How To Plan A Trip To A Place You Know Nothing About

The goal of every travel guide is to help potential travelers prepare for their journey và have the best possible trip. A travel guide should be informative, but it can also be interesting or inspiring. Take a closer look at some of the most common types of travel guides as well as the benefits of each.

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Destination Travel Guide

A destination travel guide is just what the name suggests: a travel guide that revolves around a specific destination. These guides can cover an entire country, but they can also focus on a specific city or even a small town. A destination travel guide should entice someone to visit that destination, và it should provide readers with specifics about that spot.

A destination travel guide might start by detailing the destination and explaining where it is located or how travelers can get there. Then, it should focus on the main reasons to lớn visit the area. Readers might want to lớn know what the main attractions in the destination are and whether they would appeal to lớn budget travelers, outdoor enthusiasts or sports fans.

A destination guide might also focus on ways khổng lồ make the most of a trip khổng lồ that destination. For example, your guide could include details on how expensive the destination is or where the most popular hotels are located. Information about weather, security và transportation are all welcome in a destination guide.


Special Interest Travel Guide

While a destination guide focuses on a specific area và includes as much detail as possible, a special interest travel guide is far more focused. This is a type of niche writing, & it is designed to appeal to lớn a specific demographic. Ultimately, the special interest you focus on is up khổng lồ you. Some ideas include cuisine, history, architecture, fitness or pets.

Food is a major focus for special interest travel articles. People from around the world love lớn eat, và travel is often a great way to explore new cuisines và dig into new dishes. A culinary travel guide could include details on up-and-coming restaurants, Michelin-starred eateries and food vendors that tourists wouldn’t typically visit.

Other special interest guides may focus on a specific interest lượt thích history, art or architecture. If travelers are heading to Palm Springs specifically for the mid-century modern architecture, what buildings should they visit? If they are in thành phố new york City and love history, which museums are the most impressive?

A travel blog might also put an emphasis on pet-friendly travel. There are 77 million pet dogs và 85 million pet cats in the United States, & many of them travel with their owners. Highlighting which hotels, restaurants and attractions are pet-friendly can be valuable to lớn a lot of readers.


Financial Travel Guide

One of the most common reasons why people avoid travel is cost. At the same time, many prospective travelers are eagerly searching for ways to lớn travel more while spending less. For that reason, lots of travel guides specifically focus on the costs related lớn travel. Many more give readers tips on how khổng lồ reduce expenses on upcoming trips.

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Sometimes, readers just want information. A person who is planning a trip to lớn Europe might want lớn know the average hotel costs in Paris or whether a hostel in Berlin is affordable. Financial travel guides that offer specific costs for accommodation, transport, food và attractions are incredibly useful.

Another type of financial travel guide will suggest ways to lớn keep costs low on upcoming trips. It may include lists of affordable hostels, discounts on train travel or cheap & accessible grocery stores located in major cities.


Narrative Travel Guide

A narrative travel guide is the story of a singular travel experience. This type of travel blog can be any length, and it can detail any number of experiences. While a narrative travel guide can absolutely be educational, it is also designed khổng lồ transport readers khổng lồ a new destination.

A narrative travel guide might tell the story of a family that heads lớn Asia for an extended trip with young children. The unique challenges of this trip & the events along the way are woven together to lớn become a cohesive narrative. This might inspire readers to lớn take their own journey with children.

Stories can revolve around travel in off-the-beaten-path locations, or it can be an emotional journey. Narratives can discuss exploring a single đô thị over a long weekend, or they can detail a year-long trek through Europe. These articles are less likely khổng lồ include bullet points since they are more likely to read like short stories.


Side Trip Travel Guide

Many travelers will plan their getaway by booking a flight to a major destination. Their journey may take them to a bustling metropolis like London, new york or Hong Kong. These thrilling cities have a lot khổng lồ offer, và a standard destination guide can certainly offer plenty of options. However, many visitors want to get away from these hubs và see something a little different for a day or two. That’s why side trip travel guides are growing increasingly popular.

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A side trip travel guide can suggest và detail one or more choices for an escape from the main attraction. Visitors to London, for example, could plan a side trip lớn Brighton for the day. Those who travel khổng lồ Berlin might take the train lớn Hamburg to see something new, và visitors to lớn Orlando could see what Tampa has to offer. Offering advice on how to lớn arrange transport for these trips, how long travelers should spend in each destination & the đứng top attractions lớn include on an itinerary are all great additions lớn a side trip travel guide.