Xe Phương Trang Rạch Giá


* Note: piông chồng up time and bus transfer may vary depending on the density interface of each point. Hope you sympathize!



Address: 468-468A Lê Văn Lương, Tân Phong Ward, Dist.7, HCM City.

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 Being able to lớn reference the basic information related lớn booking ticket, route, seating position và payment method.

2. Passenger’s information will be highly protected by yellowcabpizza.vn.cả nước according khổng lồ our privacy policy. - We will only use passenger’s information lawfully or after having your agreement.

3. You can sover complains directly to our Customer Care division of yellowcabpizza.vn và we will sover instantly baông chồng lớn Headquarter by the faskiểm tra approach khổng lồ find the solutions.

4. In order lớn underst& our Policy & Regulation published on the yellowcabpizza.vn.cả nước website, please frequently read through our terms và notifications.

5. Please! Do not access into lớn any websites/services which are not provided by yellowcabpizza.vn interface.


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 Passengers will agree that bởi not operate any harassed activities khổng lồ our system.

7. Please bring the confirmed tin nhắn which contain reservation code in order lớn take the ticket before departing time 60 minutes for shuttle bus.

8. The passenger’s information must be correct or you will not allow exchanging/cancelling tickets.

9. Passengers can not exchange/cancel tickets during festival/holiday time (Normal days passengers can exchange/cancel the tickets once, & before 24 hours), cancel fee 10%.


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 We will not handle any activities related khổng lồ cheat; hack or damage the system but the law will.

11. Please contact 1900 6067 if you desire to have sầu shuttle bus services before booking tickets. However, the serviced range of shuttle buses is limited hence we cannot pick you up if you are outranged. Thank you!