What To Do In Nha Trang

Sandy beaches that stretch for miles, cool waterfalls, untouched mountain ranges, a chất lượng culture… Nha Trang is fast becoming a top destination in Vietnam for all these reasons and more. Here are the attractions you can’t miss as you explore this east-coast idyll.

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The main beach of Nha Trang is a 6km (4mi) crescent of crumbly Trắng s&, backed by a long boulevard of high-over resorts. It’s the best base if you’re the type who wants beach, restaurants & nightlife just a stroll from your bedroom. (If you’re after undeveloped natural surroundings, head south). Watersports – from surfing to snorkelling khổng lồ jet skiing – are easy khổng lồ organise through hotels. If it’s pampering you’re after, there are scores of day spas along the length of the beach.
This dawn-to-dusk market is a hubbub of food stalls, street action, rushing vendors and bustling little shops. Surprises are plentiful; mangosteens, star apples, beach wraps, leather belts, dried squid và even pickled snakes can all be found. If you’re after souvenirs, the best spot is the mezzanine in the centre. For post-siêu thị eating, the food court serves good-value seafood, noodle soups & baguettes.

Po Nagar was built between the 7th & 12th centuries by the Cđắm say people, who governed Nha Trang – as well as much of central và southern Vietphái nam – & made the region an integral part of the Asian spice trade. Today, these ruins are one of the few remainders of their legacy: four towering, red-brick temples along with a statue of goddess Yan Po Nagar. In the tranquil heat of the day, the peace you will find here is extraordinary.
This Buddhist temple of dragon-topped pagodas climbs over forested hills khổng lồ a huge statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, sitting serene in a lotus leaf. By Vietnamese standards, it’s modern; it was constructed in the late 19th century, before being destroyed by a cyclone in 1900 và renovated in the 1940s. Today, the temple is the regional headquarters of the Buddhist Association.

This 19th-century Catholic cathedral is a bit architecturally confused. It’s got an Italianate clochồng tower, neo-gothic faux flying buttresses & castellated walls. However, it’s a potent reminder of the French presence in Vietnam from 1887 khổng lồ 1954. Come on a Sunday morning for a window onto contemporary Vietnamese life, as the bells, which were cast in France in the 1700s, ring across the surrounding gardens và hundreds of smartly dressed locals gather khổng lồ chat over snacks after Mass.

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The National Oceanographic Museum is part natural history museum – with a large collection of preserved specimens, including a huge whale skeleton – and part aquarium. It’s housed in imposing French-era buildings & set over a small beach just a few hundred metres north of the city port. The collection looks a little dusty today, but it delivers an interesting glimpse of the marine life often still thriving in Vietnamese waters, from reef sharks to lớn puffer fish.

More a series of rapids than a single cascade, Ba Ho, in the forested hills behind Nha Trang, drops over boulders into lớn clear pools big enough for a swyên. The water is powerful at the over of the rainy season, but recedes khổng lồ a trickle in the summer. To avoid the crowds, avoid signing up for a booked tour; instead arrive alone, by bike or cab. It’s only a 45-minute drive from central Nha Trang. To reach the best pools, you’ll need to scramble up the river some way, but it’s worth the effort.
It’s a long & winding two-hour drive on switchbachồng bends lớn the top of Hon Ban Mountain, but the view makes it worthwhile. If you can, go at dawn, when the morning cloud rises off Nha Trang & you can see for miles & miles in the clear air. The best views are from the little wooden cottage on the summit, built in 1915 by French doctor Alexandre Yersin. Walking trails from the peak lead inlớn the forest, a deep-green & profoundly atmospheric experience.
Powdery White svà, transparent waters, resorts, seafood shacks and palm-fronds swishing in the gentle breeze… welcome to lớn Bai Dai, around 25km (16mi) south of Nha Trang city, near the airport. This beach is the antithesis of busy Tran Phu; the sea is gentle enough for paddling in the shallows, and there’s a break suitable for beginner surfers. You can rent boards locally.

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A 60km (37mi) drive sầu from Nha Trang đô thị, this backpacker-friendly beach resort is a popular place to unwind, thanks lớn the palm-thatched cabins, White svà and aquamarine ocean. Other than shrimp farms and a tiny village, there’s little to lớn detract from the natural beauty, và little lớn bởi vì other than surf, snorkel and eat masses of seafood. There are only two small resorts, Jungle Beach and Wild Beach, a few hundred metres further south. This is rest & relaxation with a capital R&R.

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