Best restaurants in phu quoc island


Phu Quoc Island’s best restaurants range from quaint local joints và urban markets to lớn luxurious resorts with expat-owned bars & cafes & fine dining restaurants. Because fishing is Phu Quoc Island’s primary source of income, you can explore a wide variety of local seafood và regional specialties at reasonable rates.

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Here’s our complete guide khổng lồ Phu Quoc ‘s 8 top restaurants.

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Mai Jo Refined – Casa vị Jorge Restaurant – This tops our các mục of restaurants as the food which we had here was out of the world. Opened since September 2017, MAI JO has emerged as one of the region’s leading Vietnamese – Fusion restaurants.

We had a bộ combo meal – Braised whole fish with fish sauce và shallots & believe sầu me it was ample for two with utmost contentment. The dish had its exclusive sầu taste & savor which I had never tasted anywhere else in the world. You should certainly visit this restaurant if you happen to lớn visit or are staying near Ong Lang. The restaurant is run by a family & their menu has some spectacular dishes.

Mai Jo Refined - Casa vị Jorge Restaurant- Grilled Snapper

Restaurant situated on the main road to lớn Coco Palm Beach resort (move lớn this spot summer 2019 – look for the signage out front). The menu has a vegetarian section offering multiple vegan dishes, such as rice paper rolls, yellow curry with rice, tofu with rice noodles, and garlic rice with papaya salad. Beverages offered include fresh juices & smoothies. English is spoken. mở cửa Mon-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm.

Location: Ong Lang, Cua Duong, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Map

2. Nhat Lan Restaurant

Beach side Nhat Lan - Phu Quoc Restaurant

Nhat Lan Restaurant – This restaurant is ikhuyến mãi for a cozy romantic dinner date or even for friends or family get-togethers. The restaurant is placed right on the shore of long beach. Sitting arrangements are made right on the golden s&. You can hear và see the waves trouncing on the shore. 

BBQ fish Nhat Lan - Phu Quoc Restaurant

It has a great thực đơn to lớn choose from. we enjoyed a grilled snapper, garlic rice, shrimp spring rolls, và 2 beverages these all food and drink was just banged on in the taste. If you happen khổng lồ stay near the long beach or visiting this beach vì chưng stopover here for dinner. It’s an ikhuyến mãi destination to lớn watch a beautiful sunset with your loved ones and enjoy food.


Spice India Restaurant – This is an Indian restaurant with delicious Indian food. We had a chance lớn meet the owner as well who was warm & polite. This is their new outlet in Phu Quoc they vì chưng have their outlets across Vietphái nam (The restaurant already have 3 restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) The restaurant already has 3 restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) ).


We had Chicken Mughlai, Butter Naan, và Prawn Masala which was one of the best I had after my mom’s cooking. If you happen khổng lồ stay near Long beach this is a must-visit.

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4. Iris cafe

iris cafe, Phu Quoc Isl&

Iris cafe – This restaurant is one of the busiest eateries on the islvà và serves some tasty dishes in the town. Cafe has about six or seven tables, so it is important lớn get there early, as it fills up very quickly for lunch & dinner. When we arrived at around 19:00 pm, there was a long queue at and we had lớn hold our stomach fire till we get the table. Finally, after waiting for approx 30mins we were allocated seats. We ordered prawns with rice, chicken, & prawns tempura all of which were lip-smacking.

The restaurant is great value for money as we paid only VND370.000 for a complete dinner for two. If you happen to lớn stay near Long Beach vị visit here for the meal.

iris coffe, Phu Quoc Isl& ,Vietnam

The cafe is situated on Tran Hung Dao Avenue, south of the main town, and facing the Paris Beach và Famiamãng cầu Resorts gate. There are 3 separate shops/eateries on the main road at the adjoining houses. It is owned by two sisters-Tthanh lịch và Nga-with Tsang trọng ‘s husband (also a chef) assisting periodically.

The thực đơn is a mixture of Vietnamese, Asian, and some European dishes-all at very reasonable prices and perfectly served. The service is fantastic & welcoming. highly recommended

5. Crab House

Nha Ghe Phu Quoc/Crab House - Picture of Crab House Restaurant

Crab House – Crab House specializes in seafood with particular emphasis on Crabs. It’s a slightly overpriced restaurant but it really does have delicious crab dishes. You need to give a try if you are a crab lover. If you happen to stay near Long Beach bởi make a stopover here

Crab House is on the popular, burgeoning main strip of Phu Quoc islvà, Tran Hung Dao street. It is visible from the road – just look for a large crab on the simple signage.

This is a seafood lover’s paradise!

6. Ganesh Indian Restaurant

Entrance of GANESH INDIAN RESTAURANT, Phu Quoc Island

Ganesh Indian Restaurant – One more Indian restaurant located near Long Beach we had visited as our craving for Indian food never dies. We had Chicken Tikka Masala with butter roti (note: – Their rotis here are huge so order accordingly). The portions of curry served is a little small. However not to lớn miss is they have sầu some delicious Indian food taste.

Ganesh Indian Restaurant uses the genuine Indian clay oven (Tandoor) in order to maintain the authentic taste of our Naan (Wheat bread).

7. The Sunmix Grill & Bar

Dinner date at SUNSET RESTURANT, Phu Quoc Island

The Sunmix Grill và Bar – It’s another restaurant on the beachside with a beautiful ambiance. at night you will have sầu great fun having drinks & food here, located on Long Beach. The music here is amazing.

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It’s indeed a very fashionable place on the island! cozy and youthful atmosphere! nice pool và access to the sea! & great staff! The spacious open-air lounge setting has comfortable chairs that you can relax upon. The extensive sầu drink thực đơn has a diverse range of tropical cocktails, beers on tap, và imported wines, priced at 30,000 VND và up.