke, Hangout & Massage In Vietnam

Vietnam mát xa is with no doubt among some of the best experiences you’ll have in Asia. Traditional mát xa in Vietnam are hands down one of the best things about traveling in Vietnam. Massages in Vietnam are varied, cheap, fulfill and relaxing, and it comes with different method. Surely we have been told that Vietnam has an excellent fresh food, paradise beaches & the friendly smiling people that will melt your heart. All that is true but we must highlight Vietnam culture of Spa, karaoke & massages that lighten the entertainment part of your stay in the land of the xanh dragon. I have to confess that I have given myself the best foot mát xa ever in Hanoi và also in Hoi An. God massage and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp parlors are easy khổng lồ be found & when you got for a massage, it generally comes with ancestral healing therapies, the use of organic oils and homemade ointments, consolidate Vietnam as the one of the best Asian Capital for spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp and massage therapy, and of course it is not surprising.

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How much can a massage cost us? What kinds of massages are offered in Vietnam & where to lớn go to lớn get the best and reasonably priced mas sa therapy? The prices will depend on the massage place & the variation of the massage or treatment you will choose to lớn receive, one can simply walk into a cheap charley massage siêu thị that are doing a simple foot mát xa with 150.000 VND for an hour while if you expect something more than that, you may find an incredible expertly designed mát xa service that includes healing, therapy, head massage, face scrubbing & more và you may pay something around 400.000 VND. Given that in any spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp or mas sa center in Vietnam there are different types of massages, it is important that you know what they offer và what you expect of, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition, Vietnam mát xa is a quite energetic & therapeutic healing method that can last between one và two hours. The traditional massages in Vietnam are involving the masseuse hands, knees, feet & elbows to perform the massage techniques. In this case, no type of oil will be used, lớn define it in a more specific way it would be lượt thích a relaxing mas sa for both body toàn thân and feet.

Traditional Vietnamese massage, or generally massage in Vietnam is a panacea to health benefiting therapy that is working more on your muscles than just stretching them, this is pretty much inspired from traditional ancient Chinese muscle therapy and is a mát xa method practically unknown to lớn most people, because until tourism booming in Vietnam it was practiced exclusively in Buddhist temples & Thai chi practiced centers across Vietnam. Vietnam massage dating back lớn the ancient time as its origins seem khổng lồ lie in the culture of ancient champa. Vietnam mas sa includes a series of calibrated pressures, muscle lengthening & kneading around the soft tissues lớn the conjunctive layer. By stimulating acupuncture points through the “sen” lines, the energy lines, you can eliminate or adjust energy blockages in the body toàn thân and internal organs. Massage allows the reactivation of all anatomical and functional systems, Vietnam mas sa stimulates the immune system, induces calm & relieves pain.

In practice, massages in Vietnam for those who have never been to lớn Vietnam is still considered as something more entertaining và sexually involved than just a traditional massage. Many people wonder, “But is it true that Vietnamese mas sa is also a sexual practice?” Answer: Vietnamese traditional mas sa is normally a real massage with no sexual activities involved. Actually, you don’t have to mix things up, as there are two kinds of massages in Vietnam: it depends on the massage center where you go, especially in the area where you are, or even on the way the room is structured (if supported a certain degree of privacy in an environment that “helps”). In tourist areas the “optional” opportunity is very often sexual in nature, especially in red light areas, although it is not to be taken for granted và it is 100% against the law, so, we strongly advice you lớn not looking for something lượt thích that.

How to lớn distinguish a serious therapeutic mas sa for a more “free” one? It is not very difficult because in a normal mát xa in Vietnam you will have something formal and not suggestive. Massage in Vietnam;s biggest cities such as in Hanoi, Saigon, Danang, Nha Trang is a fundamental & serious business & the centers and spa shops only offers pure mát xa with other side services such as nail work, washing hair, skin care và many other small beauty jobs. Anyway, when in Vietnam, vì chưng not miss the true relaxation, & the pleasure of the traditional massage, In Hanoi và Hoi An it is worth in addition to traditional Vietnamese mas sa there is a wide range of high-end massages level: such as specific foot massage, mas sa with “compresses” of aromatic và relaxing herbs or mas sa with perfumed oils.


It is illegal and not publicly shown anything about Happy ending massage for the red blooded men who are looking for the soapy massages in Vietnam. A very classic way of mát xa is always thinking around the happy ending massage in Vietnam, however, not the one that comes with a happy ending, at least in Vietnam, but the one that is understood to be therapeutic and provides thousands of benefits that almost nobody knows what they are for. Everyone who visiting Vietnam expects khổng lồ be able khổng lồ tell that they have massage in Vietnam. However, what you need to understand is that not all mát xa parlors you see are professional centers with real massages. You just have to cửa hàng around the Hanoi old quarter to kiểm tra and pick the one massage shop and ask what are they offering first.

The happy ending mát xa in Vietnam are not that hard to lớn be found, however, as I mentioned above, it is illegal and you may be disappointed when you compare it lớn neighboring xứ sở nụ cười thái lan and Cambodia. Walk around, find mas sa shops và ask them about the services và try your luck. Even though you can find mát xa salons anywhere in Hanoi, Saigon, Sapa, Danang và other cities, some mas sa in Vietnam allow you to choose the girl. Prices are usually fixed until you find a massage salon làm tóc that is a bit far from the center and its hidden in the alleyways. With most people looking for the special mát xa in Vietnm và specially in Ho chi Minh City, Hanoi, Nha trang, Danang & Sapa, there are also a few mát xa hubs only known to lớn few foreigners. It’s usually areas that have big và renowned hotels, but are somewhat off the đô thị center & tourist radar where you might be expected for a happy ending massages in Vietnam.

If you are a staying at the Hanoi old quarter và or if you are a solo backpacker, you will soon understand that this area is completely offering the normal “Vietnamese Traditional Massages” và with just no extra services. This is pretty much the same as in Ho chi Minh City’s Bui Vien street from where you may walk the walking street & what you see is the numerous mas sa salons with only normal mát xa service.


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Top 5 massage Spas in Hanoi

#1 La Belle Spa & Wellness

La Belle spa làm đẹp located within few minutes walk from the famous Hoan Kiem Lake and a spa massage in Hanoi where you could expect anything around the good massage and the fine treatments. The traditional Vietnam mas sa are the best and you can spend few hours relaxing và stretching your muscle with all the special treatment, herbal oils và more. Walk around, find it and check the prices and you may have one of the coolest experiences for mas sa in Hanoi & in Vietnam. Try the signature herbal massage, or the bamboo massage và the very special luxury four hand mát xa where two ladies will go ahead khổng lồ get all their massage techniques on your body.

Highly recommended by tripadvisor for a good & healing massage in Hanoi. The extensive massage menu offers variety of rituals và detoxification packages. Massages offered in separate rooms & it is included therapies & saunas with great herbal baths. The spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp is a Deluxe trang chủ where the provide professional services lớn relax your body and mind lớn let you have pleasant moment during your visit in busy Hanoi, refreshing & reviving from tiredness và tension in a nice and cozy spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp massage salon làm tóc in Hanoi.

This cozy mas sa in Hanoi offer well-being, healing, and spirituality and the well known traditional massages in Vietnam. The spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp offers packages that bringing lớn you healing of diverse modalities for those curious và serious in finding a positive balance in their lives. The stone mát xa is very mind blowing and you will love it. The offered mas sa are promised lớn bring relaxing & healing experience.


Treat yourself khổng lồ a well-deserved relaxation and wellness spa experience at Hanoi MF Boutique spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp in Hanoi! Conveniently situated in the heart of the city, the mát xa center offers you with great healing & rejuvenation experience. Book in advance if you are visiting at the weekend.

A true calm oasis in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, Lemongrass is the latest addition of Hanoi’s spa and massage. They offer a spacious nail care service & one of the most beautiful of its type in Hanoi with professional CND product, 4 cozy spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp treatment rooms managed by a team of delightful therapists và receptionists. We look forward lớn welcoming you to Lemongrass!

Address: Address:03 Au Trieu Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Working hours: 10:00 AM lớn 10: PM

Massage Spas in Sapa, Vietnam

#1 Eden Massage & Spa

When in Sapa, we definitely need a good place for a massage, this massage spa bring you with mát xa experience you will need after a trekking day in the mountain areas. The ethnic minority people will be there to heal your tired body. The massage shop is located in center of Sapa town và they offer pretty much an extensive mát xa menu including full body, head mas sa face massage và special foot massage.

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They are famous for the special bamboo massage và the facial scrub, the harmonious blend of different massages offered by locals bring you with the special experience in the lap of nature. The spa làm đẹp massage in Sapa Inspired by the rich traditions of local mountainous people. The mát xa in Sapa Vietnam is now very common since travelers are in need of a cozy spa làm đẹp after the tiring days touring around. Read more about best Sapa tours and travel packages

Located in a very simply decorated massage shop in Sapa town Vietnam. The spa salon tóc is being famous for its extensive range of treatments including toàn thân scrubs, wraps and body toàn thân treatments, the Victoria spa làm đẹp also offers quality healing using the Red Dao herbal bath, a concoction of medicinal herbs và bark from the surrounding mountains, used for centuries to improve circulation & sooth tension.

Address: Xuan Vien Street Victoria Sapa Resort và Spa, Sapa

Working hours: 7:00 AM khổng lồ 10:00 PM


Top 5 Spas, Wellness và Massage in Ho bỏ ra Minh city voted by tripadvisor

# 1 Temple Leaf Spa và Sauna

Offers Japanese style sauna và well being mát xa with herbal baths, Temple Leaf’s communal bath is designed to lớn encourage harmony và relaxation. Facilities include a hot pool, cold plunge, dry sauna, và steam room. Individual bathing areas include traditional Japanese-seated bathing areas và standing western-style showers. Book in advance if you are visiting during the weekends & the late night. The pedicure service is flawless and bring you with great experience.

Located in the heart of the Saigon offering some of the very old method of massages in Vietnam and Saigon, the skills of traditional massage và aromatic therapy are one of the best lớn try. This can relieve pain, improve sleep, detox, de-stress, heal, và allow your mind khổng lồ truly shut down and rest. It’s only a float away! Getting rid of all sensory input allows the ‘constantly-make-sure-you’re-not-dying’ part of your brain khổng lồ chill out for a second, allowing the creative, relaxed part of your brain lớn come out & heal.

Address: 69 Hai tía Trung street, Ben Nghe ward, Dist 1, Ho đưa ra Minh City

Working hours: 10:00 AM to lớn 11:30 PM

One of the oldest spa làm đẹp and mát xa spas in Ho đưa ra Minh City. It offers calm interiors, comfortable and hearty mát xa services. There are 200 top-level spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp therapists. It is the best spa with reasonable price in Ho chi Minh city. Come lớn Golden Lotus Spa & Massage Club khổng lồ feel the magic of touch.

“Experience true mát xa in Saigon Vietnam” Miu Miu massage & nail with good location offers kind of relaxing massage with the best nail work in a relaxing salon and professional local staff.Foot massage & French toàn thân massage are among the most popular.

Address: 4 Chu Manh Trinh Street, Ben Nghe Ward, Ho đưa ra Minh City

Working hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Looking for mát xa near famous Ben Thanh Market? The Indochina Sapa is a massage và spa salon you may refer to. The massage cửa hàng offers traditional massages in a cozy place with reasonable prices. The Brazilian wax and the toàn thân massage are so special.

Beside massage và its all fun sided, lets talk more about Karaoke in Vietnam offer purely entertaining local experience of signing and dancing on your own. However, there are differences between western karaoke & karaoke in Vietnam. While in the West the fashion of singing following the lyrics that appear on a screen landed in karaoke bars và clubs, where one waits his turn taking something while others are singing (or trying), in Vietnam the Karaoke are more relaxing, spacious, offer different levels and generally located in a multi story building. The first thing that draws the attention of Vietnamese style karaoke is that they are neither a bar nor a pub, but an establishment, usually with neon strong lights và music at the top, with a wide reception where we will have to lớn register và inform how many people we are going khổng lồ be & also order the drink or food and snacks from the extensive menu, so that they give us the most suitable room. Và that is probably the biggest difference with Western karaoke: the establishment is divided into several separate rooms.

The karaoke rooms are for private use and exclusive lớn the group that rents them at that time & no one else will enter the room while they are reserved. So, in a Vietnamese karaoke, we will only sing in front of our friends and we will not have to lớn endure the sessions of strangers. Using a karaoke machine is usually very simple. We have many options, but if we only want to lớn sing, just tìm kiếm for the tuy nhiên in the lists in alphabetical order or by the artist / group lists that we can reviews in the electronic guide. A kind of screen / tablet that we can use to showroom songs to the playback queue. The vast majority of karaokes in Vietnam already have a section with songs in English & other languages (usually Chinese and / or Korean). Also, while we are singing we can introduce songs that we want to lớn sing later so that we vì chưng not stop at any time & make the most of the time we are there.

In addition khổng lồ singing, karaoke in Hanoi và Ho đưa ra Minh city has a bar service through which we can order soft drinks và alcoholic beverages & some snacks khổng lồ pass the time. In the vast majority of karaoke in Hanoi & other cities in Vietnam we pay per hour, although there are discounts on special days or in the morning. The most interesting part of karaoke in Vietnam và specially in Hanoi and Saigon is that at any time of the day & anywhere in the city, alone or accompanied, you will find them with a portable karaoke and mobile phone to sing the songs, you even see ladies & sellers in the vegetable markets holding a portable microphone while singing from the smartphone screen. Karaoke during your holiday in Vietnam would be a great và a chất lượng experience and to enjoy a karaoke session in Hanoi và other cities in Vietnam, they are just everywhere and you may find them at any street especially near train stations or shopping malls và old quarter in Hanoi and walking street in Saigon or Danang and Nha Trang.

Vietnam red light district? Beside mas sa streets you usually find in Hanoi and Ho đưa ra minh đô thị you may be thinking of Red-light district in Vietnam. Well, although red-light districts are not existing with the real meaning lượt thích what we experience in thái lan and or in Tokyo, but Vietnamese cities have some behind the scene streets from where you will find the red light district with plenty of girls standing in the street waiting lớn be taken by the night. Often you can see something behind the curtains, although sometimes it is literally impossible. In some places the age of the girls is doubtful, so it is always better khổng lồ stay away from them.

Anyway, it is quite safe khổng lồ walk through the alleys of what is so called the red light districts in Hanoi and Ho đưa ra minh City, as the neighborhood is transforming into one of the secret places to lớn pick up the girls at night. We have never had a problem walking around at night, but we would recommend being careful when taking photos of certain places or small love hotels which usually recognized with those light blue curtain hanging at the entrance door. In Vietnam và in the beach town such as Nha trang, Danang, Hoi An, hu Quoc, Donh Hoi và many more you will find the red-light districts when you walk around the night market and the beach.

Ho chi Minh City và Hanoi got following places và streets that are considered as the red light district from where you will be able to meet up with girls, again, this is illegal and we strongly advice you to be more cautious, here are the Hanoi red light districts:

Tran Duy Hung St, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Pham Van Dong St, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Tu Xuong St, District 3, Ho bỏ ra Minh City

Nguyen chi Thanh St, District 5 & 10, Ho chi Minh City

Watch the price when you stop khổng lồ talk with a girl, this is pretty much similar to every red light district in Vietnam & or Asia, prices will be negotiable and vary depending on where will you take the girl try khổng lồ understand that you must be paying for the khách sạn and transportation and of course the style and the age of the girl you trying lớn spend the night with. If you get a girl you may discuss to lớn negotiate the money you going to lớn pay for her, you can directly speak and find out the price, however, the red light district girls in Vietnam are not that mở cửa and if you are only looking to lớn pick up a girl, you may find it with less hassle if you check out with the places as a best place for red light districts in Hanoi và Ho chi Minh city in Vietnam.

And, the girls usually speak fluent in English and you can discuss with them easily. If you try to lớn take the girl for nightlife & then fun, you should tell her so she can prepare with right dress & you will have a sweet girl next to you for the night. Although it may seem like a dream come true – picking an attractive girl from a long busy street at night will be more enjoyable than you may thing, however, you should keep in mind that the girl is working for money and that’s the only important thing for her. The red light district in Hanoi và in Vietnam are tend lớn be more of for those who are in need but it became normal to kiểm tra out & find out the girl you want.

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Karaoke, fun và Massage in Vietnam…. Each country has its own methods of massage & in Vietnam of course, you will expect a traditional mát xa pretty much at every corner. The traditional Vietnamese technique or “Tam quat” focuses on stimulating blood circulation, hitting and clapping directly on the affected muscles. Really soothing and relaxing & it is not surprising if you see almost mát xa and spa salons are full of tourists, because massage in Vietnam is cheap, reasonable & you will get a really good relaxing time for the amount of money you paying for. However, the truth is that the popularity of Spas in Vietnam is related khổng lồ the old tradition. Spas in every corner và with all kinds of exoticisms. In Ho đưa ra Minh City, Hanoi & other cities there are numerous places to lớn go for a massage & Karaoke and this is considered as a pure Vietnamese style fun.